Best 10 eLearning Companies in New Zealand

eLearning Companies in New Zealand

Here is a list of eLearning companies in New Zealand offering a wide range of products and services including custom content development, e-learning courses design and development, learning management solutions, instructional design, and graphic design.

01. Swift eLearning Services

swift elearning services
NameSwift eLearning Services
Our SolutionsCustom eLearning Development Solutions
Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
eLearning Translation and Localization Services
Learning Management System (LMS)
Rapid eLearning Development
eLearning Content Development
Mobile Learning (MLearning)
elearning companies in new zealand

We make Custom eLearning Development Solutions to help people learn better.

Swift believe in offering custom eLearning content that is based on modern instructional design and visual design principles in order to create a memorable learning experience. To keep learners engaged and involved, our Instructional/Visual Designers use interactive elements like animations, stories, scenarios, gamification, themes, learning content, and interactions.


Phone Number +91 8801992245
SolutionsTranslations and Localization, Custom eLearning, Rapid eLearning Development, MicroLearning
elearning companies in new zealand

Our Goals
We aim to be one of the best providers of world-class e-learning solutions across all industries, with a wide variety of value-based solutions.

Our Mission
Our goal is to develop and expand e-learning solutions for our clients on a regional and international scale while maintaining the highest level of quality at a reasonable cost.

Strength One of IKHYA’s strengths is that, despite our years of experience, we continue to learn and improve.

03. Synapsys  

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Phone Number 03 962 7944
AddressLevel 1, 518 Colombo Street. Christchurch 8011 New Zealand PO Box 22 277
elearning companies in new zealand

Learning and e-learning solutions for business improvement.

Synapsys works nationwide to carry advancement and excellence to hierarchical development and learning solutions. Our experience ranges over 15 years and includes:

  • Consulting on effective learning and development strategy and implementation
  • Developing projects of learning
  • Building learning resources
  • Implementing learning management systems
  • Building client ability
  • Measuring learning effectiveness

We are acceptable at understanding what you are attempting to achieve.Through a deliberate process, we will help identify key issues and work with you to give even minded advice and produce viable solutions. You will continue to benefit from the results long after we have gone. elearning companies in new zealand

We design and develop exciting learning and change management projects and resources that will help you meet your objectives. Our talented team carry best practice to their learning arrangement design and development work.

We need you to enjoy the process of working with us so we do everything we can to make the process smooth and transparent. We have nothing on the off chance that we don’t have relationships based on common understanding, respect and trust. More critically, we won’t simply come in and carry out a responsibility for you – we strive to leave you capable of accomplishing the same work all alone. We do this because it’s fun and because it’s useful for your business.

We develop enduring, high-value business relationships.

04. LearningWorks 

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Phone Number079294063
AddressLevel 1, 408 Anglesea Street Hamilton, New Zealand
elearning companies in new zealand

We support studying research at LearningWorks-learning is important. We plan and build learning, and deliver it. He Whakairo, whakatū, akoranga whakaputa. Records Rauemi. Mahi Whakangungu Planning. Tech Hangarau.

We do this through:

Learning Design: create learning resources.

Preparing: provide preparing.

Learning Technologies: develop learning stages.

Our philosophies are to:

Connect learning to learners: Quality learning that makes it easy for associations and learners to access the perfect data at the perfect time.

Create and enable better learner experiences: Learning that is needed today underpins progressing success for tomorrow’s reality. We advocate for the learners to create and enable better learner experiences. elearning companies in new zealand

Work with you, not only for you: Through solid partnerships, we are an extension of your association. We are the Robin to our partners Batman.

Not simply do everyday preparing: Learners will be able to apply what they learn. Utilization of learning will encompass abilities, behaviors and attitudes that can be seen in the workplace.

Promote ako: Shared knowledge and responsibility of learning from teaching, learners, resources and peer-to-peer interactions.

We anticipate partnering with you.

05. Wavelength

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Phone Number+64 4 385 2588
AddressLevel 1 9 Edward Street, Te Aro Wellington 6011 New Zealand
elearning companies in new zealand

At Wavelength, our passion and our aptitude are immersive learning. For more than 20 years, we develop creative learning solutions. Wavelength began as a small , family-owned company focused on close and collaborative ties with our customers. We were purchased in 2015 by Cognition Education Group, which saw us transfer to a larger family, Even more chances and money to support our customers. Our core objective is to enhance authoritative output by means of advanced learning techniques. elearning companies in new zealand

We understand the pressure you are under to deliver on time and on budget through our strong relationships with our clients. The speed of change is continually getting faster – so you need to find strategies that work faster, too. At Wavelength we are actively studying new developments in technology of learning and learning. We are using effective measurement tools to help us define areas for performance enhancement. We listen to our customers, and we aspire to be your trusted partner in learning strategies, helping you derive real benefit from every learning experience. elearning companies in new zealand

We’re fundamentally interested in your authoritative objectives. We believe learning is a basic ingredient in supporting change and delivering performance.

We’ve designed and developed a huge number of learning and correspondence solutions over the decades we’ve been in business, taking care of a wide range of themes and delivering in a wide range of media. Our in-house team of over 30 people provide counseling, learning design, visual communication, web and software development, editing, and learning technology uphold. We work with you and your experts to create effective and engaging learning solutions that are good for purpose for both your context and content.

06. WorkBright

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Phone Number09 908 4800
AddressOffice 201, The Business Center, near Burjuman Metro Station, Dubai
elearning companies in new zealand

We love to share our enthusiasm for making great elearning. We started out from a belief that elearning shouldn’t cost the earth and discovered approaches to make great elearning at an affordable price without trading off the learning. elearning companies in new zealand

Inside three years, founder Jacinta Penn was an acknowledged ‘expert’ in Articulate Storyline, imparting complex game templates to the elearning network and in demand to run instructional classes, for associations, for example, Telecom, Auckland Council and NZ Police.

​She has a wide knowledge of learning and can counsel on learning strategies, elearning design or system choice. elearning companies in new zealand

These online apparatuses permit us to work with clients anywhere on the planet. To date, we have worked for clients in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Australia, Singapore and Ireland. Skilled contractual workers work with us for assistance with video, voiceover, visual communication or activity work. elearning companies in new zealand

Note: We are currently researching how Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be used reasonably for learning in New Zealand businesses. In the event that you might want to be involved, as a client needing to steer an augmented simulation learning project, or as a computer generated experience expert, please get in touch with us.

We are passionate about learning and development and finding the best answer for your needs, whether that is e-Learning, divider posters, computer generated reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or whatever works for you. elearning companies in new zealand

07. Skills 

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Phone Number+6495252590
AddressFreepost 5164, PO Box 24-469, Royal Oak, Auckland 1345
elearning companies in new zealand

Whether you need to expand your company, make retirement plans, or simply need a pair of extra hands, it ‘s vital that your staff get the quality they need to prepare.

Taking a trainee or setting up a workplace training plan will help you attain your business goals. Skills is your go-to partner for workplace planning, with our 25 years of experience.

Anyway, what do we do?

We support corporations train its employees

Abilities is a standard setting body. This means we work with industry bodies to ensure that capabilities provide the correct aptitudes to employers and industry. We work closely with NZQA, ensuring that we have strong knowledge of our capabilities.

We support corporations train its employees

Hoping to take on a trainee or apprentice? Considering enhancing your skills Considering upskilling your workforce with public capabilities?

We will guide you through the process and help you determine what kind of planning is for you and your company directly. elearning companies in new zealand

We are going the extra miles to support trainees

Training can be disquieting. We offer extra help for trainees with learning disabilities or who are not comfortable in numeracy and literacy. elearning companies in new zealand

We do what it takes to ensure no one is overlooked.

Our Vision

To be New Zealand Inc’s go-to aptitudes partner for the correct abilities, in the correct way, at the opportune time.

Our Service

Make a difference for New Zealand Inc by improved skills in the workplace.

Our History

In 1992, we began as ETITO – the educational organization for the electrotechnology industry. We ‘re glad to help prepare generations of New Zealand electricians for our fundamental foundations. elearning companies in new zealand

Quick forward to today, and we are currently the largest business preparing association in the nation. Also, it’s not simply electricians we take care of these days. From plumbers and gasfitters to roofers, real estate agents, security watches, and beyond, we’re helping a large number of Kiwi professionals increase real, broadly recognized capabilities.

We have evolved a lot and our core mission remains the same – to be New Zealand Inc ‘s skills growth partner. elearning companies in new zealand

08. Inspire Group 

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NameInspire Group 
Phone Number+64 4 471 4647
AddressLevel 4, Inspire House 125 Featherston St, Wellington 6011
elearning companies in new zealand

Under our core value ‘Better learning is life changing’, our team have delivered a great many bespoke learning and development solutions for our clients worldwide.

On the off chance that your people need to learn something, we need to ensure they do as such in the best and enjoyable manner possible. elearning companies in new zealand

Key areas

  • Health and Safety
  • Employee Inductions and Onboarding
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Systems Implementation
  • Change Management


  • Learning Design
  • Learning Architecture
  • Blended Learning
  • eLearning
  • Motion Graphics and Videos
  • Learning Campaigns
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Leadership Planning
  • Leadership Facilitation
  • Learning Development Contractors


Chameleon permits you and your team to manufacture and edit completely responsive online learning. Reduces development time and delivers beautiful learning that deals with all devices.

Motivating to lead are our tailored leadership programs. They are ready to be contextualized to accommodate your need and rolled out to your association. Check out our

09.  Shift Innovation Centre Limited

2020 08 26 22 37 25 Window 1
NameShift Innovation Centre Limited
Phone Number
Email ID
AddressLevel 2, LG House, The Crossing, 60 Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013
elearning companies in new zealand

Aptitudes has an established history of successfully understanding and supporting different workplace hands on preparing. This help provides us with access to invaluable learning over a wide range of industries.

Each year, Move e-tec offers excellent training and evaluations to over 1,000 trainees through short courses in electrotechnology and telecommunications, blended learning programs and customized trade agreements.

For more than 70 years IMNZ has had a reputable reputation in building a professional network of managers and leaders. They aim to provide the stage for talented New Zealanders to improve efficiency, capability and understanding with a focus on further improving their leadership potential.

10. SimTutor

2020 08 26 22 39 05 Window 1
Phone Number
Address1700 Northside Drive, Suite A7 PMB 915, Atlanta GA 30318
elearning companies in new zealand

On SimTutor

The future of technology is promising in health-care education. Using recreations online are an important part of the education system for potential validation. SimTutor was created by medical professionals to enhance the education of students in healthcare, and to allow them to learn from anywhere.

Our education strategies are designed to enhance patient readiness, plug gaps in curriculum, and keep the medical professionals we trust ready to provide outstanding care. Healthcare staff, nurses, experts and more trust SimTutor for their vital approaches to reproduction.

SimTutor Inc. was created by a merger of the SIMTICS and SimTutor sister organizations. The company as a unit provides extensive eLearning replication strategies — from definition to implementation — to better meet needs of an group.

SimTutor Writer is a content writing stage designed to create its own custom or semi-custom courses for heads.

SIMTICS is an vast collection of almost 200 interactive healthcare devices used by more than 300 educational foundations worldwide.

Meet the Team
Our carefully built team prides itself on a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We have extensive experience in the medical recreation room, from experienced IT and SaaS production to healthcare and education technology.

11. Optimism 

2020 08 26 22 42 29 Window 1
Phone Number+64 9 520 5820
Address5 Dockside Lane Auckland 1010
elearning companies in new zealand

Confidence was established in 1988 by learning and development expert, Sussan Ockwell. Since then, Optimism has become a leading provider of ability and learning solutions for corporates operating in New Zealand – and all around.

We’re passionate about developing capacity and confidence exclusively and collectively, and we thrive on creating innovative solutions that deliver a competitive edge and long haul results. What gives us the greatest fulfillment? Seeing companies succeed all around as a result of the competitive advantage we’ve helped them develop.

Good faith – Learning and Performance Partners

We are experts in creating innovative learning and performance strategies and solutions that help you measurably improve performance; leveraging computerized learning technologies.

We especially love helping associations to maximize the early engagement and profitability of new employees by advancing their enlistment.

Visit our website to see more of what we do.


  • Learning Strategies and Frameworks
  • Learning and Performance Consulting
  • Induction Frameworks
  • Integrated Learning Solutions
  • Digital Learning Solutions
  • Performance Support Tools

Key Areas:

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