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Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK

E-learning solutions refer to the diverse range of technologies, tools, and services designed to facilitate learning and training through digital platforms and electronic devices. 

Here is a list of e-learning solution providers in the UK that can assist you in offering skills development, online health and safety training, regulatory/legal compliance, and more. They provide products and services that enhance onboarding, staff training, and talent management/succession planning in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the rest of the country.

E-learning solutions refer to the diverse range of technologies, tools, and services designed to facilitate learning and training through digital platforms and electronic devices.

Providers of e-learning solutions in the UK offer a diverse range of services. These include:

  1. Custom eLearning Solutions involve the creation of personalized educational materials tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of organizations or individuals, ensuring that the content aligns with their unique requirements.
  2. Rapid eLearning Solutions enable the quick and efficient development of online learning content using streamlined processes and authoring tools, allowing organizations to rapidly deploy training materials to meet immediate learning needs.
  3. Blended Learning Solutions combine traditional classroom instruction with online learning components, offering a flexible and interactive educational experience that integrates both face-to-face and digital learning modalities.
  4. Translation and Localization Solutions adapt eLearning content to different languages and cultures, ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance for diverse global audiences.
  5. Legacy Content Conversion Solutions involve updating and modernizing existing eLearning materials, such as converting outdated formats or repurposing content for compatibility with modern technology and platforms.
  6. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or platform used to manage, deliver, and track educational content and training programs. LMSs typically provide features such as course management, student registration, assessment management, and reporting, enabling organizations and educators to create, deliver, and monitor online learning experiences efficiently.

01. Swift eLearning Services

eLearning Companies in UK - Swift e-Learning Services
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 1
NameSwift eLearning Services
Email ID[email protected]
Our SolutionsCustom eLearning Development Solutions
Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
eLearning Translation and Localization Services
Learning Management System (LMS)
Rapid eLearning Development
eLearning Content Development
Mobile Learning (MLearning)

Swift eLearning Services is a leading provider of e-learning solutions in the UK, specialize in e-learning content development, which involves creating educational materials and resources specifically designed for online learning platforms.

To maintain learner engagement, Swift eLearning Services employs instructional and visual designers who integrate interactive elements like animations, stories, scenarios, gamification, themes, learning content, and interactions.

By partnering with Swift eLearning Services, clients can rest assured that their e-learning solutions will be thoughtfully crafted to meet their unique needs and objectives.

02. Walkgrove

eLearning Companies in UK - Walkgrove
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 2
Phone Number+44 (0)1773 864 640
Email ID[email protected]
Address7 Maisies Way South Normanton Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 2DS, UK

Walkgrove is one of the leading elearning companies in UK who has an extremely impressive client base across almost every sector including Corporate, Education, Humanitarian, Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO), and Not-for-Profit.

Owned and run by experienced training professionals, they have been designing and delivering innovative learning solutions for organizations in the UK and around the globe since 1994, such as custom e-learning development, LMS, and off-the-shelf courses. The standard of their work is recognized by numerous Industry Awards winning.

Their commitment is to make sure the services they create make a difference; they add real value and have a positive effect on the companies of their clients. The main focus of Walkgrove is designing and creating tailor-made e-learning and mixed learning services.

03. Looop

eLearning Companies in UK - Looop
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 3
Phone Number
Email ID[email protected]
AddressLooop Online Limited 6 Great Queen Street Covent Garden London WC2B 5AH United Kingdom

Looop another best elearning companies in UK. As we talked about our review of this company and their innovative solution, we’re big Looop fans because it offers something new in the eLearning arena. Although this framework will provide information or a learning management system for those looking for it, Looop is far more than that – it’s a successful and efficient tool for modern workplaces.

The interface provides an atmosphere where the expertise and information within an organization, through clever search features, can be unpacked, organized, and made accessible at the point of need. When a staff member wants to know how to do it, Looop helps to make vignettes accessible to learners in a way specific to your organization.

04. Titus Learning

eLearning Companies in UK - Titus Learning
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 4
NameTitus Learning
Phone Number+44 (0) 1133 200 346
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSalts Mill, Victoria Road Saltaire, West Yorkshire, BD18 3LA, UK

Titus is our number four pick in the list of best elearning companies in UK, They are official Moodle Partner in the UK, and is rapidly becoming a go-to provider of LMS solutions for professional training providers, as well as VLEs (virtual learning environments) for schools, colleges, and universities around the world.

Titus has been hiring several well-known names from the Moodle network, based in Saltaire near Leeds in West Yorkshire.

This makes them well-positioned to supply corporate clients with the latest Moodle Workplace LMS and gives them a wealth of experience in using Moodle – the most common open-source learning platform in the world.

05. Open eLMS

eLearning Companies in UK - Open-eLMS
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 5
NameOpen eLMS
Phone Number +44 (0)203 929 2051
Email ID[email protected]
AddressKemp House, 124 City Road, London,EC1V 2NX, UK

Open eLMS has been developing innovative e-learning solutions integrating video presenters with virtual worlds of learning. The company prides itself on its eLearning content and accompanying systems being easy to use and it ranks fifth in the list of top elearning companies in UK.

Open eLMS offers its customers tailored services, but also has over 175 e-learning courses, all editable in the cloud using their own browser-based editing software: Jackdaw. The experts at Open eLMS plan to provide a one-stop-shop for the online training needs of all their clients, with subscription packages that also provide their own learning management system – Open Elms. This LMS is built in the mold of a video-on-demand network, like Netflix. The business has recently branched its ‘Apprentix’ e-portfolio program into the apprenticeship market.

06. Embridge Consulting

eLearning Companies in UK - Embridge-Consulting
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 6
NameEmbridge Consulting
Phone Number+44 (0)1474 555505
Email ID[email protected]
AddressKent Space Ebbsfleet, Springhead Enterprise Park, Northfleet, Kent DA11 8HJ, UK

Embridge Consulting is on sixth in our list of best elearning companies in UK as Embridge is a specialist in learning to match your needs. Writing and designing engaging immersive e-learning courses for a variety of clients in every subject has given Embridge a reputation for providing brilliant e-learning that the learners enjoy taking. Their rapid development process is agile and flexible so they can adapt to the needs of their customers.

Embridge has developed personalized learning using an adaptive model to ensure that each learner who uses an e-learning piece receives content that is relevant to their level of knowledge. Their pricing model is designed for customers as they charge a development fee and no license or renewal fees are payable-no hidden costs are involved. They also give customers access to a Real-Time Monitoring dashboard that offers up-to-the-minute progress information so that customers are at peace of mind that their eLearning projects are delivered on time.

07. The Learning Rooms 

eLearning Companies in UK - The Learning Rooms
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 7
NameThe Learning Rooms 
Phone Number +353 (0)1 297 4070
Email ID[email protected]
AddressThe Learning Rooms SHRC Limited Heather House Heather Road Sandyford Business Park UK

The Learning Rooms offer robust e-learning courses and mixed learning services to organizations and individuals in the UK and around the world. They are ranked seven in our list of best elearning companies in UK. The Learning Rooms offers more than 100 hours of high-quality e-learning material tailored to fit all levels of staff. The courses provide an intense, highly immersive learning environment and provide regular interaction through scaffolded online discussions along with peer and tutor support.

They offer high-quality e-learning in key areas like performance improvement, policies and procedures, and dispute resolution on leading management practices. They also offer courses in specialist areas of health and safety like manual handling and people handling. Individuals can buy courses, companies can run the courses for their staff, and suppliers can resell the course materials either on their own or as part of a mixed learning program.

08. Brightwave 

eLearning Companies in UK - Bright wave group
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 8
Phone Number +44 (0)1273 827676
Email ID[email protected]
AddressQueens Road, Brighton East Sussex BN1 3XE United Kingdom

Brightwave is ranked eight in our list of best elearning companies in UK. It was Founded in 2000, Brightwave creates tailored solutions for the technological and cultural future of work-related learning. Brightwave is the leading eLearning specialist in UK workplaces. Expert in developing quality, measurable impact e-learning solutions, Brightwave provides a complete e-learning service including tailored e-learning solutions, live online training, evaluation, and consultancy, managed e-learning services and LMS, mobile learning solutions, business transformation, and organizational change.

09. LEO Learning

eLearning Companies in UK - LEO-Learning
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 9
NameLEO Learning
Phone Number 01273 728686
Email ID[email protected]
Address52 Old Steine Brighton East Sussex BN1 1NH UK

Our number nine pick in the list of best elearning companies in UK is LEO Learning, LEO aims at learning professionals from around the world, offering networking and conversation on multi-device eLearning and blended solutions. It is the perfect forum for finding leadership in news and thought, as well as practical tips and free resources. Leo offers strategic technology management consulting to boost the efficiency of the learning and development operations.

Leo offers a range of high-quality content services including tailored e-learning, multi-learning, mobile learning, rapid learning, LMS course building blended learning, game-based learning, social learning, learning resources, translation, and localization content. Leo can incorporate and support a variety of learning platforms; Education app, Business LMS, VLE education, Bespoke, blogs, Education Record Store (LRS), Network services. LEO will build using gomo learning, articulate plot to create personalized e-learning courses for multiple devices.

10. Kallidus 

eLearning Companies in UK - Kallidus
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 10
Phone Number+44 1285 883900
Email ID[email protected]
AddressWestgate House Phoenix Way Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 1RY, UK

Kallidus ranks ten in our list of best elearning companies in UK which was founded in 2000, Kallidus is an award-winning learning and talent management solution provider. Kallidus supplies products in Learning Management Systems(LMS), Performance Management, Talent & Succession, and Authoring Software for eLearning. Kalidus also provides content & consultancy in talent strategy and learning tailor-made e-learning content.

11. DeltaNet 

eLearning Companies in UK - DeltaNet
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 11
Phone Number+44 (0)1509 611019
Email ID[email protected]
AddressThe Technology Centre Epinal Way Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 3GE, UK

Founded in 1999, DeltaNet is an e-learning company that designs and develops realistic web-based learning and diagnostic tools that improve efficiency for clients in both the public and private sector. DeltaNet offers a range of strategic learning and development services; ready-made e-learning courses, tailor-made e-learning, KreateIT e-learning platform, and tools for compliance. Their creative web-based learning tools help our customers grow their individuals, achieve their organizational objectives and support key business goals.

12. Tribal 

eLearning Companies in UK - Tribal group
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 12
Phone Number 0845 3133 151
Email ID[email protected]
Address1-4 Portland Square Bristol BS2 8RR, UK

For more than 10 years Tribal has been creating creative e-learning tools using the latest technologies. Tribal offers strategic guidance and assistance, and experience in developing and distributing materials and tools across a range of settings and channels. Solutions include eLearning platforms and portals, multimedia with high bandwidth, video content, online tutoring, and support for mentoring. They also integrate mobile learning technologies into our solutions; making it possible for organizations to provide flexible resources that can be used on the move.

13. eLearning bytes

eLearning Companies in UK - elearningbytes
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 13
NameeLearning bytes
Phone Number+44 (0)7956 580332
Email ID[email protected]
Address70 station road, horrabridge, devon, pl20 7rd, UK

Elearning bytes offer a special, innovative, and comprehensive approach to digital learning design and delivery, from a single reusable learning feature to a full curriculum.

We pride ourselves in understanding the best ways to teach and learn; whether by conventional methods or more groundbreaking e-learning approaches. We tailor learning to your individual needs by being creative and flexible, to create personalized content. One size doesn’t fit everything-we’s the eLearning Saville row.

As a collective of creative people from a variety of backgrounds covering instructional design, e-learning, LMS development, graphic design, audio & video production, music production, IT, and project management, we can provide a tailor-made and memorable learning approach to your company.

14. Creative Learning Solutions Ltd

eLearning Companies in UK - Clsolutions
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 14
NameCreative Learning Solutions Ltd
Phone Number01392 984109
Email ID[email protected]
AddressQueensgate House 48 Queens Street Exeter Devon EX4 3SR United Kingdom

Creative Learning Solutions has become one of the most respected organizations within the e-learning community since our beginnings back in 1998.

We have a reputation for highly engaging and enjoyable e-learning and this combined with specially commissioned artwork and comprehensive knowledge of how people learn has enabled us to become one of the leading providers of e-learning.

We are a Quality Approved Center specializing in Food Safety courses with the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). Both our e-learning suits their syllabuses Level 1 and Level 2.

We are currently supplying some of the UK’s largest food operators including the hospitality and catering industry and food producers.

Via our technology company we also offer a complete e-learning design service. Request details please.

15. Fenturi

eLearning Companies in UK - Fenturi
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 15
Phone Number0117 440 1000
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSt Nicholas House 31-34 High St, Bristol, BS1 2AW, UK

Fenturi is a dedicated digital learning service.

Teaming a passion for problem-solving with a love of state-of-the-art technology, we provide tailor-made e-learning solutions that deliver results: video, animation, games, and learner engagement are just a few of the ways we bring to life learning.

We love collaborating with our diverse client base to create really working digital learning experiences.

16. Agylia

eLearning Companies in UK - Civica
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 16
Phone Number+441454269222
Email ID[email protected]
AddressTortworth House, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 8HQ, UK

With modern digital learning solutions, Agylia helps organizations support their people. Agylia is an expert in eLearning and microlearning content design and creation that delivers great learning experiences and performance enhancement.

The Agylia Learning Management System ( LMS) is a powerful learning platform that provides employees and external audiences with digital, classroom, and blended learning experiences. Agylia provides a complete CPD planning, recording, progress tracking, and audit solution. Mobile learning apps for iOS and Android devices allow learners to access digital learning content anywhere they need it-including offline.

Their clients include Deloitte, PwC, Barclays, Samaritans, the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Chartered Marketing Institute, and many other leading organizations.

17. Hubken Group Ltd

eLearning Companies in UK - Hubken Group
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 17
NameHubken Group Ltd
Phone Number0330 660 1111
Email ID[email protected]
AddressPriorslee, Telford, Shropshire, TF2 9FT, UK

Hubken Group, a UK learning platform services provider that offers a variety of implementation, hosting, and support services, was formerly known as HowToMoodle. They collaborate with Totara Talent Experience Platform, a potent, completely integrated suite of learning and performance management solutions, and Moodle, the most widely used LMS in the world.

Hubken are system-agnostic rather than developing their own learning platform and marketing it. To satisfy their specific demands, they offer the best learning platform deployment, training, hosting, and continuing support after carefully considering the client’s current and future education and training needs.

Our courses have the benefits of:

· Our individually created courses engage learners, effectively delivering waffle-free knowledge and skills.

· Our strategy is to involve the student with a combination of situations, video, storytelling and then challenge the student with formative assessment and organized feedback.

· Interactive eBooks extend workplace learning with risk assessments, memory assists, and planning tools that are instantly accessible from a PC or mobile device.

· Speed and interesting delivery: Improves retention and timely completion rates for learners. Alternated male / female voices help with concentration retention.

· Accelerated learning techniques: Saves time for learners, gets them back to work faster and saves you money.

· Courses can be tailored to your brand or to specific needs for content.

· Each course finishes with a course review. Post-testing cheat-resistant: Prevents have gone round the response.

· Our training licenses allow free re-use after replacement of a staff member

· Achievement certificates can be printed (or saved) from inside the course by the learner. RoSPA accredits our courses by CPD, Health & Security Courses.

18. imc Learning UK

eLearning Companies in UK - imc
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 18
Nameimc Learning UK
Phone Number +44 (0)208 065 5215
Email ID[email protected]
AddressGG.230 – 30 Great Guildford St, London, SE1 0HS, UK

imc Learning is a full-service provider of elearning solutions with locations all around the world, including one in London. Their outstanding, comprehensive Learning Suite offers all LMS and LXP features. Some of the most well-known companies in the world utilise it, including Audi, Sky, Deloitte, Jagermeister, and Vodafone. It has uses for pretty much any form of training.

A user-friendly elearning writing tool and customised content production services are also offered by imc.

19. Tintisha Technologies (UK) Ltd

eLearning Companies in UK - Tintisha-Technologies
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 19
NameTintisha Technologies (UK) Ltd
Phone Number+44 1455 289189
Email ID[email protected]
AddressTintisha Technologies, Unit 4, Winston Avenue, Croft, Leicestershire, LE9 3GQ, UK

We are an award-winning company with 12 years of experience developing e-learning tools, hosting Moodle pages, maintaining those pages, and offering technological and end-user support. Also, we create our own learning software brand for use in schools and colleges.

The biggest Moodle platform we manage each day has 100,000 registered users and over 500 active users.

Examples of the work we do include:

  • Creating learning resources for leaders and managers in the FE and skills sector, including apps
  • Analytics service for mobile apps
  • Interactive resources to support learning mandarin for use in Primary and Secondary schools
  • Promotional video production for software services.

20. OCB Media

eLearning Companies in UK - OCB Media
Best 20 eLearning Companies in UK 20
NameOCB Media
Phone Number 116 285 5993
Email ID[email protected]
Address27 The Crescent, King Street, Leicester, LE1 6RX, UK

Since 1996, OCB Media has been creating award-winning e-learning, working with academics, clinicians, and industry professionals to meet their e-learning needs in medical practice.

Our mission lies in:

  • Help academics, clinicians, and industry professionals develop high-quality medical e-learning materials
  • Ensure that all developments are supported by an underlying evidence base
  • Evaluate e-learning outputs and, where possible, assess effectiveness and impact on practice

Each e-learning project is developed by dedicated staff, highly qualified in their respective areas, and all units are quality assured and evaluated throughout all stages of project development.

Over the years, OCB Media has worked with many respected healthcare organizations to develop a wide range of training materials, including the Department of Health, the Royal Colleges, NHS Training for Innovation, and numerous NHS Trusts.

Academic projects include work with Open University, Leicester University, Warwick University, Tokyo Medical University, Birmingham University, Aston University, and University College London.

Equally impressive are the clients with whom OCB Media works in the pharmaceutical industry, with a portfolio that includes GlaxoSmithKline, Astra Zeneca, Baxter Healthcare, Linde Gas Therapeutics, and Shire Pharmaceuticals.

OCB Media’s resources are recognized internationally for their contribution to improving healthcare education through a blend of cutting-edge technology, evidence-based practice, a competency-based approach to design and exacting production standards.

Sum Up

This was the list of best eLearning companies in UK. You can grow your company and increase profitability by putting the best eLearning platform in place. I hope you were able to find the best solution.

eLearning Companies In UK – FAQ’s

What is the difference between eLearning and online learning?

eLearning is a type of online learning that refers to the use of electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. Online learning, on the other hand, simply refers to any type of learning that takes place over the internet.

What is the scope of eLearning?

The scope of eLearning is vast, as it can be used for anything from teaching someone how to use a new software program, to providing training on harassment in the workplace. There are endless possibilities for what eLearning can be used for, making it an essential tool for companies and schools alike.

How long does it take to build an eLearning module?

It generally takes about 2-3 weeks to build an eLearning module from start to finish. This includes the time it takes to gather content, build out the slides, create any graphics or videos, and add in any interactivity.

How long does it take to create an online course?

The amount of time it takes to create an online course varies based on the complexity and length of the course. A simple, short course can be created in a matter of days, while a more complex, comprehensive course could take weeks or even months to develop.

How much does eLearning cost?

The cost of eLearning depends on many factors, such as the number of users, the number of courses, and the features you require.

What factors should I consider when choosing an e-learning solution provider?

When choosing an e-learning solution provider, consider factors such as the provider’s experience and expertise, the quality of their technology and services, their track record with similar organizations, pricing and affordability, and customer support.

What level of customization is available for e-learning platforms and content?

E-learning solution providers typically offer varying degrees of customization for their platforms and content. This may include branding options, user interface customization, course templates, and the ability to tailor content to specific industries or organizational needs.

Can e-learning solutions be used for both internal training and external training purposes?

Yes, e-learning solutions can be used for both internal training (e.g., employee onboarding, skills development) and external training (e.g., customer education, partner training). Many platforms offer features to manage different types of learners and access levels.

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Eliana Watson
Eliana Watson
Eliana Watson is an eLearning author and advisor who has collaborated with numerous learning solution providers across the globe. She assist users in selecting the best companies for their needs, she also conducts research and writes about the latest and best eLearning solution providers. She also assists eLearning businesses in identifying their ideal clients, gaining the recognition they deserve, and creating reliable streams of incoming inquiries.


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