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Best 10 eLearning Companies in France

The following are the contact information for the best eLearning companies in France, which provide a variety of products and services such as custom content, instructional design, video training, online courses, learning management solutions, and custom eLearning development. These France eLearning providers can assist you in providing online health, finance, compliance and safety training, business skill development, and other services.

01. Swift eLearning Services

eLearning Companies in France - Swift e-Learning Services
Best 10 eLearning Companies in France 1
NameSwift eLearning Services
Email ID[email protected]
Our SolutionsCustom eLearning Development Solutions
Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
eLearning Translation and Localization Services
Learning Management System (LMS)
Rapid eLearning Development
eLearning Content Development
Mobile Learning (MLearning)

Swift is a cutting-edge eLearning design firm that partners with companies all over the world to develop technology-enabled eLearning solutions.

Our learning solutions are interactive, intuitive, and cost-effective, allowing you to learn at any time and in any place.

The importance of workplace learning is acknowledged by our professional team of learning strategists, curriculum planners, graphic designers, and programmers. We are dedicated to providing learning solutions that work best for you, based on our experience! elearning companies in france

02. Webanywhere 

eLearning Companies in France - Webanywhere
Best 10 eLearning Companies in France 2
Phone Number +44 (0)1535 604023
Email ID[email protected]

Webanywhere eLearning Services France, provides companies, education, charities, and the public sector with online learning and web solutions. Webanywhere provides customizable Moodle solutions, is a TotaraLMS gold partner, and provides its own Learnanywhere LMS, as well as web design services (in common platforms such as Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress) and e-portfolios. elearning companies in france

03. Speedernet 

eLearning Companies in France - Speedernet
Best 10 eLearning Companies in France 3
Phone Number +33 4 72 53 94 10
Email ID[email protected]
Address67 rue du Bourbonnais 69 009 Lyon

Speedernet can assist with various business aspects of introducing, developing, and promoting e-learning. Demos will build eLearning content modules to fit the needs and requirements of their clients. They provide help in designing and maintaining RapidLearning modules, where the training needs are clear, budgets small, and fast results are required. Speedernet teaching assists and Optimizing the modules and helping to define the software framework needed for the project. Also, Speedernet will act in an advisory capacity while the project runs. Offering software solutions like Adobe Presenter, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate Studio 09. elearning companies in france

04. CrossKnowledge 

eLearning Companies in France - Cross knowledge
Best 10 eLearning Companies in France 4
Phone Number+33 1 41 38 14 99
Email ID[email protected]
Address4, Rue du Port aux vins 92150 Suresnes

CrossKnowledge provides distance learning solutions for businesses as varied as those provided by AkzoNobel, AXA, BBVA, Belgacom, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, CocaCola Enterprise, Ups, Geodis, Jaguar Land Rover, Lafarge, Schneider Electric, Sodexo, and Thales. They are providing Epistema LMS implementation and support, as well as a host of other eLearning solutions and technologies. elearning companies in france

05. E-doceo

eLearning Companies in France - Cegid
Best 10 eLearning Companies in France 5
Phone Number+33 1 41 86 05 60
Email ID[email protected]
Address8 rue Heyrault 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt France

E-doceo is an e-learning software provider, which has developed a full suite of tools to incorporate e-learning and mixed learning. E-doceo gives you a tailor-made response irrespective of your profile and that of your organization. E-doceo has franchises in more than 12 countries, 1000 clients around the world, and more than 5 million users. elearning companies in france

06. TrackBuilder 

Phone Number
Email ID

TrackBuilder is an authoring tool / LCMS that enables anyone without technical assistance to create Adobe Flash dynamic flow Experiential / Immersive simulations. TrackBuilder is certified to meet client needs for critical judgment and soft skill creation through e-learning developers, training publishers, and consultants.

Any of the clients represented by TrackBuilder Partners: Astra Zeneca, Barnes & Noble, Disney, Dow Corning, Eli Lilly, FNV Bondsgenoten, Korean Ministry of Agriculture, KPMG, Lundbeck, Merck, Millennium Financing, Natwest RBS, Novartis, Samsung, Schering Plough, Takeda, University of Penn, University of London, Xerox, … elearning companies in france

07. CHRP-INDIA Pvt. Ltd.

eLearning Companies in France - CHRP INDIA
Best 10 eLearning Companies in France 6
NameCHRP-INDIA Pvt. Ltd.
Phone Number+33 608 859 492
Email ID[email protected]
Address43, rue de l’AmiralMouchez- 75013 Paris, France

CHRP-INDIA is a multinational company that focuses on the internet, mobile, video, virtual reality, augmented reality, game-based learning, and technological solutions. Established in 2008, it has offices in India, France, and Bahrain.

We believe in turning knowledge and information into a lightweight, easy value-based learning products and technology solutions for our customers.

We are on a mission to create content and technology for digital learning. Our effective instructional design, imaginative graphic design, disruptive technologies, and best practices help us address the complex challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s industry and market. We at CHRP-INDIA design and develop innovative and sustainable learning software and technology solutions.

Our Mission: Enable our clients with the digital learning technology.

Our Vision: To develop creative, stimulating, sustainable, and value-based learning and development strategies to maximize efficiency and operating income for our customers. elearning companies in france

08. Celestory 

eLearning Companies in France - celestory studio
Best 10 eLearning Companies in France 7
Phone Number
Email ID

Celestory is giving every developer the technological tool for designing, developing, and sharing his immersive experience in an app (mobile or web app). Creating a Treeview scenario and associating it with media material (pics, video, video 360), overwrites the problems of seeking a developer and integrators to test and laugh at virtual experiences such as advergames or serious gaming. elearning companies in france

09. Nell and Associésnowledge 

eLearning Companies in France - NELL&ASSOCIES
Best 10 eLearning Companies in France 8
NameNell and Associés
Phone Number01 77 19 34 48
Email ID[email protected]
Address250, Rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris

Since 2013 our agency has been specializing in digital learning and has been the reference agency for professional training in France. We are part of the boards of many major institutions in France such as Fun MOOC, the French system in charge of MOOC for all French universities, or FFFOD, a business organization for the advancement of digital learning. Our author, Noria Larose, has written a book on capital learning and numerous articles in the national business newspapers (Les Echos …).

We develop strong and long-term partnerships with our clients and assist them in all training issues: advising, designing e-learning programs or flexible/mixed learning courses, and training on our core work. We are training experts and will find the right solution for you. We can also support you with training or recruitment communications (Internet website, Web apps, Flyers, posters, games …). We can do it in all languages, of course (we’ve already done it in Chinese!).

We are forming long-term alliances with foreign companies such as Engie, Sanofi, Renault, L’Oréal, Air Liquide, SNCF (French Railway), French Ministry of Education, etc.

We’ll be pleased to have you in our business community. elearning companies in france

10. Vodeclic

eLearning Companies in France - Skillsoft
Best 10 eLearning Companies in France 9
Phone Number33183640410
Email ID[email protected]
AddressParis, Ile-de-France, France

Vodeclic produces software tools designed to direct consumers through the everyday use of their mobile applications. Our groundbreaking e-learning approach incorporates streamlined bite-size tutorials, an expanding, user-centered library, and robust customer support tools. We have over 12,000 video-based tutorials-10,000 in French and 2,000 in English. Our services are available in various forms, including inclusion into several existing LMS and web-based subscription packages. elearning companies in france

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