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Best Learning Management Softwares

Find the best Learning Management Software, choose and compare the features.

01. Swift Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd.

NameSwift Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd.
Phone Number 91 40 40265193
Email ID[email protected]

Swift offers a comprehensive software system for online learning management that enables businesses, individuals, and educators/trainers to develop, manage and sell their online training courses at ease.

Using a carefully designed and adaptable approach, our intuitive learning platform makes the LMS system more flexible, reliable, secure, and easy-to-use to suit your unique learning needs. learning management software

02. TalentLMS

Phone Number (+1) 646 797 2799
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSAN FRANCISCO 315 Montgomery Street, 9th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104, USA

The LMS built for training success is the TalentLMS. It’s where great teams, and businesses, go to evolve, built to get a “yes” from everyone.

Teams welcome training while feeling right at home with an interface that is completely adjustable, easy to handle, and a pleasure to use. TalentLMS makes it easy to provide every team and any application with the right preparation while offering expert advice and encouragement at every step of the way.

TalentLMS is on a mission to democratize training, serving over 70,000 teams worldwide, supported by Epignosis, a global leader in learning technologies. learning management software

03. Cortex LMS

NameCortex LMS
Phone Number +44 800 464 7172
Email ID[email protected]
Address240 Jay St, Brooklyn, New York 11201, US

In their revolutionary school models, Cortex is an integrated LMS and SIS, designed to power schools of any size to drive personalized learning. Schools and districts monitor how Cortex functions for them, from custom expectations to complex student grouping, with a modular configuration model. Schools using Cortex gain access to the knowledge library of OpenED and the opportunity to exchange content with each other, enriching the Cortex network’s curriculum.

InnovateEDU, a non-profit whose goal is to eliminate the achievement gap by accelerating progress in next-generation learning models and tools that serve, educate, and improve teaching and learning, has created and run Cortex. learning management software

04. Violet InfoSystems Pvt. Ltd.

NameViolet InfoSystems Pvt. Ltd.
Phone Number 099670 37744
Email ID[email protected]
Address1106, Quantum Towers, Chincholi, Ram Baug Rd, Nadiyawala Colony 2, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

We, at Pvt. of Violet InfoSystems. Ltd., through our comprehensive and flexible creative software framework, creates tailored software to streamline and promote data-intensive processes such as learning, evaluation, training, support, and sales.

Our customer-first approach enables us to advise and offer solutions to companies in the pharmaceutical, publishing, banking, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, automobile, logistics, media, and telecommunications sectors. Through its versatile structure, our diverse services allow for assistance in preparing, designing, and setting up successful applications.

Violet Pvt InfoSystems. The Ltd. system makes cross-platform improvements simpler for its apps to tackle obstacles across desktops, tablets, and handheld devices. Our mission is to build applications that are not constrained by accessibility changes, the latest innovations and can be adapted to support customers’ current and future needs.

Violet InfoSystems realized quite early on that the absence of a user-friendly Learning Management System was the greatest barrier to eLearning. learning management software

05. Tovuti LMS

NameTovuti LMS
Phone Number +18886462353
Email ID[email protected]
Address775 S Rivershore Ln Suite 200, Eagle, ID 83616

Tovuti is a forum for learning management and community building. Our creativity makes you share with the world your thoughts. Launch a website, create and host content and build communities—all with Tovuti!

Tovuti-based websites may have a custom template, branding, and domain of their own. Beneath their own business website, they can also offer branded websites. These branded websites may have their own subscriptions, billing, community groups, contact page, access group levels, and more.

Launched by Founder/CEO Troy McClain and his team in July of 2017, Tovuti is a Platform as a Service. People can develop a comprehensive cloud-based company with numerous revenue sources, including Membership Subscription Systems, Learning Management Systems, ECommerce, Integrated Booking and Registration Event Calendar, and so much more! Tovuti provides a structure for an organization, improved communication, and faster decision-making.

Tovuti offers companies the chance to “Start at GO” Businesses can literally be up and running within a day without waiting for growth. learning management software

06. Moodle Pty Ltd

NameMoodle Pty Ltd
Phone Number
Email ID[email protected]
AddressMoodle Pty Ltd PO Box 303, West Perth WA 6872 Australia

Our goal at Moodle is to inspire educators to make our world better.

Moodle is a free online learning management system that provides educators worldwide with a flexible, personalized, and secure open-source solution for e-learning with the largest range of activities available. To promote integration and an active group of developers, users, and supporters, Moodle is supported by an active network of accredited Moodle Partners.

Moodle is a fully functional, highly scalable learning platform (also known as a Virtual Learning Environment or Learning Management System), which is currently used in more than 230 countries with more than 70 million users worldwide.

Moodle continues to collaborate with developers and educators worldwide to serve a fast-growing community of Moodle users, enabled by a global network of accredited Moodle Partners. learning management software

07. Skillcast LMS

NameSkillcast LMS
Phone Number+44 20 7929 5000
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSalisbury House, Finsbury Circus London EC2M 5QQ United Kingdom

Skillcast LMS is a cloud-based, completely managed LMS that allows businesses on a single platform to offer e-learning and compliance software. It can be pre-loaded, making it a top option for regulatory enforcement, with compliance & risk course libraries.

In order to digitize their enforcement processes, Skillcast helps businesses transform their employee’s compliance with digital learning and applications. Our goal is to help businesses manage the risk of regulatory enforcement and generate a more ethical culture in the workplace. learning management software

08. Looop

Phone Number
Email ID[email protected]

Your staff does not have time to waste, and neither do you, on an LMS they do not need. That’s why Looop eliminates the redundancies built into today’s learning solutions to give you an LMS that provides the speed, size, and quality of your business needs with guaranteed results. Oh, no bells. Oh, no whistles. Just a frictionless user interface that solves crucial failure points and offers the importance of learning in the workflow. learning management software

09. LearnDash

Phone Number
Email ID
Address2531 Jackson Ave., Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103, US

LearnDash is the premier WordPress LMS designed to provide an open-source WordPress platform of learning management and eLearning delivery. learning management software

10. Chamilo

Phone Number +32 266 20793
Email ID[email protected]
AddressAs Rozas 24 – Matela – 27150 Outeiro de Rei – Lugo – Spain

Open-source LMS, which offers greater access to education. Supported by the Chamilo Group, which aims at promoting software, maintaining a clear contact channel, and creating a network of providers of services and contributors to software.

The Chamilo Association is an international non-profit association that seeks to encourage, develop and secure the independence (characteristic of free software) of Chamilo’s e-learning software. It coordinates the activities of the various stakeholders around the Chamilo software projects, governed by an intercontinental voluntary board of directors, in order to optimize productivity and benefits for the public community.

The Chamilo Association’s official goal is to increase the availability of quality education around the world (and the rest of our solar system). This is achieved through the ongoing growth of the Chamilo e-learning suite, which has already supported more than 20 million users around the world. learning management software

11. Cornerstone Learning

NameCornerstone Learning
Phone Number +1 310-752-0200
Email Number[email protected]
AddressSanta Monica, CA

Cornerstone provides power without complexity, LMS year after year by the most trusted analysts: comprehensive functionality to fulfill the specific learning requirements while being quick and intuitive to foster a culture of continuous learning.

Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD) is a leading software company for people, pioneering technologies to help companies and people around the world manage and understand their potential at work in the modern world of work. Cornerstone is there for you at every level, with robust recruitment, customized learning, new training material, development-driven performance management, and holistic employee data management and insights. Established in 1999 with the goal of improving access to education around the world through online learning, today more than 6,000 global customers of all sizes are using Cornerstone’s people development solutions, spanning more than 75 million users across more than 180 countries and nearly 50 languages. ​learning management software

12. Nimble LMS

NameNimble LMS
Phone Number +441453823029
Email Number[email protected]
AddressNimble House Bond’s Mill Estate, Stonehouse GL10 3RF, United Kingdom

Manage your learning easily with our fast LMS. If you have a large number of students or only a handful, our LMS makes it easy to handle your e-learning program. It includes a license, training & support for a FREE Nimble Author.

Nimble makes designing engaging online courses and delivering them to your teams super-easy. We’re here to assist you, whether you’re new to eLearning or a training expert.

The LMS Nimble
Manage your learning program easily with Nimble LMS

Courses of Nimble
Special editable ready-made courses that your learners would enjoy learning management software

Why Nimble? Why Nimble?
A complete, ready-to-go solution
With our super-easy to use integrated online solution, you can be up and running in minutes-that it’s fast!

13. Easy LMS

NameEasy LMS
Phone Number 410-975-9440
Email ID[email protected]
AddressAustralia Level 3, 600 Victoria St Richmond, VIC, 3121

Looking for a quick and powerful LMS without the hassle that goes with big, clunky systems? And we’ve got a solution for you! Build e-learning lessons with our easy-to-use LMS that are fun and effective.

Easy LMS was developed in 2013 and is an intuitive, user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS), a forum for organizations to learn.

It is possible to use Simple LMS to help you create:

  • Corporate training programs
  • Recruitment tests
  • Knowledge tests
  • Personality tests
  • Surveys
  • Content for lead generation
  • Quizzes for events

You can mark your tests and courses produced with Easy LMS in white, embedded on your website, and with the logo and colors of your company.

You can engage, train and even credential your learners, no matter where they are, with our instrument! With offices in the Netherlands and Brazil, we provide customers all over the world with outstanding service and consultancy.

Different organizations and business models may use Simple LMS. Individuals, non-profit organizations, SMEs, and large companies use our service internationally. learning management software

Our platform is cloud-based and it runs on a monthly or annual basis for our plans. We do not charge per customer and provide the best value for the market’s capital.

Easy LMS is the right choice for you if you are searching for a learning solution for your company that is enjoyable and easy to use and gives you great results at the same time!

14. LearnUpon

Phone Number +1 888 908 3960
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSuite 400S, Cast Iron Building, 718 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

LearnUpon LMS helps organizations harness the strength of learning.

Our user-focused LMS and industry-leading experience help businesses to deliver impactful training that drives the performance of staff, partners, and consumers, from Fortune 100 companies to rising SMBs.

LearnUpon LMS unlocks the power of learning. Merging user-focused technology with industry-leading experience, we help organizations worldwide deliver impactful training that drives the success of staff, partners, and consumers. learning management software

15. iSpring Learn

NameiSpring Learn
Phone Number +1 800-640-0868
Email ID[email protected]
Address815 N. Royal St. Suite 202 Alexandria, VA 22314 United States

For your mission-critical project, iSpring Learn is a quick LMS. With a minimum of hassle, start your eLearning in one day. Only upload the materials for your preparation, invite staff, and keep track of their results.

iSpring is a global pioneer in the development of award-winning eLearning apps. ISpring Solutions, Inc. has supported thousands of organizations around the world to advance their executive training and disseminate best management practices since 2005. For its beautifully engineered goods and excellent customer service, iSpring is recognized.

In 2010, 2013, and 2016, iSpring was awarded the Gold Award in the Rapid Authoring and Content Authoring categories by the Brandon Hall Group for Excellence in Technology. Capterra honored iSpring Tech Support as the best in 2017. In 2018, according to Training Industry, iSpring is one of the Top LMSs based on eLearning Industry user experience and is named the Top 20 Authoring Tools business. learning management software

16. Kallidus Learn

NameKallidus Learn
Phone Number 01285 883 900
Email ID[email protected]
AddressWestgate House Phoenix Way GL7 1RY Cirencester

With our award-winning Learning Management Framework, Kallidus Learn brings corporate learning to the next level. Winners of the Best Learning Experience UK UX award.

With 15 years of experience in making learning and talent a success for over 200 customers, Kallidus is a leading provider of integrated learning and talent solutions. Our award-winning, cost-effective SaaS solutions facilitate the advancement of people in all industries across organizations of all sizes.

With a passion for providing excellent customer support and through our committed Customer Excellence Program, we work to help achieve market change and drive long-term performance growth in collaboration with several leading brands operating in the UK and worldwide, including McDonald’s, O2, AstraZeneca, Transport for London and Eurostar. learning management software

17. Canvas LMS

NameCanvas LMS
Phone Number1-800-203-6755
Email ID[email protected]
Address6330 South 3000 East, Suite 700, Salt Lake City, UT 84121, USA

Teaching, learning, implementation, acceptance, customer service, and student progress are made simpler by the Canvas LMS by Instructure. Time-saving, secure, flexible, mobile, built to get out of your way, to let you do your thing.

The facility helps individuals develop from the first day of school to the last day of work. For learning management and employee growth, more than 30 million people use its Canvas and Bridge platforms. Copyright © Instructure, Inc., 2016. All reserved rights. learning management software

18. MOS Chorus

NameMOS Chorus
Phone Number+41 21 331 22 80
Email ID[email protected]
AddressMOS – MindOnSite SA Avenue de la Gare 10 1003 Lausanne – Switzerland

An integrated LMS/LCMS platform, MOS Chorus consists of 4 completely integrated modules: an administration tool, a content editor, a style editor, and an interface editor. It’s agile and scalable, easy to deploy, completely customizable, and compatible with SCORM.

We support organizations worldwide to implement a full and personalized learning environment that provides a seamless and cohesive digital learning experience.

MOS-MindOnSite is an expert in the development of learning solutions known for their agility, modularity, full customization, and engaging design.
Founded in 2001, the Swiss-based business is a subsidiary of the Demos Group, the European leader in professional training. learning management software

19. Abara LMS

NameAbara LMS
Phone Number+1.518.618.0700
Email ID[email protected]
Address1900 E Golf Road. Suite 950 Schaumburg, IL 60173

Abara is an agile LMS with more than 60 features and built-in integrations required to train corporate workers. Try the 30-day Abara, arrange a demo, and get special access to the mobile Abara LMS software. Abara, a New, Powerful, Mobile-First LMS. learning management software

Abara LMS is a new, mobile-first learning management system for enterprises, education, and e-learning organizations. In Igbo, an African language, Abara, which means ‘coach’, offers a creative and intelligent approach to e-learning for the Learning Management System domain. Designed for today’s dynamic workplace, the HTML5 user interface takes advantage of a mobile-first approach and can be used on iPads, Android phones, and desktops. To provide the learner as well as the instructor with a state-of-the-art experience that adds value to the entire learning ecosystem, Abara is designed with design considerations.

20. UpsideLMS

Phone Number +18886462353
Email ID[email protected]
Address775 S Rivershore Ln Suite 200, Eagle, ID 83616

UpsideLMS is an AI-powered LMS that leverages cloud, web, analytics & social learning to enable L&D programs to be managed easily and effectively. UpsideLMS is backed by more than 16 years of experience, 50+ industry awards, and trusted by more than 1.5 million users worldwide.

UpsideLMS is a cloud-based, AI-powered learning management system for the development and training of employee skills. We offer a one-stop-shop platform and content for learning. By managing their learning programs effectively and efficiently, our approach helps organizations save time, effort, and money.

Without sacrificing technology, features, or content quality, UpsideLMS makes digital learning accessible. Trusted by 2.5 million global users and 250+ leading enterprise businesses (Gulf Oil, Zydus Cadila, Bridgestone, TiSS, Times Internet, Strides Pharma, Doha Bank, ISS Facility Services, Model N),

It is driven by a team of dedicated individuals who have made it their task to make L&D a success for businesses of all sizes and types across sectors and countries, as a recipient of 50+ industry awards and recognition. learning management software

21. DynDevice LMS

NameDynDevice LMS
Phone Number +18886462353
Email ID[email protected]
Address775 S Rivershore Ln Suite 200, Eagle, ID 83616

The eLearning Platform (LMS) enables your business to manage training, deliver SCORM format courses, build courses, manage HR, customize the platform, and use it to promote your company.

The e-learning platform that helps you to learn the fundamentals of life in eLearning is DynDevice LCMS: from screenings and training courses, all training, all leadership. learning management software


Phone Number 040 2780 3080
Email ID[email protected]
AddressNo. 9-1-130 & 131, Sebastian Road, Secunderabad – 500003, Telangana, India.

For schools and universities, NEO is a world-class, award-winning learning management system. NEO is renowned for offering a fantastic user interface while combining all the important resources needed by schools to facilitate effective teaching and learning.

For individual teachers, colleges, districts, and universities, NEO is a simple, strong, cloud-hosted LMS. In its low-cost premium plans, it is a freemium product, with a rich collection of features in its free plan and additional “power” features. For schools that choose to migrate from older technologies and implement a no-compromise premium LMS, NEO is a perfect option.

A sleek, responsive design that looks sharp and changes automatically depending on the type of device is the NEO GUI. It offers learners, teachers, and administrators attractive tile-based dashboards, a graphical class list, as well as easy pop-out navigation. To fit young children through to college students, several features can be allowed or disabled.

In a modern LMS, NEO offers the range of features you would expect, such as class support (instructor driven, blended, and self-paced), nine assignment forms, full-featured grade books, question banks, class templates, rubrics, content design, beautiful lesson layouts, curricula and skills, chat rooms, blogs, wikis, a personalized platform, e-portfolios, and more. learning management software

NEO also supports SCORM, Common Cartridge Format, LTI, QTI, and LDAP, as well as several significant industry standards. And NEO offers optimized e-commerce features for those wishing to sell courses.

23. Eurekos LMS

NameEurekos LMS
Phone Number
Email ID[email protected]
Address202 Hannell Street Maryville NSW Australia

Eurekos is a content-first learning platform that helps speed up the development and delivery of high-impact learning through clients and partners.

Eurekos has its head office in Copenhagen.
Tagline and strategy are “everything to someone, not something for everyone” Tagline and strategy.

The Eurekos Learning Platform is our flagship product as a learning technology company, and the strategy and mission are to collaborate with customers and partners to customize and build an impactful learning experience to fulfill exact requirements.

It’s an LMS that puts content first, but it’s a lot more than that. Eurekos offers solid management, informative analytics, and tools for social and collaboration interaction.

In the value for money segment, Eurekos has made the Fosway 9-Grid. learning management software

24. Vowel LMS

NameVowel LMS
Phone Number+44 20 7929 5000
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSalisbury House, Finsbury Circus London EC2M 5QQ United Kingdom

Vowel LMS is a versatile tool for learning management that gives you the ability, whether online or in the classroom, to control any mode of learning within your organization. learning management software

Vowel LMS is a versatile tool for learning management that gives you the ability, whether online or in the classroom, to control any mode of learning within your organization. Allocate courses quickly, monitor progress for learners and display personalized reports. Chart the learning journey of each user on the basis of individual learning curves. Do so much more than you’ve ever thought!

Vowel LMS is not all about the management of training – it opens up an entirely new environment for all the training needs! Upload any sort of material, and it is tracked by Vowel LMS. Develop courses using the course builder, which is simple to use. Integrate social instruments to deliver holistic learning…

Vowel LMS does much more than provide a forum for learning – it allows pronounced learning.

25. The Brainier LMS

NameThe Brainier LMS
Phone Number +44 (0) 208 103 9005
Email ID[email protected]
Address3rd Floor 86-90 Paul Street London, EC2A 4NE

An LMS for businesses of all sizes has been created. Certification and compliance management, content authoring, social learning, and SCORM compliance are key functionalities.

BRAINIER is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BI WORLDWIDE, a multinational organization headquartered in Minneapolis that focuses on goods and services for staff, consumers, and channel participation.

BRAINIER is the supplier of Brainier Information Solution, an award-winning solution. The backbone of which is a Social Stream that provides all aspects of the online learning experience with communication and collaboration. And the Brainier LMS is very versatile because of its special, custom-designed database, from small to medium-sized businesses to the largest multinational businesses. Brainier can handle even the most advanced organizational frameworks. It includes a comprehensive reporting engine and a standard library of hundreds of courses on company skills. learning management software

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Eliana Watson
Eliana Watson
Eliana Watson is an eLearning author and advisor who has collaborated with numerous learning solution providers across the globe. She assist users in selecting the best companies for their needs, she also conducts research and writes about the latest and best eLearning solution providers. She also assists eLearning businesses in identifying their ideal clients, gaining the recognition they deserve, and creating reliable streams of incoming inquiries.


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