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Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021

To help you choose the right business for the creation of eLearning content, we compare several Custom eLearning Development companies’ businesses. We finalized the best eLearning businesses after several months of research for companies that have real value to their clients.

01. Swift eLearning Services

Swift e-Learning Services - Custom Corporate Training Solutions and Companies
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 1
NameSwift eLearning Services
Email ID[email protected]
Our SolutionsCustom eLearning Development Solutions
Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
eLearning Translation and Localization Services
Learning Management System (LMS)
Rapid eLearning Development
eLearning Content Development
Mobile Learning (MLearning)

Swift is an up-and-coming e-learning solutions provider that offers technology-enabled eLearning to businesses all over the world. We develop effective learning solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs, resulting in increased job performance or behavioral improvement. To do so, we use a learner-centered approach as eLearning providers, placing learners at the centre of everything we do. We create an immersive learning environment using well-crafted stories, realistic scenarios, gamification, and other instructional strategies. custom eLearning development

02. Center for eLearning and Training (C-eLT)

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - UpThink -C-eLT
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 2
NameCenter for eLearning and Training (C-eLT)
Phone Number +91 – 020 – 6680 0300
Email ID[email protected]
Address6th Floor, City Mall, Pune University Road, Ganeshkhind, Pune 411007 India

C-eLT symbolizes high-quality, versatile e-learning, and affordable online tutoring. From a wide variety of practitioners from deep domain knowledge and a track record of over a decade of broad experience. custom eLearning development

03. eNyota learning

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Enyota-learning
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 3
NameeNyota learning
Phone Number +91.20.26050128
Email ID[email protected]
Address 10, Sheetal Apartments, Lane no. 5, Koregaon Park, Pune, 411 001 Maharastra, India

eNyota Learning offers training, eLearning, and material solutions. They serve corporations who want to outsource their classroom work. They create e-learning courses, content for instructor-led training, and integrated solutions for learning. custom eLearning development

04. Allen Communications Learning Services

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - AllenComm
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 4
NameAllen Communications Learning Services
Phone Number(801) 537-7800
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSalt Lake City Utah United States

AllenComm designs produce and deploys creative corporate training technologies. They support other companies to turn their training materials and their implementation activities.

AllenComm is a digital learning organization responsible for the creation of tailored services for training. custom eLearning development

05. Aims Digital

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Aims-Digital
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 5
NameAims Digital LLC
Phone Number +1-603-292-3934
Email ID[email protected]
Address124 Exeter Road New Market NH 03857 USA

Aims Digital has been focused on training using technology since 2002. In providing a number of digital solutions and learning courses, we have been active.

We provide knowledge and guidance to organizations that: Evaluating the extension of their educational programs to the next learning generation Their existing training programs must be reorganized and restructured.

We help customers evaluate their current training gaps and devise a solution to accomplish their learning goals more effectively by designing comprehensive planning and implementation strategies and avoiding common pitfalls.

We also analyze and determine technical requirements and the selection of training tools for the application of training solutions. custom eLearning development

06. THORS eLearning Solutions

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Thors
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 6
NameTHORS eLearning Solutions
Phone Number +1 330 576 4448
Email ID[email protected]
AddressThors 5054 Paramount Blvd. Medina OH 44256 United States

The THORS Digital Learning Resource (DLR) site gives you access to the content of your learning, enables you to track the development and retention of information of learners, and to obtain automated reports. With your business logo and colors, we can customize your look. We can also incorporate your content that complies with SCORM into your existing LMS. custom eLearning development

07. Liberate Learning

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Liberate-learning
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 7
NameLiberate Learning
Phone Number+61 2 6176 0767
Email ID[email protected]
AddressLevel 27 Rialto South Tower, 525 Collins St Melbourne, VIC 3000 Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Liberate eLearning Pty Ltd is considered to be a highly respected and respected Australian wholly owned and operated provider of custom eLearning that attracts the best Australian eLearning employees.

If the ‘press next’ ordinary course gets your learners sick, then we are right for you! custom eLearning development

08. Savv-e Pty Limited

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Howtoo
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 8
NameSavv-e Pty Limited
Phone Number +61 2 9901 4522
Email ID[email protected]
AddressLevel 17, 31 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Savv-e is an award-winning e-learning business with 20 years of industry experience. A proud Australian business, Savv-e integrates the theory of learning with excellent graphic design to enrich learning in the workplace. We create and offer innovative solutions for digital and blended learning that are engaging and open, tailored to suit your business needs. custom eLearning development

09. Aptara, Inc.

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Aptara-Corp
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 9
NameAptara, Inc.
Phone # +61 2 8251 0070
Email ID[email protected]
AddressLevel 1, 299 Elizabeth Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

With material. Whatever your business, whatever shape the content takes, whether it’s the primary source of revenue for the business, a training tool, or the core of your back-office activities. You need customer services to help its delivery and usage, whether you publish it, mine it, use it to teach, to attorneys, or to comply with federal regulations. No organization understands Aptara-like content.

The material produces Aptara. We plan it, catch it, turn it, and enrich it. We are repurposing it, handling it, making it uncoverable. We develop and support the technologies and workflows that transfer your content easily and efficiently through your entire company and to the market. And to support your entire content activity, we offer business solutions. custom eLearning development

10. Uncanny Owl

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Uncanny-Owl
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 10
NameUncanny Owl
Phone Number +1 855-345-6695
Email ID[email protected]
Address20 Bay Street, 11th Floor Toronto, Ontario Canada M5J 2N8

Uncanny Owl is a multimedia agency located in Toronto, Canada that specializes in developing personalized courses and platforms for e-learning. We have specific experience with WordPress-powered learning platforms and are one of the few companies in the world with substantial expertise in both WordPress and teaching design. custom eLearning development

11. Clarity Consultants

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Clarity-Consultants
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 11
NameClarity Consultants 
Phone Number 1-800-330-6558
Email ID
Address1 Yonge Street Suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1W7

The L&D objectives are taken from perspective to reality by Clarity Consultants. Game-changing approaches and lifelong learning are among our top advisors. Clarity is trusted to prepare, develop, and execute programs by the world’s most forward-thinking organizations that generate more empowered and future-ready workers. For more than 25 years, we have led projects focused on every aspect of learning and talent growth, including instructional design, eLearning, live facilitation, LMS, organizational advancement, and management of change.

Find out more about how we can better meet the requirements of your learning tool. Canada’s eLearning Firms. custom eLearning development

12. Saba Software

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Cornerstone-Talent-Experience
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 12
NameSaba Software
Phone Number 1 (877) 722-2101
Email ID
Address495 March Road Ottawa, ON K2K 3G1, Canada

But in today’s dynamic, collaborative, social environment, productive companies need to offer a more connected, and personal, work experience than ever. And with Saba, the most powerful is, and we combine talent science with smart technology to provide each person with a “just-for-me” talent experience, in the moments that matter most.

Via efficient resources and skills, talent owners need to demonstrate that experience has an impact on business performance. Thus, from hiring candidates who are the right fit, to designing personal development pathways, to creating a culture that nurtures the specific talents of each individual, Saba helps to give your people and teams the message: work to your strengths. Act exactly as you see fit. It works that way as it’s personal. Act as you ought to. custom eLearning development

13. e-Learning WMB

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Open-eLMS
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 13
Namee-Learning WMB
Phone # +44 (0)1628 947 927
Email ID[email protected]
Address1 Grove Road Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 1LW

E-learning WMB has developed groundbreaking e-learning technologies since 2003, combining video presenters with virtual learning environments. The organization prides itself on being easy to use for its eLearning material and corresponding programs. custom eLearning development

14. GLAD Solutions

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Embridge-Consulting
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 14
NameGLAD Solutions
Phone #+44 (0)1293 763 157
Email ID[email protected]
AddressThe Pinnacle Central Court Station Way Crawley West Sussex RH10 1JH

About Embridge Consulting: Our UK headquarters are located in Northfleet, Kent with two additional offices in Crawley and Bristol, backed by a large team of more than 60, serving users worldwide. In designing and integrating business information systems, the Embridge Consulting team has a wealth of experience and training end-users to optimize investments made. Our enthusiastic and dedicated team is ready to serve you, working across industries, from building firms to charities and the public sector.

Embridge Consultancy has rapidly developed into a proven Systems Integrator, and Unit4 was chosen as the UK and Ireland’s 1st Systems Integrator partner in 2015. custom eLearning development

15. The Learning Rooms 

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - The-Learning-Rooms
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 15
NameThe Learning Rooms 
Phone # +353 (0)1 297 4070
Email ID[email protected]
AddressThe Learning Rooms SHRC Limited Heather House Heather Road Sandyford Business Park Dublin 18 Ireland

The classrooms provide organizations and individuals in Ireland, the UK, and around the world with comprehensive e-learning courses and mixed learning facilities. The Learning Rooms have more than 100 hours of high-quality e-learning content that is customized to fit all staff levels.

In key areas such as performance enhancement, policies and procedures, and conflict resolution for leading management practices, they deliver high-quality e-learning. They also offer courses such as manual handling and people handling in specialized fields of health and safety. Individuals may buy courses, corporations may run their employees’ courses, The course supplies can be resold either on their own or as part of a mixed learning scheme, and suppliers can. custom eLearning development


Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Skill-Dom
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 16
Phone Number055-2121786
Email ID[email protected]
AddressOffice #2 Mezzanine Floor Akhund Awazi Bldg Bldg P.O. Box 117081 Naif, Deira, Dubai United Arab Emirates

SKILLDOM is an award-winning provider of end-to-end learning solutions that works to empower the global learning community by using a fine combination of its result-driven learning methods and creativity in technology and is conscious of the developments and forces that will shape its company and plan for what is to come. custom eLearning development

17.  Edufic Digital

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Edufic-Digital
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 17
NameEdufic Digital
Phone Number
Email ID[email protected]
Address1801, 48 Burj Gate Burj Khalifa Community, Downtown Dubai P.O. Box: 71973, Dubai, U.A.E

Educ Digital, On Budget eLearning Services & Solutions in the World, is the best high-quality site. We are an online, creative services company of the digital age that provides content & marketing strategies for eLearning. We specialize in animated video development, games & simulation in 2D/3D custom eLearning development

18. iLearn ME Solutions

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - iLearn-ME
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 18
NameiLearn ME Solutions
Phone Number+9714 577 6594
Email ID[email protected]
AddressiRise Tower, Offie 9C 16 Barsha Heights, Dubai, U.A.E.

In order to deliver the feature of eLearning Solutions, we have a deep understanding of regional culture. We also contribute to the Arabic locale globally for Totara Know, custom eLearning development

19. e-Learning Mega Italia Media 

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Mega-Italia-Media
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 19
Namee-Learning Mega Italia Media
Phone Number(+39) 030.2650661
Email ID[email protected]
AddressVia Roncadelle 70A, 25030 Castel Mella (BS) – ITALY

The eLearning ScormTM Base for Super Italia Media

All courses on this website have been conducted by the international e-learning organization SCORMTM; the third edition of SCORMTM 2004 is accredited at this level.

Quality ratings are as high as “the meticulousness of our education courses.” custom eLearning development


Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Talento
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 20
Phone Number+39 02 64743501
Email ID[email protected]
AddressViale Sarca, 336/F – Edificio Sedici

Talento is an e-learning organization that specializes in developing and implementing customer-specific online preparation solutions.

Offers from Talento:

  • A wide index of courses in eLearning (ICT sector, legislation, management, languages)
  • Development and creation of specially designated courses in eLearning
  • In SaaS or in house mode, LMS stages
  • Upholding for project planning
  • Creation video
  • The carrying out of certified ECM ventures
  • Established in 1996 by a gathering of teaching and technology practitioners, Talento has been a leader in creative eLearning solutions for the domestic and foreign market over the years.

In 2013, Talento develops and Talento Plus is conceived, the gathering company more focused on creative technology to assist teaching in which senior managers have been involved for more than 15 years on the domestic and international eLearning market.

Talento and Talento Plus are ISO 9001: 2015 accredited for “Build, Build, 2015” operations. Creation and arrangement of courses and facilities for training. Web-based software design, development, and arrangement of Web-based training, e-learning systems, and associated consultancy. custom eLearning development

21. UNI-Learning

Phone Number+31(0)40 29 22 177
Email ID[email protected]
AddressConzentrate A / S Niels Jernes Vej 10 9220 Aalborg Øst

Not sure where your training office wants to go? What is generally acceptable for your company? Our experts examine the circumstances of your organization and advise you on the training alternatives that you should send to your organization.

Consultancy on blended learning

Homeroom preparation and e-learning are paired with a full community of entrepreneurship. Our learning engineers will prepare the most suitable learning mix customized to your company.

Help for Execution Assistance for
Learning when the need arises. Nearby data and advice when you really need it.

Mixed-based learning
Combined with essential online exercises, up close and personal association in the study hall.

Learning in an easy and faster work environment with scaled-down micro-lessons.

Portable apprenticeship
First, online exercises were made portable. Use the little extra second to read, out and about or on the train.

Concentrate conveys the best Learning Content Administration System of the Nordic area-Learning Sector. custom eLearning development

22. Procademy

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Procademy
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 21
Phone Number+31 (0) 85 00 13 775
Email ID[email protected]
AddressHoge Naarderweg 7-G 1217 AB Hilversum The Netherlands

Concerning Procademy

We are helping you train your association on the platform. In our e-learning network, with self-grew course material or great course material accessible for your division.

Obviously, all are equal with knowledge in the direction of learning, because you are responsible for the development of data and skills.

Academy provides your own online corporate academy in which all certifications are managed per employee. Employees have been trained and tested both inside and outside ProCademy.

Demonstrable Knowledge Assurance

With ProCademy you work on demonstrable knowledge assurance within your organization. Submitting your knowledge entryway as internal training courses allows you to retain essential knowledge and test it tremendously. Essential in your organization, you can think of specific work instructions, machine instructions and all kinds of other guidelines pass on. You can justify both assistant and outer that your employees are knowledgeable and well aware of important service guidelines. With this, you can strengthen the “safety culture” within your organization.

The Ease of Use

In use, ProCademy is pleasant for both the administrator and the employee. You can offer courses and tests completely independently online.

Party involved from Hilversum

Customers Cite Our Committed Attitude. You have successfully applied communication with a committed Dutch company pass on understand tools within your organization programming. You have trained one giant contact person to move on in providing flexible guidance.

Rate or Clear

ProCademy is the organizational principle of a fixed amount per employee per year. This amount holds nothing back; preparation of administrator, safe promotion of child upholding by telephone. custom eLearning development

23. E-learning Training

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - E-Learning-Training
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 22
NameE-learning Training
Phone Number0850655340
Email ID[email protected]
AddressLange Vijverberg 9a, 2513 AC The Hague

E-learning Maken: Leer zelf efftieve! Training leren wij je de kneepjes van het vak in een 2 daagse met gebruik van Articulate of Captivate. Wij kunnen ook een layout of e-learning voor je maken zodat je dit als premise kunt gebruiken. Voeg ook voice-over professionele toe aan je e-learning projecten entryway move on ons te laten ontwikkelen entryway. SharePoint LMS of LMS voor office 365 zodat je het gebruik van e-learning kunt monitoren en rapporteren. We verzorgen ook implementatie van Leer Management Systems zoals

We need to enable change for people. Through the strength of common-sense e-learning courses, knowledge and skills are found in an intuitive manner. E-learning is really crucial, but it only begins on the shop floor. We’d be able to have some form of impact at exactly that moment. We produce the best results together, and we have confidence in that!

We are a person from the NRTO, the teaching, training, and training providers’ exchange relationship. You will find the NRTO Code of Conduct and the NRTO General Terms and Conditions and our policy for complaints here. custom eLearning development

24. UP learning

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - UP-learning
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 23
NameUP learning
Phone Number088 – 44 66 700
Email ID[email protected]
AddressBennekomseweg 43 6717 LL Ede

UP learning helps you to build on skills. By making a definitive combination of learning, exchange of knowledge, and the latest creativity, we do this. Our starting step is self-coordinated learning. Since that is the way by which your members or understudies put a smile on the content.

UP encourages you with advice and internet learning arrangements that, for instance, respond to addresses

  • How am I going to pull in the right people and make them more profitable?
  • How will workers be able to exploit the skill of their own and each other?
  • How will I achieve a better return on learning at lower costs and in less time?
  • How can I guarantee that my staff knows about internal and external directives and follow up on them?
  • How will I be able to inspire creativity and change in order to stay in front of the opposition?

With (intuitive) video, virtual reality augmented reality, and personalized e-Learning, we make current learning arrangements. We also guarantee that their expert targets are accomplished by staff, groups, and supervisors.

Draw in, read, execute

UP learning allows benefiting from expertise by having ‘a definitive combination of learning, exchange of information, and creativity of today’. You place a smile along these lines on the heart of your staff or understudies.

We are pleased to work with you with a reasonable amount of creativity, eagerness, and an eye for what suits you! If it is instruction, structure, instrumentation, or upholding. What’s more, we have a big instrument stash as a Dutch accomplice of learning arrangements, such as Moodle (learning), Totara (learning the board), and Kaltura (video).

  • Drop by and become familiar with our party for some espresso!
  • This is our way of supporting you,
  • Guidance on the arrangements for internet learning and the use of suitable instruments.
  • Execution scenarios where skills can be developed.
  • From Virtual Reality to (smart) video for learning, exchanging knowledge, or correspondence.
  • Centered on the way of thinking of self-coordinated learning, instructive guidance, and configuration.
  • Enhancement of online accreditation appraisals.

Enterprise for industry
We need to take them if we see opportunities. That includes the responsibility assumption and sharing. In addition, that is the reason why our community of musicians, teachers, When you need it, practitioners and item masters are there for you.

It will not shock you that we enjoy learning at UP. And we will be able to deliver an acceptable learning arrangement just on the off chance that we get more acquainted with you and the organization under which you work admirably. Also, from that, we also benefit. We continue to work along these lines towards new and relevant intercessions for learning.

In whatever composition. It’s about power. Market satisfaction, operating more intelligently, more efficiently, or even more productively, regardless of whether it affects the business outcome. We take a gander along with you on how we produce the perfect result in a lovely way. Viable and from a charming friendship, inside time, and spending schedule. custom eLearning development

25. Swissteach AG 

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Swissteach
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 24
NameSwissteach AG 
Phone Number+41 32 321 39 00
Email ID[email protected]
AddressHauptstrasse 10 Nidau, Switzerland

Swissteach AG is a full-service co-op for business-based blended learning in main industries, small to medium-sized companies to educational associations. Our comprehensive therapy administrations for organizational preparation and training (CTE) and our highly adjustable LMS Worldwide Teach ®platform have proven to be a justification for successful innovation-based agreements with an outstanding speculation yield.

  • In relation to CTE techniques or companies, do you need advice?
  • Are you going to show the first or replace the existing LMS?
  • Are you looking for e-learning material in organizations designed to be extraordinarily inventive?
  • We plan on loving you.
  • Reach us and witness the estimate of over 25 years of collaboration with planning and training focused on creativity! custom eLearning development

26. eSkills

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - eSkills
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 25
Phone Number+41 22 700 12 01
Email ID[email protected]
Address62, Route de Frontenex – 1207 Geneva – Switzerland

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, we also run computerized planning projects all over Europe.

We are based on conveying, within the financial plan and on budget, the most outstanding administrations.

We build computerised teaching classes customised to your specifications and your situation.

That says abandon. In any case, we make them convincing as well.

What? How? To follow the best educational approach by researching each venture.

About why? Intelligent and engaging with learning interactions to drench the leaders for no clear reason.

Trust us in the structure of your meetings with e-Learning

The Circumstances
Smart gamified exercise modules, depending on daily circumstances,

Portable learning implies learning
Modules for an ideal meeting on a mobile phone, tablet, or PC

Learning on a small scale
Modules planned by a good learning exercise division that are accessible at the optimum time

Musical experiences with videos, workouts, and assessments

Combined learning
Courses aimed at enhancing the complementarity between the computerized scene and courses led by teachers

Apparatus of Execution
“Video making equipment, properties, strip cards or various configurations adapted to the preparation of” in the nick of time

To summarise, because of our ability to prepare houses, our narrating procedures, our sense of design, our gamification devices, and our tender loving care, we construct productive modules.

Why make eSkills your specialised instructional classes?

Our e-learning courses are unique and viable, enabling you to enhance the exhibits of your employees.

Our group is seasoned and enthusiastic and masterful in imaginative plan planning.

Full and permanent, our test helps you to track all the latest trends in advanced learning.

You (trans)form, we practise,

With the advanced modification of your planning methods, we retain your groups in your company.

Depending on your hobbies and your world, our workshops are hand made. In view of the themes surrounding it:

  • Starting from the instructional plan
  • With Articulate 360, set up your e-learning modules
  • With Grow or Rise, build up your flexible learning modules
  • Build efficient exercises in instruction
  • Build a blended learning experience
  • Promote training in a virtual homeroom
  • Make essential visual introductions
  • Our teaching courses can be delivered from eye to eye or from a distance. custom eLearning development

27. Vydiatech Inc. 

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Vydiatech
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 26
Name Vydiatech Inc. 
Phone Number+41 225754688
Email ID[email protected]

Like pushing invention rehearsals, Vydiatech utilizes profound industry and utilitarian supremacy. It works to help customers alter their most prominent business cycles by using a severe worldwide conveyance model to boost their presence in the field of Separation Instruction and eLearning.

Our IT division exceeds design requirements, and our business partners have the best enhancement of e-learning products, executives’ versatile chain, board customer partnership, business metric, business perspective, alignment of undertakings, the foundation of executives, web development, internet business, and other key capabilities. custom eLearning development

28. Wavelength

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Wavelength
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 27
Phone Number+64 4 385 2588
Email ID[email protected]
AddressLevel 1 9 Edward Street, Te Aro Wellington 6011 New Zealand

We’ve been designing innovative learning strategies for more than 20 years. Wavelength started as a small, family-owned business based on our clients’ strong and collaborative relations. We were acquired by the Cognition Education Company in 2015, which saw us move to a larger family, with more prospects and cash to help our clients. With advanced learning techniques, our core objective is to increase authoritative performance.

The pace of change is constantly getting faster, so you also need to find methods that work faster. At Wavelength, we constantly research new advances in learning and learning technologies. In New Zealand, e-learning firms

In your authoritative priorities, we are fundamentally involved. We assume that learning is a crucial ingredient in the promotion of transformation and successful delivery.

Our in-house team of more than 30 people offers therapy, design of learning, visual communication, creation of web and apps, editing, and maintenance of learning technology. We collaborate with you and your experts to develop efficient and engaging learning experiences for both your background and content that are good for the purpose. custom eLearning development

29. WorkBright

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Workbright-Elearning
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 28
Phone Number09 908 4800
Email ID[email protected]
AddressOffice 201, The Business Center, near Burjuman Metro Station, Dubai

We enjoy expressing our passion for learning amazing things. We started out with a conviction that without selling off the learning, eLearning should not cost the earth and discovered methods to make excellent eLearning at an affordable price.

Creator Jacinta Penn was a recognized ‘expert’ in Articulate Storyline within three years, imparting intricate game models to the eLearning network and requiring instructional courses for organizations, such as Telecom, Auckland Council, and NZ Police, for example.

Those online devices allow us to work with customers anywhere on the globe. Professional contracted employees work with us for recording, voiceover, visual contact, or activity work assistance. In New Zealand, e-learning firms custom eLearning development

30. Skills 

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Skills
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 29
Phone Number+6495252590
Email ID[email protected]
AddressFreepost 5164, PO Box 24-469, Royal Oak, Auckland 1345

Skills, with our 25 years of experience, is your go-to partner for workplace preparation.

What do we do anyway?

We urge businesses to train workers

Abilities are a norm-setting organization. This implies that we collaborate with business bodies to ensure that skills provide employers and businesses with the correct skills.

Considering upgrading your skills Considering upskilling public capacities for your workforce?

Education may be disquieting. For trainees with learning difficulties or who are not comfortable with numeracy and reading, we provide extra support. In New Zealand, e-learning firms

To ensure no one is forgotten, we do what it takes.

The View of Our

To be the go-to aptitude partner of New Zealand Inc for the right skills, at the right time, in the right way.

The Operation of Our

Make a difference by enhanced skills in the workplace for New Zealand Inc.

Past of ours

We started in 1992 as ETITO, the electrotechnology industry’s educational organization. We’re pleased to help train generations of electricians from New Zealand for our fundamental foundations. In New Zealand, e-learning firms

Quick forward to today, and we are already the nation’s largest business planning organization. Even, these days, it’s not just electricians that we take care of.

We have grown a lot and our core goal remains the same, to be the skills development partner of New Zealand Inc. custom eLearning development

31. ElearningSpecialist

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - elearning-specialist
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 30
Phone Number(+45) 25 94 81 66
Email ID[email protected]
AddressTestrupvej 119 8320 Mårslet Danmark

We deliver eLearning, study hall, and mixed learning material improvements.

We give therapy to associations who need to start building eLearning themselves.

We give Actuate LMS, a board system for learning especially suitable for low assistance, deeply mechanised conveyance and eLearning follow-up.

We are passionate about eLearning and are happy with the work we do with our clients in a collaborative effort. In Denmark, e-learning companies

Vendor of e-learning with 20 years of experience

We give advancement of e-discovery that fits your needs, portable fun Danish e-learning stage (LMS) e-learning seminar, where you can find out how to build instant e-learning courses on IT safe, office, board, etc. In Denmark, e-learning companies

Advanced-and completely antiquated-learning instruction.

Our team consists of dedicated learning geeks who find out how to make a theory analysis into teaching, which means that the arrangements we build are continually focused on the research behind great learning, not pseudoscience or the current trendy word. custom eLearning development

32.  Eurekos

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Eurekos
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 31
Phone Number+45 70 204 204
Email ID[email protected]
AddressHillerød, Greater Copenhagen

Eurekos has its head office in Copenhagen.

“All for anybody, not anything for all” is the motto and technique.

As a learning innovation company, the Eurekos Learning Stage is our lead object, and the scheme and mission are to collaborate with redo clients to accomplices to create an efficient learning situation to organize precise needs.

It’s an LMS that puts content first, but there’s a lot more to it. Eureka conveys impressive coordination, shrewd research, and the creation of devices for social and concerted effort.

The Fosway 9-Matrix in the cash area reward was produced by Eurekos.

Eurekos is an Old Greek interpretation of ‘Aha,’ which is a declaration of pleasure or satisfaction for other revelations or inventions.

We were focused on transmitting excellent learning material to our customers at the point when we founded Eurekos ten years ago, but we saw that something was missing: there was no LMS that transmitted outstanding substance and also stimulated and linked with employees while providing educators with the devices they have to render content easily, effectively and viable.
custom eLearning development

33. uQualio

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Uqualio
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 32
Phone Number+45 42 19 94 00
Email ID[email protected]
AddressVeksø Sjælland, DK

UQualio ® is a cloud-based eLearning video response for consumers, employees, and accomplices who are securely motivated and connected.

Think: YouTube-with the utility of learning

What can uQualio ® do for your company?

The stage allows you to use videos to make available instructional lessons and make them available.

For example, it involves quantifiable effects, saving time and expense, expanded deals and brand recognition, and accomplice and client steadfastness by giving you …

  • A persuasive method for spurring decreased recording and gamification
  • An easy stage to use that helps you to cooperate with your main goal meetings
  • A moderate and simple scheme of planning. custom eLearning development

34. SMD Webtech

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - SMD-web-tech
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 33
NameSMD Webtech
Phone Number+60374981453
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSMD Webtech (M) Sdn Bhd (HQ) No.708, Block B, Kelana Square, Jalan SS 7/26, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

SMD’s Webtech (M) Sdn. Bhd: Bhd.-Bhd. It is one of the best providers of mobile apps, virtual applications & internet networks in Malaysia and provides 360° services worldwide.

It has been running as SMD Webtech (M) Sdn since 2015. Bhd: Bhd.-Bhd.

We currently work in Malaysia, Myanmar, India, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and provide our services.

We offer a wide portfolio of IT and digital services, including:

  • Designing the Site
  • Design for Mobile Apps
  • Solutions for E-Commerce
  • Solution for Digital Marketing (PPC, SEO)
  • Custom Creation for Application
  • Ewallet System & System of Mobile Payment
  • Tools For Cryptocurrencies
  • Solution for Business (CRM, HR, LMS, ERP, POS, DAM). custom eLearning development

35. ezlearning

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - eZlearning
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 34
Phone Number+603 9282 1166
Email ID
AddressD-8-5, 10th Floor, Menara Uncang Emas, Block D, No. 85, Jln Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur

E-learning solution, e-learning system, provider-ezlearning for Malaysian LMS
In Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore, the effective learning management system ( LMS), easy-to-use corporate e-learning system, and web-based e-learning platform enable fast and efficient training for employees. One-stop on the e-learning portal for your corporate learning needs. Develop content for e-learning quickly, Control of students/trainees, Unit instructors, test management, online research, compliant SCORM, mobile learning, and cloud e-learning

In Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore, the effective learning management system ( LMS), easy-to-use corporate e-learning system, and web-based e-learning platform enable fast and efficient training for employees. An E-learning platform for your needs incorporates learning. Easily build e-learning content, student/trainee management, instructor module, test management, online certification, SCORM, mobile learning, and cloud compliant e-learning custom eLearning development

36. Internexia

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Internexia
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 35
Phone Number+603 8325 1538
Email ID[email protected]
AddressC-1-05, Plaza Crystalville Jalan Vita 2 , Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur, Cyber 12, 63000 Cyberjaya Selangor

In order to improve teaching and learning, Internexia uses technology. We deliver unique ways in which learning is facilitated. Our board of directors shares a passion for broadening the spectrum and providing opportunities for lifelong learning. We concentrate on research, analytical capacity, reviewing, and accrediting achievements.

How can Internexia help you out?

  • Online or personalized English, ICT, Application or Soft Skills Training by Internexia
  • Consultancy, incorporation, management of the transition, creation of curriculum
  • Creation and Transformation of Content
  • Development and Implementation of a Learning Management System custom eLearning development

37. Melon Learning

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Melon-Learning
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 36
NameMelon Learning
Phone Number+603 8325 1538
Email ID[email protected]
AddressC-1-05, Plaza Crystalville Jalan Vita 2 , Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur, Cyber 12, 63000 Cyberjaya Selangor

Melon Learning uses eLearning to build methods that optimize learning and growth processes for employees. We establish and continually refine our product to meet and exceed the training needs of small and mid-sized corporate customers. Our management framework for learning, Melon LMS, Our core product is strengthened by the tailored development we provide and the versatile customizations and integrations to suit a particular solution and any unique requirement for training.

Melon Learning is the leading Bulgarian provider of e-learning and has been successfully providing EU and US customers with e-learning products and services since 2005. custom eLearning development

38. E-doceo

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Cegid
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 37
Phone Number+33 1 41 86 05 60
Email ID[email protected]
Address8 rue Heyrault 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt France

E-doceo is a provider of e-learning applications that has developed a comprehensive suite of tools to combine mixed learning and e-learning. Regardless of your profile and that of your organization, E-doceo offers you a tailor-made answer. In more than 12 countries, E-doceo has franchises, 1000 customers around the world, and more than 5 million users. custom eLearning development

39. TrackBuilder 

Phone Number
Email ID

TrackBuilder is certified by e-learning developers, training publishers, and consultants to meet client requirements for critical judgment and growth of soft skills. custom eLearning development

40. CHRP-INDIA Pvt. Ltd.

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - CHRP-INDIA
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 38
NameCHRP-INDIA Pvt. Ltd.
Phone Number+33 608 859 492
Email ID[email protected]
Address43, rue de l’AmiralMouchez- 75013 Paris, France

We are on a journey to produce digital learning content and technology. Our productive teaching design, innovative graphic design, revolutionary technology, and best practices enable us to tackle the diverse challenges of the industry and market of today and tomorrow. At CHRP-INDIA, we design and grow creative and sustainable software and technology solutions for learning.

Our mission: to enable digital learning technologies for our customers.

Our Vision: To create innovative, motivating, sustainable, and value-based learning and development solutions for our customers to optimize productivity and operating income. custom eLearning development

41. Verztec Consulting Pte Lts

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - VerztecLearning
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 39
NameVerztec Consulting Pte Lts
Phone Number+65 6577 4646
Email ID[email protected]
Address10 Jalan Besar #16-01/02 Sim Lim Tower Singapore 208787

Verztec assists a third of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide in their global connectivity needs.

Admission to our organization is through merit alone and not by blood ties. The one who can and does can get to the top of it.

We firmly believe in 3Cs-Integrity, Continuity and CHARACTER qualities. custom eLearning development

42. Blended Learning

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Blended-Learning
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 40
NameBlended Learning
Phone Number(65) 6817 6172
Email ID[email protected]
Address160 Changi Road, #03-07 Hexacube, Singapore 419728

Since operations started in 2012, we have been recognized for making cutting-edge learning and development technologies at economic prices to cutting organizations around the globe. All of our services are planned and implemented to synchronize with changing market developments and diverse consumer needs. custom eLearning development

43. Verztec 

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Verztec-Consulting
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 41
Phone Number+65 6577 4646
Email ID[email protected]
Address10 Jalan Besar #16-02Sim Lim Tower Singapore 208787

Verztec strives to offer end-to-end learning solutions to its customers. To educate their staff, they provide corporate online training and have created an online library of mixed learning content. custom eLearning development

44. Synergy Learning

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Synergy-Learning
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 42
NameSynergy Learning
Phone Number+44 (0)28 9042 2000
Email ID[email protected]
AddressHolywood House, 1 Innis Court, Holywood, County Down, BT18 9HF

The Certified Leading Partner of Moodle, Mahara, and Totara is Synergy Learning.

We are a total eLearning service provider that offers everything you need to offer your perfect solution for eLearning. Don’t they need all this? custom eLearning development

45. Novitas Ltd

Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 - Novitas
Best Custom eLearning Development Companies in 2021 43
NameNovitas Ltd 
Phone Number+353 85 8644 905
Email ID[email protected]
AddressUnit 40 Old Chapel Wood, Carragh, Naas, Kildare

Novitas provides personalized e-learning programs across all sectors for our clients. Together with our clients, we are developing groundbreaking new ways to deliver learning to extended communities to reduce their workforce.

Our e-learning framework integrates all best practice learning techniques, such as gamification, and as we strive to maximize the retention of knowledge by the learner, we are continuously striving to boost the interactivity of our learning experiences.

We normally upgrade in-house designers to create relevant content that helps our customers maximize their learning budgets while helping organizations make this behavioral change. Some clients who may already have an internal content developer learning team engage Novitas in high-profile projects where fresh, fresh, In certain cases where they might be at full capacity domestically and need support to satisfy their internal demands, innovative solutions are required. custom eLearning development

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