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08 Best eLearning Companies in Denmark

Below are descriptions of elearning companies in denmark offering a variety of products and services, custom content, including e-learning courses, LMS solutions, instructional design, and mobile app creation. These Southeast Asian e-learning providers can help you deliver online safety and health training, regulatory / legal compliance, and many more.

IKHYA Learning

ikhya elearning solutions
NameIKHYA eLearning Solutions
Phone Number +91 8801992245
Email IDhyder@ikhya.com
AddressModel Town Colony, Jahanuma, Hyderabad
elearning companies in denmark

01. Infopro Learning, Inc.

2020 08 26 18 42 35 Window 1
NameInfopro Learning, Inc.
Phone Number +1(609)606-9984
Email IDinfo@infoprolearning.com
AddressAutomatikvej 1, 2860 Soborg, Denmark
elearning companies in denmark

Infopro Learning is one of the world’s driving providers of learning and planning courses of action. Our point is to help affiliations rapidly change capacity by focusing on Learning for Execution. A worldwide award winning learning and action group preparation courses for just about 20 years, Infopro Education offers methods for implementation development, integrated education game plans and managed to get ready projects.

At Infopro Learning, execution improvement, forefront development and a gifted gathering are united to pass on successful workforce plans and business results. We are focused on helping clients gather ready breakpoint, advance their practices and respond effectively to changing needs for undergraduate study. Using significant industry experience and best practice data, our learning and getting ready pros help our customers achieve workforce execution in zones of power headway, salesforce reasonability, customer relationship the board, thing planning, agent onboarding and change the chiefs.

Custom plans offered by Infopro Taking in ranges from attracting e-learning courses, content change and modernization, adaptable learning, blended learning, gamification, study corridor or inaccessible educator drove planning, learning the chiefs structures to limitation and evaluation and appraisal gadgets.

A thought learning and headway assistant to driving relationship around the globe, Infopro Learning offers execution improvement directing, learning plan and progression and administered planning programs. Our customers consolidate many reasonable measured relationship to enormous business relationship around the globe, including practically 35% of the Fortune 500 affiliations. We give extensive industry and learning best practice-based expertise to a contrasting arrangement of customers in various ventures, including social protection, advanced training, learning and improvement, pharmaceuticals, appropriating, advancing, to say the least, communicated interchanges.

02. Olson Design Group

2020 08 26 18 43 35 Window 1
NameOlson Design Group
Phone Number(+46) 736 555032
Email IDinfo@olsondesigngroup.com
AddressCopenhagen DK
elearning companies in denmark

ODG is a lady claimed business and a main supplier of eLearning answers for government elements, Fortune 1000 organizations, and rising organizations.

ODG is a perceived innovator in the making of eLearning advancement procedures and items. We have created many courses in all configurations and across fluctuating stages. We have effectively worked with customers to decrease the hole among learning and execution uphold.

ODG creates custom eLearning arrangements. Activities start with a disclosure or investigation stage and end with usage and on-going assessment stages. We help our customers better see how eLearning arrangements can be special and practical to manufacture information among workers, wholesalers, franchisees, clients, and different accomplices.

We are not the master in topic or in your organization, our advisors and planners are specialists in taking your preparation substance and transforming it into a successful and connecting with internet learning experience.

03. MOCH 

2020 08 26 18 45 32 Window 1
Phone Number+45 70 20 16 24
Email IDinfo@moch.dk
AddressToldbodgade 51 C DK-1253 København K
elearning companies in denmark

MOCH is a Scandinavian-put together organization centered with respect to advanced picking up, conveying the most ideal learning encounters to every one of our customers.

Since 1999 MOCH has finished in excess of 1200 learning tasks and therefore have a huge involvement with giving arrangements, which uphold different business and training prerequisites.

At the same time, MOCH is at the bleeding edge of the most recent patterns in learning and IT, so as to guarantee that our answers are continually evolved and refined so as to give top end answers for customers just as inhouse.

04.  Conzentrate

2020 08 26 18 47 26 Window 1
Name Conzentrate
Phone Number+45 98402700
Email IDjth@conzentrate.com
AddressConzentrate A / S Niels Jernes Vej 10 9220 Aalborg Øst
elearning companies in denmark

Conzentrate conveys the Nordic area’s best Learning Content Administration Framework – Learning Field. elearning companies in denmark

Learning Field makes it simple to make and oversee e-learning courses that guarantee focused on instruction over the whole association. The implicit writing device makes it a breeze to make intuitive courses with high learning esteem: Work with text, picture, sound and movement – and add your own voice to your courses. Add test courses to guarantee that your workers are qualified, and draw insights on all course exercises so you keep up a diagram of the whole association’s ability profile.

Learning Field contains all the important apparatuses for arrangement, advancement, organization and detailing. It is anything but difficult to execute, as the stage depends on a center of the workers’ lord information, which is drawn from existing finance and staff frameworks. Learning Field can likewise be extended with the assistance of some of extra modules – for example the exceptionally well known Learning Focal.

Learning Focal interfaces with the Learning Field by arranging all organization and detailing of the association’s participation courses, recruits and withdraws, document sharing, and mailing records. elearning companies in denmark

In the event that you need assistance with the plan and improvement of e-learning courses, we have an expert creation division which can help the cycle from conceptualization to completed creation.

At Conzentrate, your organization gets an answer that is effective and cutting-edge. Learning Field is utilized consistently by a few Scandinavian and worldwide organizations, all of which use e-learning and course organization to let loose assets, spare expenses and guarantee better preparing for their representatives.

05. Webanywhere Ltd

2020 08 26 18 49 02 Window 1
NameWebanywhere Ltd
Phone Number+44 113 3200 750
Email IDinfo@webanywhere.org
elearning companies in denmark

Built up in 2003, Webanywhere is a worldwide learning innovations supplier headquartered in Leeds, UK, with workplaces in Katowice, Poland and Chicago, USA. We started as a school web composition organization with 3 staff working from a home office in Keighley, West Yorkshire and from that point forward we’ve just developed in size and degree.

The most recent nine years have seen quick and continued development, bringing about a staff of more than 100 as of the finish of the 2011-12 scholarly year.

Throughout the long term we have extended our item range to incorporate VLEs, e-portfolios and other e-learning devices, close by curricular substance. We likewise work with a scope of accomplices to furnish schools with extraordinary arrangements on administrations, for example, PC rental and broadband. elearning companies in denmark

We’re an endorsed provider on the Office for Instruction’s rundown for the arrangement of Learning Administrations.

Our item run underpins the foundations we work with in key regions, for example, understudy accomplishment, nature of instructing and compelling authority and the executives.

We as of now work with more than 2,500 instructive foundations and organizations over the UK, and have clients in the US, South Africa, Europe and the Asia/Pacific locale.

06. ElearningSpecialist

Phone Number(+45) 25 94 81 66
Email IDinfo@elearningspecialist.com
AddressTestrupvej 119 8320 Mårslet Danmark
elearning companies in denmark

We have over 15 years of involvement in all parts of eLearning.

We offer improvement of eLearning, study hall and mixed learning content.

We offer counseling to associations needing to begin with making eLearning themselves.

We offer Actuate LMS, a Learning The board Framework particularly appropriate for low support, profoundly mechanized conveyance and following of eLearning.

We are enthusiastic about eLearning and are glad for the work we do in a joint effort with our customers. elearning companies in denmark

E-learning supplier with 20 years of experience

With over 20 years of involvement in the innovation and science behind great learning, we make computerized discovering that bodes well for the representative – it gives results for the organization.

We offer advancement of e-discovering that suits your necessities portable agreeable Danish e-learning stage (LMS) seminar on e-learning – where you can figure out how to create e-learning courses yourself instant e-learning seminars on IT security, Office, the board and so on. elearning companies in denmark

Guidance on advanced – and totally antiquated – learning.

Our group comprises of committed learning geeks who figure out how to make an interpretation of hypothesis into training – this implies the arrangements we create are constantly founded on the science behind great learning – not pseudoscience or the most recent trendy expression.

To remain expertly sharp (and in light of the fact that we can not resist) – we share our insight and involvement with our E-learning Online journal . Here you can find out about everything from the procedure behind computerized learning, to how you can make discovering that persuades your understudies.

07.  Eurekos

2020 08 26 18 50 55 Window 1
Phone Number+45 70 204 204
Email IDinfo@eurekos.com
AddressHillerød, Greater Copenhagen
elearning companies in denmark

Eurekos is headquartered in Copenhagen. elearning companies in denmark

Slogan and methodology is “everything to somebody, not something for everybody”.

As a learning innovation organization, our lead item is the Eurekos Learning Stage, and the system and mission is to work with customers and accomplices to redo, and make an effective learning condition to coordinate accurate needs.

It’s a LMS that puts content first, yet it’s a great deal more. Eurekos conveys amazing organization, shrewd examination, and drawing in social and coordinated effort devices.

Eurekos has made the Fosway 9-Matrix in the incentive for cash area.

Eurekos is an understanding of “Aha” from the Old Greek, which is a declaration of bliss or fulfillment for another disclosures or innovation.

At the point when we shaped Eurekos ten years prior, we were centered around conveying excellent learning substance to our clients, yet we saw that something was missing: There was no LMS that conveyed outstanding substance and furthermore spurred and connected with workers, while giving educators the apparatuses they have to make content rapidly, effectively and viably. elearning companies in denmark

We changed all that. It is with extraordinary euphoria and fulfillment that we share our development with you: Eurekos!

08. uQualio

Phone Number+45 42 19 94 00
Email IDsupport@uqualio.com
AddressVeksø Sjælland, DK
elearning companies in denmark

uQualio® is a cloud-based video eLearning answer for secure inspired and connected with clients, workers and accomplices. elearning companies in denmark

Think: YouTube – with learning usefulness

What can uQualio® accomplish for your business?

The stage permits you to utilize recordings to make and make instructional classes accessible.

It includes quantifiable effect, for example, sparing time and cost, expanded deals and brand mindfulness, and accomplice and client steadfastness to your business by giving you…

  • A compelling device to spur through reduced down recordings and gamification
  • A simple to-utilize stage that permits you to cooperate with your key objective gatherings
  • A moderate and basic preparing arrangement.

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