Translation Agencies in France

Translation Agencies in France

Are you searching best Translation Agencies in France that provide multilingual Interpretation & Translation services that speaks the customer’s language? Scroll down the list below.

01. Swift eLearning Services

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NameSwift eLearning Services
Phone Number +91 40 40265193
Our SolutionsCustom eLearning Development
Translation and Localization
Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
Rapid eLearning Development
Mobile Learning
eLearning Gamification
Blended Learning Solutions
eLearning Content Development
Learning Management System
Digital Learning Solutions
translation agencies in france

When eLearning is delivered in the learner’s native language, it is more successful. Swift will help you develop diverse multilingual solutions to address your unique training needs and increase your brand integrity within a realistic budget, thanks to its extensive expertise in translation and localization of content into 30+ languages. 

Translators are experts at delivering accurate and culturally relevant translations of your learning content. This means that the learning has the greatest possible scope and effect and that the message is delivered consistently. translation agencies in france


ikhya translation services
Phone Number +91 8801992245
Our SolutionsConvert PowerPoint to eLearning
Custom eLearning Development
Translation and Localization
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As an eLearning development company with powerful learning content creators, we are passionate about developing innovative eLearning strategies that improve the workforce’s skills, attitudes, and efficiency, resulting in measurable benefits for the company. translation agencies in france

03. Absolute Translations

2021 03 19 16 04 55 Translation Company Services Absolute Translations
NameAbsolute Translations
Phone Number +33 9 75 18 57 65
AddressParis Iena 28 rue de l’Amiral Hamelin Paris 75116
translation agencies in france

Absolute Translations is a reliable choice because of our international recognition, over 1,000 experienced localized translators, and outstanding customer service. Absolute Translations is ISO 9001:2008 accredited, demonstrating our dedication to quality and ability to increase production. To ensure that each project is done with the utmost precision and integrity, we have customized our translation process to meet the precise requirements of our clients around the world. translation agencies in france

04. Atlas 

2021 03 19 16 07 31 Atlas Translation Agency
Phone Number+33 1 43 33 98 01
Address49 Rue Jacques Dulud, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
translation agencies in france

Atlas Translation Services is a full-service language company that helps its clients meet the demands of today’s global marketplace by providing accurate translations and explanations to address communication gaps.

Atlas Translation Services has been offering interpretation and translation services locally, nationally, and globally for nearly 20 years, and has a talented team of native-speaking linguists, many of whom have advanced degrees and government certifications. Certified/notarized translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, and audio equipment rental are among the services provided. translation agencies in france

05. Connected

2021 03 19 16 10 34 Connected Language Services Translation and interpretation agency
Phone Number+33 4 91 60 62 10
Address21 Rue Gaston Castel, 13016 Marseille, France
translation agencies in france

Connected translation provider, Related Language Facilities, ensures high-quality translations in a broad variety of fields (nuclear, finance, marketing, sustainable development, etc.). Many of your French-English, English-French, and other European translations will be done by experts.

An interpretation that is related to Connected Language Services provides professional conference interpreters for simultaneous translation of conversations, including the most complex ones, during the conferences, lectures, and business meetings. Marseille, Lyon, Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Toulon, Avignon, Montpellier, Mmes, Nice, Cannes, and all of PACA Training that is linked Linked Technical Formation offers foreign language instruction that qualifies for DIF / CPF or a training schedule. Take advantage of a wide variety of language training courses for people of all ages to expand your horizons. Native speaker trainers can help you improve your English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Arabic. translation agencies in france


2021 03 19 16 13 29 Services Linguistiques Agence de Traduction
Phone Number0 809 10 25 25
Address12 Place Saint-Hubert, 59000 Lille, France
translation agencies in france

Our translation and linguistic services agency provide services across a network of over 80 locations across Europe.

Optilingua International is one of the international pioneers in translation and linguistic services, with over 40 years of experience and more than 80 branches and subsidiaries across Europe. In addition to its many agencies, the company employs over 3,500 translators and experts around the world. The French-Swiss Optilingua Group has a French subsidiary, Alphatrad France. translation agencies in france

07. Onana Translation

2021 03 19 16 15 37 Home Onana Translation Agency
NameOnana Translation
Phone Number+352661032743
Address67 Rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, France
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Onana Translation Agency is a competitive, fast-growing start-up that offers excellent translation services in French, Italian, and English.

Our professional translators can expertly translate your materials so that you can easily interact, market with precision, extend your client base, and better promote your brand or goods around the world. translation agencies in france

08. Davron Translations

2021 03 19 16 18 28 Davron Translations
NameDavron Translations
Phone Number33 9 74 59 20 87
Address8 Avenue Hoche RDC gauche, 75008 Paris, France
translation agencies in france

Davron Translations linguists are highly trained and experienced, and they can treat your project with care and on schedule. Proofreaders go through their work before sending it to you for approval. We ensure that you get high-quality service on time.-Excellent management To satisfy your particular needs, we carefully pick the best linguists. We make certain that your project is completed on time, precisely, and professionally. translation agencies in france

09. Orilangues

2021 03 19 16 24 10 Home
Phone Number0 232282787
Email IDcontact @orilangues .fr
Address32 Avenue Aristide Briand, 27930 Gravigny, France
translation agencies in france

Orilangues is an Evreux-based multilingual translation agency. We are at your service to complete your project as quickly as possible, whether it is papers, official actions, a website, or meetings.

Our services :
Translation: Transcreation, sworn translation, adaptation, and proofreading are all examples of translation. Simultaneous, consecutive, or whispered interpretation  Audio (transcription, voice-over, subtitling) picture and sound-related services Localization of websites, content optimization, keyword analysis, and so on. translation agencies in france

10. TransPerfect

2021 03 19 16 26 43 TransPerfect – Language and Technology Solutions for Global Business
Phone Number+33 4 67 02 00 02
Email ID
AddressImmeuble Jacques Cartier, 3rd Floor, 394 Rue Léon Blum, 34000 Montpellier, France
translation agencies in france

TransPerfect, a translation and localization services provider, is made up of several separate branches that work together to offer solutions in more than 170 languages. localization and translation management technology, TransPerfect Remote Interpreting (TRI) for device-independent remote and over-the-phone interpretations. translation agencies in france

11. Solten

2021 03 19 16 32 18 Solten   Interpretation audiovisual translation events workshops
Phone Number+33(0)180856580
Address13 bis Avenue de la Motte-Picquet, 75007 Paris, France
translation agencies in france

Solten is a multinational linguistic services company that offers services in all language combinations and all fields of knowledge, as well as special event management.

Solten has shown its experience, abilities, and integrity since 2008. We offer a wide range of services that are both comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs. Our firm has over 1,000 foreign clients who trust us and come from a variety of industries.

We at Solten enjoy a good challenge and always give it our all. Our core company is one of the most technologically advanced, which is why we are always on the cutting edge of innovation. Our DNA is made up of a diverse and ambitious team that is quick to respond to your needs. translation agencies in france

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