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Best eLearning Companies in Switzerland

Custom e-learning content development refers to the process of creating educational materials specifically tailored to the needs, goals, and requirements of a particular organization, institution, or target audience.

eLearning companies in Switzerland that offer custom e-learning content development services include:

  1. Blended Learning is a combination of traditional face-to-face instruction and online learning, offering flexibility and personalized learning experiences by integrating both methods.
  2. E-learning Gamification refers to the integration of game elements, mechanics, and principles into online learning experiences to enhance engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes.
  3. E-learning Translation ensuring seamless adaptation of educational content to different languages and cultures, thereby enabling broader accessibility and enhanced learning experiences for diverse audiences.
  4. Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a software or platforms that manage and deliver e-learning content, track learners’ progress, and facilitate communication between learners and instructors.

These companies have expertise in custom e-learning content development and can assist you in creating tailored solutions to meet your organization’s learning goals and objectives.

01. Swift eLearning Services

eLearning Companies in Switzerland - Swift e-Learning Services
Best eLearning Companies in Switzerland 1
NameSwift eLearning Services
Email ID[email protected]
Our SolutionsCustom eLearning Development Solutions
Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
eLearning Translation and Localization Services
Learning Management System (LMS)
Rapid eLearning Development
eLearning Content Development
Mobile Learning (MLearning)

Swift eLearning Services specializes in creating custom e-learning content development based on modern instructional design and visual design principles to deliver a memorable learning experience. Instructional and visual designers incorporate interactive elements such as animations, stories, scenarios, gamification, themes, learning content, and interactions to keep learners engaged and involved throughout their learning journey.

02. e-teach

eLearning Companies in Switzerland - e teach
Best eLearning Companies in Switzerland 2
Phone Number +41 21 353 15 10
Email ID[email protected]
Addresse-teach Sàrl Avenue des Sports 26 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains Switzerland

Totara Learning – Lms

A LMS (Learning The executives Framework) to deal with the preparation of your populace, in the entirety of its perspectives. The executives of eye to eye and web based preparing, communitarian exercises, preparing plan by profile and aptitudes the board: a preparation cockpit for students just as for mentors. elearning companies in switzerland

Totara is a business-arranged rendition of the LMS Moodle, one of the most far reaching on the planet. We have been accomplices and wholesalers of this arrangement since 2014.

Challenge Screen

Challenge Screen is a gamified preparing stage that utilizations switches from gaming and computerized showcasing to offer a genuinely captivating preparing experience. Games, scores, levels, rivalry, rankings … offer your crowd another approach to learn.

Challenge Screen is especially reasonable for dispersing key messages to a focused on populace and along these lines fortifying its adherence to your image and your items. elearning companies in switzerland

Every year, we prepare and guarantee in excess of 120,000 dealers (retail and multi-brands) everywhere on over the world.

eLearning Manufacturing Plant

Do you have a subject of ability and a populace, and must make the connection between the two? We offer you a total strategy to accomplish this. From instructive encircling to specialized and realistic acknowledgment, we assume responsibility for your extend and include your specialists through workshops. elearning companies in switzerland

To do this, we work with market devices (Articulate Storyline, …) or do explicit turn of events. We can have your preparation, or backing you in its arrangement on a stage that you as of now have.

The specialized element of your activities is guaranteed by our groups of architects.

Specialized help: Your e-learning ventures incorporate a mechanical measurement which is fundamental to the learning experience offered to your students. The particular needs of your organizations require customizations that we make.

Swiss premium facilitating: Your information is protected. The specialized arrangements that we have for our customers all profit by a facilitating framework that is famous with numerous banks and budgetary organizations. Every one of your information is put away solely in the Swiss region. elearning companies in switzerland

03. The Learning Lab

eLearning Companies in Switzerland - The learning lab
Best eLearning Companies in Switzerland 3
NameThe Learning Lab
Phone Number +41 79 478 05 04
Email ID
Address43 route des Acacias 1227 Geneva

Our E-Learning specialists chip away at structure, advancement and conveyance exercises explicit to e-getting the hang of, utilizing Expressive to make the courses so you can without much of a stretch import them into your framework with SCROM. Nonetheless, we are an adaptable and balanced group, so we’re glad to adjust to your work process and your projects of decision!

We like Open-Source Arrangements and Moodle, however we work with any LMS

Our IT group has built up its own answer in php, yet we likewise own a form coordinated into the Moodle structure. We have refreshed the look and believe and can likewise adjust it to your particular image and auxiliary needs.

Our Geneva-based e-learning experts have looked into the ergonometric ease of use and structures for improved client experience and an amazing UI, to guarantee your students don’t just take the course since they’re advised to, yet additionally in light of the fact that it really claims to them, persuades them to improve their own capacities and drives them to develop their insight.

Despite the fact that we are fundamentally situated in Geneva, we take a shot at a worldwide level and a significant number of our customers are universal organizations. elearning companies in switzerland

Custom eLearning

We are an advancement driven e-Learning improvement studio which spends significant time in giving custom preparing encounters to brands both of all shapes and sizes. Conveying rich mixed media content is a key piece of our work process. We plan our customers learning items to be drawing in and paramount, with exceptional visuals and marking.

Content Lab

We do everything. Here at TheLearning LAB we convey MOOC, online courses, Versatile Learning intuitive learning materials, media resources for instruction, learning games, recreated encounters, timetables, duplicate composition, online tests, and that’s just the beginning. elearning companies in switzerland

Technique Counseling

Uncertain how to make a technique to help accomplish your preparation destinations? Let’s work together!

Our accomplished advisors will assist you with planning an on the web or disconnected preparing methodology completely adjusted to your necessities, which consolidates your vision and their mastery into one absolute bundle.

We convey high-caliber

We guarantee that our excellent arrangements will fit inside your spending plan and easily fuse your plan. We are an accomplice, not only an office. elearning companies in switzerland

Our objective for cooperation

We will probably discover an entirely adjusted answer for each undertaking. With 50 workers, and more than 15 years of experience, the dependability of our current customers is strong verification of our enduring promise to quality and joint effort.


Target crowd investigation, course objective following, surveying learning-material viability, performing student persona audits, and point-by-point course structure fitting are all pieces of our examination collection. elearning companies in switzerland


Recordings, digital broadcasts, infographics, PowerPoint, designs, surveys, tests and gamification together make up the essence of the e-adapting course and join wonderfully to draw in students. elearning companies in switzerland


Individual and gathering visit capacities, sound meetings, online whiteboards, e-libraries, and other custom-made arrangements guarantee students feel heard and turn out to be a piece of a functioning network.

Challenge Us

Each venture is another test, and each customer is a remarkable individual with explicit requirements, yet our way of thinking consistently continues as before. We set aside the effort to tune in to your necessities, explore and completely comprehend your venture and your particular prerequisites, and furnish you with a custom fitted help that guarantees your undertaking is finished effectively. We treat your elearning procedure and the message you wish to put across with the most extreme thought and regard, so your computerized elearners escape the experience precisely what you need them to.

We are not “only” an office, we are your drawn out accomplice, and you can confide in us to mark each container.

We are your e-Learning Office in Geneva, Switzerland. elearning companies in switzerland

04. easylearn

eLearning Companies in Switzerland - Easylearn
Best eLearning Companies in Switzerland 4
Phone Number+41433227200
Email ID[email protected]
AddressBachstrasse 39 CH – 8912 Obfelden

Wiki reference work for organizations

Access and look into information whenever

As a feature of the easylearn learning stage, the Wiki module offers information curation custom-made to your organization. Your representatives can turn upward and rehash the learning content In the down to earth reference work whenever – absolutely when and where they need uphold. What’s more, the wiki can be enhanced with content and new information, regardless of whether as individual reports, records or whole e-learning modules. elearning companies in switzerland

05. eSkills

eLearning Companies in Switzerland - eSkills
Best eLearning Companies in Switzerland 5
Phone Number+41 22 700 12 01
Email ID[email protected]
Address62, Route de Frontenex – 1207 Geneva – Switzerland

Situated in Geneva, Switzerland, we additionally run computerized preparing ventures all through Europe.

We are focused on conveying the most excellent administrations, inside financial plan and on schedule.

Possibly that is the reason our clients are so faithful to us.

Settle on viable advanced preparing! elearning companies in switzerland

We make computerized instructional classes adjusted to your requirements and your condition.

That abandons saying. In any case, we likewise make them compelling.

How? By investigating each venture to embrace the best educational methodology.

Why? To drench your representatives for no particular reason, intelligent and connecting with learning encounters.

Trust us with the structure of your e-Learning encounters

Intelligent modules with gamified exercises dependent on regular circumstances

Portable learning
Modules intended for an ideal encounter on cell phone, tablet or PC

Small scale learning
Modules planned by a successful division for learning exercises accessible at the ideal time

Musical encounters with recordings, exercises and tests

Mixed learning
Courses intended to improve the complementarity between the computerized scene and teacher drove courses

Execution apparatuses
Video making apparatuses, assets, streak cards or different configurations adjusted to “in the nick of time” preparing

To recap’, we create effective modules, because of our ability in preparing building, our narrating procedures, our feeling of style, our gamification devices and our tender loving care.

Why make your advanced instructional classes with eSkills?

Special and viable, our e-learning courses empower you to improve your worker’s exhibitions.

Experienced and energetic, our group is master in creative preparing plan.

Complete and changeless, our checking permits you to follow all the most recent patterns in advanced learning.

We train, you (trans)form

We uphold your groups, in your organization, with the advanced change of your preparation strategies.

Our workshops are hand crafted dependent on your activities and your world. In view of the accompanying themes:

Beginning with instructional plan

Build up your e-learning modules with Articulate 360

Build up your versatile learning modules with Develop or Rise

Create powerful instructional exercises

Make a mixed learning experience

Encourage preparing in a virtual homeroom

Make significant visual introductions

Our instructional classes can be offered eye to eye or distantly.

06. Swissteach

eLearning Companies in Switzerland - Swissteach
Best eLearning Companies in Switzerland 6
Phone Number+41 32 321 39 00
Email ID[email protected]
AddressHauptstrasse 10 Nidau, Switzerland

Swissteach AG is a full-specialist co-op for business-basic mixed learning in significant companies, little and medium-sized organizations and instructive associations. Our exhaustive counseling administrations in the field of corporate preparing and instruction (CTE) and our exceptionally customisable LMS Worldwide Teach® structure a demonstrated reason for fruitful innovation based arrangements with an exceptional yield on speculation.

You need counseling with respect to CTE techniques or undertakings?

You intend to present your first or supplant a current LMS?

You are searching for e-learning content in built up to exceptionally inventive organizations?

We are anticipating supporting you.

Reach us and experience the estimation of over 25 years involvement with innovation based preparing and training!

07. Vydiatech

eLearning Companies in Switzerland - Vydiatech
Best eLearning Companies in Switzerland 7
Name Vydiatech
Phone Number+41 225754688
Email ID[email protected]

Vydiatech a Data Innovation (IT) organization profoundly had some expertise in E-learning programming administrations with a client driven center situated in Ontario, Canada.

Vydiatech utilizes profound industry and utilitarian mastery, just as driving innovation rehearses. It works utilizing a serious worldwide conveyance model to assist customers with changing their most noteworthy worth business cycles to improve their presentation in field of Separation Instruction and eLearning.

Our IT division exceeds expectations in designing, and our business partners give the best e-learning item improvement, flexibly chain the executives, customer relationship the board, business measure, business insight, undertaking coordination, foundation the executives, web advancement, internet business, and other key capacities. The focus of Vydiatech is on improvement in the US, Canada, Switzerland and Europe.

Faq’s about e-Learning Services

What is custom e-learning content development?

Custom e-learning content development involves the creation of personalized educational materials specifically tailored to the needs, goals, and preferences of a particular audience, organization, or learning environment.

Can custom e-learning content be localized for different languages or regions?

Yes, custom e-learning content can indeed be localized for different languages or regions. Localization involves adapting the content to suit the linguistic, cultural, and regional preferences of the target audience.

What types of interactive elements can be included in custom e-learning content?

Custom e-learning content can include interactive elements like quizzes, assessments, branching scenarios, simulations, games, gamification, and interactive videos to enhance engagement and effectiveness.

Why choose custom e-learning content over off-the-shelf solutions?

Choosing custom e-learning content allows you to create a more personalized, effective, and impactful learning experience tailored to your organization’s specific requirements and objectives.

How do learners benefit from participating in blended learning programs?

Learners benefit from participating in blended learning programs by gaining access to a variety of instructional resources and learning activities that cater to their individual needs and preferences. Blended learning promotes self-regulated learning skills, digital literacy, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities, while also fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for one’s learning journey.

What are the benefits of using e-learning gamification?

e-learning gamification can lead to increased learner engagement and motivation, improved learning outcomes and retention rates, reduced training time and costs, enhanced productivity and performance, better tracking and analytics of learner progress, and the creation of a positive learning culture and community.

What types of e-learning materials can be translated?

All types of e-learning materials can be translated, including text-based content, multimedia elements such as videos and audio recordings, interactive modules, assessments, quizzes, and discussion forums.

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