Translation Agencies in China

Translation Agencies in China

We have listed the top Translation Agencies in China to meet the high-quality translation service of both large and small businesses.

01. Swift eLearning Services

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NameSwift eLearning Services
Phone Number +91 40 40265193
Our SolutionsCustom eLearning Development
Translation and Localization
Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
Rapid eLearning Development
Mobile Learning
eLearning Gamification
Blended Learning Solutions
eLearning Content Development
Learning Management System
Digital Learning Solutions
translation agencies in china

We build effective learning strategies that are personalized to your particular business needs and result in enhanced job performance or behavioral change. Swift will help you develop diverse multilingual solutions to address your unique training needs and increase your brand integrity within a reasonable plan, thanks to its deep knowledge in translation and localization of content into 30+ languages. translation agencies in china


ikhya translation services
Phone Number +91 8801992245
Our SolutionsConvert PowerPoint to eLearning
Custom eLearning Development
Translation and Localization
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We are passionate about developing innovative eLearning solutions that enhance workforce competencies, attitudes, and performance and achieve measurable results for our business. We are keen to develop innovative eLearning solutions which focus on improving employee skills, behavior, and performance and therefore provide the organization’s measurable results. As a development firm for eLearning, we are committed to creating innovative eLearning solutions that focus on enhancing the skills, attitudes, and success of employees and thus produce measurable results for the organization. translation agencies in china

03. Transn

2021 03 18 15 46 33 Transn the leading artificial intelligence language service provider
Phone Number (+86)27-59738888
AddressFloor 5, Building E2, No. 4 Middle Software Park Road, Optics Valley Software Park, Donghu New and High Technology Development Zone, Wuhan
translation agencies in china

Transn is a new form of Internet and IT-based language service provider, as well as the 3rd-ranked language service provider in Asia and the 19th-ranked  worldwide. We are dedicated to serving as a virtual language department (VLD) and multilingual work forum for our customers, enabling them to interact directly with the rest of the world in their native languages, sharpening their international competitiveness and speeding up the globalization of Chinese industry. translation agencies in china

04. Jinyu Translation 

2021 03 18 15 49 17 Professional Chinese Translation Services Jinyu Translation
NameJinyu Translation
Phone Number+8613713807283
Address#A-1004, Nanxian Commercial Plaza, Meilong Rd., Longhua District 518000 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
translation agencies in china

Jinyu Translation is a specialized service provider that deals in Chinese translation, interpretation, travel guides, and Chinese courses, among other items. We always have the best for our customers, thanks to our extensive experience in translating all languages. translation agencies in china

Our Chinese translation services have been approved by the Chinese government. To provide you with the best linguistic performance, we joined the Translators Association of China and maintain a positive relationship with domestic translators. Our language standard was also guaranteed by the ISO9001 certification we received.

05. Mars Translation Services

2021 03 18 15 51 31 Professional Translation Services   Mars Translation
NameMars Translation Services
Phone Number+1 310-464-1630
Email ID
AddressLishan Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
translation agencies in china

Mars Translation is a global leader in the translation industry, providing customers with an open, user-friendly, and cost-effective online portal for quick, accurate, and affordable translation services.

We are a preferred option for large and small businesses who rely upon a variety of language solutions due to our multi-format support, 120+ languages, high accuracy, quick turnaround, and growing network of 6000+ native translators. We follow a streamlined process and stringent quality control procedures to achieve the best performance, paying careful attention to detail. translation agencies in china

06. Synergy Translations

2021 03 18 15 53 58 Synergy Translations offers translation services language service language agenc
NameSynergy Translations
Phone Number+86 20 3825 8749
Address1306, Poly Clover Block A, 9 Huaqiang Rd, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou 510623 PRC
translation agencies in china

Our mission is to make it easier for service providers and LEPs to connect. To make language services as accessible as possible to as many people as possible by offering high-quality language services at a reasonable cost. translation agencies in china

07. HI-COM

2021 03 18 16 46 00 Translation Services interpreting services in China
Phone Number+ 86 186 1813 2520
translation agencies in china

We offer a range of language-based services to ensure direct and efficient contact. Skilled translation and localization services customized to your industry’s needs. Working with hundreds of experienced accredited translators and localization experts, HI-COM is a trusted partner for legal document translation services. translation agencies in china

08. Lan-bridge

2021 03 18 16 06 05 Translation Company Language Bridge Translation Company 21 Years Professional Tr
Phone Number400-8858-558
Email ID
Address8 Floor, 1st Taida Times Center,1288 North Section of Tianfu Avenue Chengdu, Sichuan 610031, CN
translation agencies in china

Lan-bridge has evolved and attracted a community of highly skilled professionals to deliver high-value services to its customers since its inception. Lan-bridge provides a comprehensive range of specialist language solutions, including translation, simultaneous and consecutive transcription, language training, consultancy, and other localization services. We translate Mandarin Chinese to English, French, Japanese, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Italian, and hundreds of other Asian and European languages.

Lan-bridge will provide seamless integration of services for businesses that are preparing or already have a presence in both the UK and China, as well as other companies that deal with China around the world, with eighteen offices in China and one office in the UK. translation agencies in china

09. Wowtran

2021 03 18 16 15 49 Nanjing Translation Company   Nanjing Field Translation Co. Ltd.   Wo Field Tra
Phone Number13813906747
Address4004, 40th Floor, Tian’an International, Tian’an Intemational Building, Xinjiekou, Nanjing
translation agencies in china

Nanjing Field Translation Co., Ltd. developed the translation brand “Wo Field Translation.” The business was established in 2002 as a licensed translation company that is officially registered with the Administration for Industry and Commerce. Significant notary offices, judicial departments, industrial and commercial bureaus, financial institutions, consulates in China, and the Public Security Bureau’s Exit-Entry Administration Department have all praised our translations. For more than ten years, “Wo Domain Translation” has specialized in translation. translation agencies in china

10. Orange Translations

2021 03 10 11 24 57 Orange Translations Ltd   Professional Translation Services 1
NameOrange Translations
Phone Number+852-5801-6737
Address10/F., Guangdong Investment Tower 148 Connaught Road Central Hongkong.
translation agencies in china

Then you’ve arrived at the right place. We represent corporate and individual clients in Southeast Asia in more than 50 languages and dialects through our Central office. For the marketing and market research sectors, as well as finance, legal, and scientific translations, we provide skilled translation services in more than 50 languages. Translation, website localization in TYPO3 and WordPress, desktop publishing, transcription and subtitling, voice-over, and certified document translations are just a few of the services we deliver. translation agencies in china

11. Sinovantage Translations

2021 03 18 16 35 38 Sinovantage Translations Co. Ltd. – Sinovantage Translations Co. Ltd.
NameSinovantage Translations
Phone Number+86-755-86272953
AddressRoom 515, Hua Mei Jun D-1, Xin Hu Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China, 518000
translation agencies in china

We can provide jobs in large volumes with a fast turnaround period because we have a team of 40 in-house linguists and a network of over 500 multilingual freelancers. We can fulfill your different linguistic needs in translation, editing, proofreading, analysis, localization, desktop publishing, transcription, and more. They are all dedicated skilled linguists with successful development, skill, and experience in all of our fields of expertise. translation agencies in china

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