Translation Services in Spain

Translation Services in Spain

Looking for the best Translation Services in Spain? Check out the below list that will help cost-effective business translation and localization services.

01. Swift eLearning Services

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NameSwift eLearning Services
Phone Number +91 40 40265193
SolutionsRapid eLearning Development, Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services,
Custom eLearning and MicroLearning, ILT to eLearning Conversion &
eLearning Translations and Localization
translation services in spain

When e-Learning is provided in the learner’s native language, it is more effective. Global businesses must reach out to their client audiences and deliver training in the language and culture that they are more acquainted with as part of their market expansion. To do so, we collaborate with you to reinvent and transform your learning content for global markets.

Our linguists are experts at producing accurate and culturally relevant interpretations of the learning opportunities. This means that the teaching has the highest possible reach and impact and that the message is delivered consistently. translation services in spain


Phone Number +91 8801992245
SolutionsTranslations and Localization, Custom eLearning, Rapid eLearning Development, MicroLearning
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We are committed to creating innovative eLearning solutions that improve workforce skills, attitudes, and performance, resulting in measurable business outcomes. We are keen to develop innovative eLearning solutions that focus on the skills, attitudes, and performance of employees and thus deliver measurable results for the company. As an eLearning development company with influential creators of learning content, we are passionate about creating innovative eLearning solutions which focus on enhancing the skills, positions, and results for the workforce. elearning companies in spain

03. GB Translation

GB Translation
NameGB Translation
Phone Number +34 961 153 224
AddressPlaza de Honduras 26 Valencia, Spain
translation services in spain

Gabriel Brunner founded GB Translation in 1999 after graduating from Innsbruck’s prestigious translation and interpretation institute. Regarding extensive travel, GB Translation currently has offices in Valencia, Madrid, and Eindhoven, in contrast to its previous spot in Valencia, Spain (the Netherlands). At GB Translation, which provides certified translation, localization, interpreting, and transcription services all over the world, suggests having is more than just a buzzword.

We would be glad to assist you and provide you with information about your localization criteria. Our translation service employs a thorough review process to guarantee that all translated material is of the highest possible quality. If you have any questions as a client, just order a free second analysis of your emails. translation services in spain

04. APlus Translations

A plus
NameAPlus Translations
Phone Number16047294540
AddressC/Sant Josep 39 08242 Manresa Barcelona Spain
translation services in spain

Let’s begin with some background knowledge and a personal introduction. My name is Viena, and I founded APlus Translations in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 2002. I started it as a one-person translation company with a small team of freelance translators, with the aim of offering a highly personalized, scalable translation service to small businesses. My client base grew largely through referrals and recommendations, rather than through direct ads. translation services in spain

05. Universal Translation

NameUniversal Translation
Phone Number+34-951-406-815
AddressCalle Buenos Aires no 3, 35002 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Spain
translation services in spain

Universal Translation Services is a leading online translation agency that provides high-quality services over the phone, but you can also visit our offices and speak with us in person. We are one of the world’s largest translation companies, offering high-quality services at a fair cost. We provide high-quality translation services for personal and business matters with a quick processing time at UTS. We also recruited thousands of expert translators since looking for only the right linguists. Our language facilities are available all over the globe, ensuring that no one is left behind when it comes to a quality translation. translation services in spain

06. CPSL

Phone Number+34 93 445 1763
AddressEdificio Prisma Cólquide,6 – Portal II, 1º F Las Rozas – Madrid, ES
translation services in spain

CPSL enables businesses all over the world to connect with current and future clients in their original language. We collaborate with and clients to ensure that their multilingual content is consistent with their global strategy and that their goods and services are targeted to their unique local target markets. CPSL is a full-service language company that delivers translation, app and online localization, multilingual SEO, interpreting, and video services including transcription, subtitling, voice-over, and dubbing. DreamTech5, a technological provider, has teamed up with CPSL to offer robust, immersive Multimedia Solutions. translation services in spain

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