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Download FREE PowerPoint Templates

Download FREE PowerPoint templates in one click.

These models provide specific designs and outcomes that can be freely used for your own presentation specifications. The Free Modern and Popular PowerPoint Design Series contains high-quality organisational models, presentations of management strategies and many other PowerPoint models associated with industry. Free Digital PowerPoint Templates The design of this component is specifically designed for professional PPT templates and needs management.

Try the Free Design of Modern PowerPoint Templates now and see the difference. This is also a valuable guide for PowerPoint Advertisement Templates or Business Histories for PowerPoint or PowerPoint Business Presentation Templates to master strategic thinking. What you would have is another dedicated target market, and the knowledge flow is clean and easy to go with the go. These sites update Powerpoint Models with fresh designs and ideas every day.

These templates include infographic, graphic, vector, abstract, label, design template, illustration, information, blank, presentation, symbol, brochure, creative, modern, layout, banner, design, background, element, art, minimal, template, education, advertising, web, sticker, color, info etc… download free powerpoint templates


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03. Slides Go

Key Features of following free PowerPoint templates:

  • Fully customizable and easily to edit (shapes, size, color, images, layouts and text)
  • These templates have a colour theme, and when copied and pasted, they add colour automatically.
  • PowerPoint templates includes a customizable icon family with 135+ different icons (Fully editable)
  • Easy to drag and drop image placeholder using these PowerPoint templates
  • Easy fully editable data driven charts download free powerpoint templates
  • Shapes and vector graphics hundred percent fully editable
  • Multiple aspect ratio options download free powerpoint templates

Why should we use PPT templates and Google Slides?

With professional design, improve your presentation. The material is the most important thing about your presentation deck; you want to get your message across. But good design is also important: it helps to understand content, provides credibility and maintains your audience engaged. Using free models and without having to spend time on design, the presentation would look professional. download free powerpoint templates

Free templates in all styles for every day / presentation need

For commercial or personal use, all templates are 100 percent free. You will find a wide variety of designs here, try out categories for a particular look , feel, colour or subject. All themes are completely editable and have tonnes of layouts, so you can customise the content, colours and images to suit your needs. download free powerpoint templates

Are you working with PowerPoint or Google Slides?

Download the PPT or Google Slides template to function on your computer as a PowerPoint file, or copy it to your Google Drive and edit it on Google Slides. In order to convey your message effectively, PowerPoint models and Google Slides themes have all the elements you need.

What is PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation tool developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin for Forethought, Inc., a software corporation. It was launched on 20 April 1987, originally only for machines based on the Macintosh System Operating System.

3 months after it launched, Microsoft purchased PowerPoint for $14 million. This was the first major takeover of Microsoft, and Microsoft established a new PowerPoint business unit in Silicon Valley, where Forethought was headquartered.

PowerPoint is compatible with Microsoft suite, first provided for Macintosh in 1989 and for Windows in 1990, which packaged several Microsoft applications. PowerPoint was introduced into the development of Microsoft Office beginning with PowerPoint 4.0 (1994) and implemented popular sharing modules and a converged user interface. download free powerpoint templates

Before the release of the Microsoft Windows version, PowerPoint’s market share was very limited at first but expanded quickly with the growth of Windows and Office. The worldwide market share of demonstration applications for PowerPoint has been measured at 90 percent since the late 1990s.

PowerPoint was initially developed to include graphics inside corporate organizations for community meetings, but in many other networking contexts, both in industry and beyond, it has come to be very commonly used. download free powerpoint templates

The effect of this much broader use of PowerPoint has been seen throughout society as an important improvement, with strong feedback, including suggestions it should be used less, used differently, or best used. download free powerpoint templates

The first version of PowerPoint (Macintosh 1987) was used to create overhead transparencies, while the second (Macintosh 1988, Windows 1990) was able to generate 35 mm color slides as well. The third edition (Windows and Macintosh 1992) added digital projectors to the video output of interactive slideshows, which would fully eliminate actual transparencies and slides over time. download free powerpoint templates

Since then, a dozen big versions have included several extra functions and modes of activity and have made PowerPoint usable, introducing versions for iOS, Android, and web access, beyond Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. download free powerpoint templates


In comparison to a screen powerpoint presentation projected by a speaker to a live crowd, PowerPoint can be used in a variety of other ways to offer a presentation:

  • Seen on the presentation device or tablet screen (for a very small group)
  • Printed as paper records (in many formats) for delivery
  • Distributed as files, even on machines without PowerPoint, for private viewing
  • Bundled on CD or network for delivery, including connected and embedded data
  • Transmitted through the Internet as a live broadcast demonstration
  • Embedded inside a blog or web page
  • Posted on Facebook or Twitter social networks
  • Set up as an unattended, self-running show

PowerPoint for the web

PowerPoint for Web is a downloadable, lightweight edition of Microsoft PowerPoint, available on the internet as part of Office, and also provides Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word Web versions.

PowerPoint does not endorse the addition or modification of maps, calculations, audio, or video saved on your PC, but both of them would be included in the display if they have been incorporated using a web app. Some components are not shown at all, including WordArt effects or more sophisticated animations and transformations, but they are retained in the text.

The Description, Leader, Slide Sorter, and Presenter views in the desktop app are all absent from PowerPoint for the internet, as well as offering limited printing choices.

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Download free powerpoint templates Business vector created by pikisuperstar –

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