Translation Agencies in Israel

Translation Agencies in Israel

Find the best Translation Agencies in Israel that provide you the ability to communicate to a global audience with the assistance of an expert translation service. Here is the list below.

01. Swift eLearning Services

elearning service providers
NameSwift eLearning Services
Phone Number +91 40 40265193
Our SolutionsCustom eLearning Development
Translation and Localization
Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
Rapid eLearning Development
Mobile Learning
eLearning Gamification
Blended Learning Solutions
eLearning Content Development
Learning Management System
Digital Learning Solutions
translation agencies in israel

We aim to assist companies to grow faster by providing immersive, intuitive, and cost-effective learning tools that can be used at any time and in any place.

Swift Create effective learning strategies that are tailored to your specific business needs and lead to improved job results or functional enhancement. To do so, we take a learner-centered approach, placing learners at the forefront of everything. We use well-crafted stories, relevant scenarios, gamification, and other learning methods to construct an interactive learning environment. translation agencies in israel


ikhya translation services
Phone Number +91 8801992245
Our SolutionsConvert PowerPoint to eLearning
Custom eLearning Development
Translation and Localization
eLearning companies in India

We are eager to implement creative eLearning strategies that will improve the workforce’s growth, attitudes, and productivity, resulting in measurable benefits for our eLearning development company with skilled instructional content creators. translation agencies in israel

03. DG Global

2021 03 19 17 43 12 Home DG Global
NameDG Global
Phone Number +972722504026
AddressDG GLOBAL 5 Shneour St., Tel Aviv 6332609, Israel
translation agencies in israel

We have over ten years of experience offering professional translation services to hundreds of customers in Israel and around the world, resulting in extensive project management, linguistic skills, reliable and high-quality customer support, and the hiring of top translators.

We work with a very well and a well-respected pool of translators from all over the world that specialize in different linguistic combinations and translation fields. DG Global is proud of the excellent quality of our translations, which are done by top translators from Israel and around the world who were meticulously selected after a thorough vetting process. translation agencies in israel

04. Dray Translations 

2021 03 19 17 54 46 Dray Translations   Trustworthy In Any Language
NameDray Translations
Phone Number+ 972 73 332 6333
Email ID
Address28 Ha’arbaah Street 6473925 Tel Aviv, Israel
translation agencies in israel

Since 2013, our dedicated team has been delivering reliable translation services. Our vision was to create a business that would provide high-quality translations, reasonable prices, on-time delivery, and excellent support to each client and mission. We’ve managed to extend and enhance our offerings over time. Our vast collective knowledge and dedication to our art lead us in providing our customers with precisely what they need and deserve excellent translations and service. translation agencies in israel

05. Genesis

2021 03 19 17 59 00 Genesis Translation homepage Translations to all languages Genesis Bereshit
Phone Number+972 3-516-3403
AddressNahalat Benyamin Tel Aviv, Israel
translation agencies in israel

Genesis Translation’s translators have a wide variety of translation abilities, as well as the ability to read and retrieve data. When you pair it with a comprehensive portfolio, you get a service that is both quick and competent, and that responds to all customer requests.

Both translations at Genesis Translation are completed by native speakers of the target and source languages, ensuring precision, consistency, and flawless content delivery. Before submitting the translations, we thoroughly comprehend and proofread them, and we go to great lengths to make sure customer loyalty. translation agencies in israel

06. Day Translation

2021 03 19 18 10 45 Professional Translation Services and Interpreting Solutions
NameDay Translation
Phone Number1-800-969-6853
Address4 Berkovich St., Tel Aviv, 6423806 Israel
translation agencies in israel

Day Translations is a text translation company dedicated to providing the most correct translations available. Our wide and knowledgeable team of certified translators works with all of the world’s major languages, and we can fulfill every deadline you have. Please email us for a FREE quote with the specifics of your translation project, including the source language, target language, and word count, if you need a text translation, legal translation, medical translation, professional translation, or anything else. translation agencies in israel

07. Tomedes

2021 03 19 18 16 28 Professional Translation Services Translation Agency   Tomedes
Phone Number+1 985-239-0142
AddressTomedes Ltd – Middle East 14 Gruzenberg St. 6381117 Tel Aviv, Israel
translation agencies in israel

Tomedes was built on the principles of providing authentic translations to clients all over the world at a decent cost. We’ve grown into a major player in the field of translation on multiple continents since our founding in 2007. To suit the demand for our services, we now have offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

We value the work of translators in the translation industry while embracing modern technology. Computer translation is not yet reliable enough to meet our high expectations. About 15,000 companies and professional customers around the world have entrusted us with their translation needs due to our evolutionary approach. translation agencies in israel

08. Globus Translations

2021 03 19 18 18 49 Translation Company A Variety Of Professional Translation Services Globe Trans
NameGlobus Translations
Phone Number+972 74-702-0207
Addresssaharov 10 7570712 Rishon Le Zion, Israel
translation agencies in israel

Globus Translation’s vision is to provide an effective infrastructure for Israeli businesses and organizations to expand globally by providing linguistic assistance and bridging the language gap with international clients and distributors using technologically and methodologically sophisticated translation methods and resources.

Globus Translations continues to be the business leader in providing translation services into the many languages that make up our global link, including English, French, Spanish, and a variety of others. Arabic, Russian, and Amharic are examples of required languages of residents from different sectors of Israel. translation agencies in israel

09. Call Translation

2021 03 19 18 22 37 חברת תרגום   שירותי תרגום מקצועי לכל שפה @ כל תרגום
NameCall Translation
Phone Number03-6778171
AddressRamat Gan, Israel
translation agencies in israel

Our areas of knowledge are diverse, ranging from language services to translation and project management for large-scale projects.

We translate in a variety of fields and specializes in hundreds of languages. Since the target language is their mother tongue, the translating is performed by skilled translators. The bulk of translations are completed by translators based in the target countries, so translations into French will be completed by a translator based in France, ensuring the highest level of translation. translation agencies in israel

10. Hever Translations

2021 03 19 18 25 40 Translation Translations Translation Services – Hever Translations
NameHever Translations
Phone Number03-5190777
Email ID
Address1 Ben Yehuda St. Migdalor Bldg. Tel Aviv, IL
translation services in egypt

Our highest level experts are backed up by the world’s most cutting-edge technologies, which we’ll be able to explain in greater detail. We keep up to date with operations in our areas of expertise to implement more modern technology and to continuously upgrade and develop the equipment and tools we provide to you.

Since both our translators are carefully reviewed, have a mother tongue command of both original and target languages, and only translate into their mother tongue. Our translators have also signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) as well as agreements agreeing to that standard of operation and quality.

We strictly follow international quality standards (ISO 17100, ISO 9001:2008, and we are members of the American Translators Association (ATA), and our professionalism and experience enable us to respond quickly, reach any deadline, and complete large projects with high quality. translation agencies in israel

11. IGMI

2021 03 19 18 30 54 All The Words in The World
Phone Number+972-4-8666313
Address1 Nathanson, Haifa 3303473
translation services in egypt

We are a translation company based in Israel that serves clients, offices, and companies. Any legal, medical, or technical records will be translated by us. Our reporters, translators, and interpreters will work hard to ensure that your project is flawless, authentic, and completed on schedule.

We will take on every initiative, no matter how large or small, and will hire native speakers from your country to join our team. That is our committed service to you as a valued client. You will get a high-quality package from IGMI LTD Translations. Among our rivals, we have the most competitive rates. We hire the best translators and editors money can afford because our wealth of experience comes from all over the globe. translation agencies in israel

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