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Translation Services in Oman

Are you searching for a Translation Service in Oman? Read the list below and find the best suitable translation services in Oman for your business needs.

01. Swift eLearning Services

NameSwift eLearning Services
Phone Number +91 40 40265193
Email ID[email protected]
SolutionsRapid eLearning Development, Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services,
Custom eLearning and MicroLearning, ILT to eLearning Conversion &
eLearning Translations and Localization

To provide creativity and value to our customers, we have strong teams. Our team has a lot of expertise in the area of eLearning and has excellent project management, graphic design, visual design, and programming skills. We have the domain knowledge needed to create end-to-end eLearning solutions.

Swift will help you develop diverse multilingual solutions to address your unique training needs and increase your brand integrity within a realistic budget, thanks to its extensive expertise in translation and localization of content into 30+ languages. translation services in oman

02. Al Mutarjim

NameAl Mutarjim
Phone Number +968-99338531
Email ID[email protected]
AddressP.O. Box: 816, Muscat P.C. 100 Sultanate of Oman

We are an Oman-based translation and interpretation company. Translation, interpretation, and event preparation are among the services we provide. Almutarjim TM (“The Translator”) was established in 1991 as the first Omani professional firm dedicated to providing high-quality translation and interpretation services in Oman and abroad, and we remain the market leader.

Specialized and diversified its activities to include the majority of recent conferences, seminars, and workshops held in Oman, including the World Trade Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the Oman-US Free Trade Agreement, as well as several other subjects, i.e.specialized and diversified its activities to include most of the conferences, seminars, and workshops held in Oman in the recent past, including the World Trade Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Free Trade Agreement between Oman and the United States, and in many areas on various topics, including e-government, banking, finance, and security, defense, economy, finance, investment, insurance, education, and community issues. Specialties: Translation experience includes legal, engineering, environmental, and financial reports, oil & gas, feasibility studies, tender documents, medical, defense, etc. translation services in oman

03. Tarjma

Phone Number0096893131611
Email ID[email protected]
AddressAl Khuwair Branch 33 College Street near the Amman Club traffic lights Al Khoud branch State Branch – Western Shell Station 36

The institution relies on Omani and international executives in the field of administration and translation, as well as on simultaneous translation. Wasat Al Khaleej Legal Translation is committed to becoming a leader in translation in the Sultanate by providing high-quality services and providing services in different parts of the Sultanate. What distinguishes Middle Gulf Legal Translation from others is that it has the largest chain of offices in operation throughout the week. Finally, the Central Gulf Foundation for Legal Translation seeks to train students of the Translation Department from different Sultanate universities in terms of social responsibility. translation services in oman

04. Access Centre

NameAccess Centre
Phone Number+968 24 472 426
Email ID[email protected]
AddressP.O. BOX : 482, Al Khuwair, PC: 114, Jibroo. Sultanate of Oman.

ACCESS CENTRE began developing a constructive road map for its market plan, Strategic Partners, Alliances, Database, and Convenient Locations from the beginning in order to provide the best and most effective deliverables for its clients.

Since 2010, ACCESS CENTRE has been developing (translation and training) services and thus has extensive expertise in this field (translation and training). We ensure the constant delivery of excellent professional services to handle the various needs in various fields in your business environment at ACCESS CENTRE. With the unrivalled expertise of our staff and their sincere dedication, we ensure the constant delivery of excellent professional services to handle the various needs in various fields in your business environment. translation services in oman

05. Lingo

Phone Number+96822009279
Email ID[email protected]
AddressOffice No. 41, 4th floor, Building No. 838, Al-Gubra North – Muscat – Oman

Lingo Translation & Services is a Qatari company based in Doha, Qatar, that provides translation, conference interpretation, and other related services in more than 20 major and important languages. The company has adopted a code of honor and pledged to strike a balance between its economic benefits and quality standards, as well as a complete commitment to excellence.
We have a perfect selection of Skilled Natives who have great command in their field of expertise (e.g., legal, medical, financial, sales and marketing, media, etc.) and are experts in their language, allowing us to provide outstanding and competitive services. translation services in oman

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Eliana Watson
Eliana Watson
Eliana Watson is an eLearning author and advisor who has collaborated with numerous learning solution providers across the globe. She assist users in selecting the best companies for their needs, she also conducts research and writes about the latest and best eLearning solution providers. She also assists eLearning businesses in identifying their ideal clients, gaining the recognition they deserve, and creating reliable streams of incoming inquiries.


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