Translation Agencies in Colombia

Translation Agencies in Colombia

Find the top Translation Agencies in Colombia We always have the best for our customers. Here is the list below.

01. Swift eLearning Services

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NameSwift eLearning Services
Phone Number +91 40 40265193
Our SolutionsCustom eLearning Development
Translation and Localization
Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
Rapid eLearning Development
Mobile Learning
eLearning Gamification
Blended Learning Solutions
eLearning Content Development
Learning Management System
Digital Learning Solutions
translation agencies in colombia

When e-learning is delivered in the learner’s native language, it is more successful. Global businesses must reach out to their target audiences and offer training in the language and culture that they are most familiar with as part of their business expansion. It helps you to develop diverse multilingual solutions to address your unique training needs and increase your brand integrity within a realistic budget, thanks to its extensive expertise in translation and localization of content into 30+ languages. translation agencies in colombia


ikhya translation services
Phone Number +91 8801992245
Our SolutionsConvert PowerPoint to eLearning
Custom eLearning Development
Translation and Localization
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We are passionate about developing creative eLearning strategies that enhance the workforce’s skills, attitudes, and productivity, thereby creating measurable benefits for the business. As an eLearning production company with strong learning content creators, we are passionate about developing innovative eLearning strategies that enhance the workforce’s skills, attitudes, and efficiency, thus creating measurable benefits for the company. translation agencies in colombia

03. Tvains

2021 03 19 14 13 06 Tvains – Especialistas en traduccion y gestion del talento humano
Phone Number (+571) 8837151
Email ID
AddressDistrito Local San Roque Of 209-210 Cra. 5 # 11d -221 sur KM 7 Cajicá-Chia
translation agencies in colombia

TVains International is a scientific translation company with ISO 9001:2008 certification, ONAC, UKAS, and ANAB accreditation, as well as specialized UNE-15038 certification for translation services, with extensive experience in the fields of research, technological, commercial, and legal, specializing in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and CRO industries, and developing global language solutions for LATAM. translation agencies in colombia


2021 03 19 14 16 08 Inicio   Pantoglot
Phone Number+57 (1) 2489140
AddressBogotá, Colombia Calle 60A # 5-54 Office 202
translation agencies in colombia

We are a better Language Services Company that uses cutting-edge technology and has extensive expertise in a variety of fields to satisfy our customers’ communication needs. Document Translation – Interpreting – Audiovisual Translation – Document Layout is some of the services we provide. translation agencies in colombia

05. Smart Translators

2021 03 19 14 19 15 Smart Translators Translation and Interpretation
NameSmart Translators
Phone Number(+57) (1) 613 61 48
AddressBogota Colombia
translation agencies in colombia

Smart Translators is a translation agency that has built a community of skilled and specialist translators and interpreters to meet the needs of numerous industries that need language solutions and a multilingual corporate strategy, making it an ideal partner for the country’s major corporations.

We will dedicate ourselves to assigning the best work team to each requirement, with strong expertise in your industry and the ability to add value to your company and your business. translation agencies in colombia

06. Vocalesis

2021 03 19 14 24 38 Vocalesis Translators and Interpreters Professional Translation and Interpre
Phone Number+57 (1) 387-3284
AddressBogotá . Cra. 2B # 69A-32 Rosales
translation agencies in colombia

We specialize in offering professional lingual support and give excellent simultaneous interpretations and written translation services from Spanish to English, English to Spanish, as well as other combinations and languages. translation agencies in colombia


Phone Number(+57) 312 3902406
AddressCALLE 100 No. 7 – 33 PISO 14_CAPITAL TOWER_TORRE 110111 Bogotá, Distrito Especial, Colombia
translation agencies in colombia

We work as a great people-centered organization at WORLD OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS S.A.S. Our competent translators are Ministry of Foreign Affairs-accredited and trained to work under strict guidelines that demand meticulous attention to the smallest information. Each text is interpreted, translated, formatted, corrected, and revised again under these strict guiding principles.

We have been entrusted with our clients’ translation projects for more than 22 years, and they still require us to work on contracts, manuals, certificates, lawsuits, international biddings, and engineering projects, as well as clients who are individuals who have required us to translate them. translation agencies in colombia

08. Lighthouse

2021 03 19 14 32 11 Simultaneous Translation and Interpretation   Lighthouse Translations
Phone Number
AddressCra. 16 No. 142-21 Of. 502,Bogota, Colombia
translation agencies in colombia

Lighthouse Translations assists companies of all sizes all over the world with high-quality, dependable professional document translation and interpretation services in nearly every language and culture. Health care agencies, pharmaceutical businesses, high-tech companies, universities, international organizations, and multinational marketing firms are among our clients.

Our Translation Services (including websites) help you reach a global audience with expertise in the scientific, legal, financial, HR, social, and life sciences. translation agencies in colombia

09. iLingo

2021 03 19 14 34 25 iLingo    Integrated solutions in Languages
Phone Number+57 (320) 387 3601
AddressCarrera 45A No. 132-15, Summer Prado. Bogota DC – Colombia
translation agencies in colombia

iLingo is a Colombian translation agency that provides language certified and specialized translations for a wide range of clients with a quick turnaround, providing effective, high quality, accurate, and affordable translation work and related services such as translation of all types of texts and paperwork, as well as interpreting for a wide range of clients, demonstrating quality, performance, and affordability. translation agencies in colombia

10. Spell services

2021 03 19 14 38 13 Spellservices
NameSpell services
Phone Number301 201 0575
AddressCarrera 4A # 67 -30 Piso 3 Bogotá, Colombia
translation agencies in colombia

We have a lot of experience with both small and big projects. Our quality management and verification procedures ensure the best possible outcome. Company, legal, energy, communications, social, medical, and a variety of other fields are among our specialties. All are treated with the utmost discretion.

We recognize that your business requires a flexible, high-quality service that can be tailored to your unique requirements. Allow us to provide the level of service that your company deserves. translation agencies in colombia

11. Interpreting Colombia

2021 03 19 14 40 55 Interpreting Colombia  The best conference interpreters in Colombia
NameInterpreting Colombia
Phone Number+57 311 6860695
AddressCalle 25 # 24A – 16 Of 1507 130001 Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
translation agencies in colombia

Interpreting Colombia is a language and communication company that connects people, businesses, organizations, and governments at all levels of gatherings, from high-level conclaves to large-scale events. Our interpreters and translators are experts in a variety of technical fields and provide services in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese, among other languages. We are dedicated to facilitating cross-border cooperation, and we are constantly striving to strengthen and evolve to provide a world-class, robust service that meets the needs of global trading.

Our guidance and expertise will assist you in achieving a smooth knowledge exchange, taking you closer to your objectives. We are experts at facilitating contact between individuals, businesses, and organizations from various countries in a variety of settings, ranging from small high-level gatherings to large-scale events. In English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Mandarin, Korean, and other languages, our trained team of interpreters and translators are specialists in a wide range of technical fields. translation agencies in colombia

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