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Fall Protection Training Edmonton

Explore the best fall protection training Edmonton. These companies offer online and on-site training with off-the-shelf content libraries that include cloud-based courses, lessons, videos, and books. These fall protection training in Edmonton providers cover health and safety (EHS) compliance training, and more.

01. F.A.S.T. Rescue

NameF.A.S.T. Rescue
Phone Number1 866-706-7283
Email ID[email protected]

F.A.S.T. Rescue is a recognized provider of safety programs, products, and training. We provide top-notch, interactive training sessions covering every facet of health and safety, from CPR to WHMIS to forklift instruction. We have provided product solutions, such as defibrillators, first aid kits, and oxygen equipment; a range of on-site and online training courses; and proactive safety programs to make sure that your organization successfully complies with the necessary safety standards.

In doing so, we have assisted businesses in navigating the complex requirements of the various provincial and governmental regulations. We can assist you in caring for your most important business asset—your employees—beyond meeting the legal standards of a workplace.

02. Worksite Safety

NameWorksite Safety
Phone Number1 866-756-5552
Email ID[email protected]

The Worksite Safety Compliance Centre is the top supplier of basic, practical, and easily accessible occupational health and safety training and services in Canada. We provide classroom training, focused training programs, and online training for both individuals and corporations.

03. ATSafety Training

NameATSafety Training
Phone Number780-417-3777
Email ID[email protected]

Since 1996, AT Safety Training has been providing the commercial, industrial, mining, oil & gas, home-care, and healthcare sectors with high-quality safety training.

We take pleasure in our years of experience in providing certified programs and hands-on training with trained instructors to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a variety of circumstances that can be found at home and at work.

Our goal is to provide Alberta and Western Canada with the best safety training that meets or exceeds industry standards.

At our 10,000-square-foot, conveniently situated Sherwood Park campus, we provide such a wide range of courses. We also provide on-site training for groups across Alberta, including Fort McMurray, to make it even more practical.

04. Western Canada Fire & First Aid Inc.

NameWestern Canada Fire & First Aid Inc.
Phone Number780-469-4887
Email ID[email protected]

Western Canada Fire & First Aid Inc., a specialist in safety training and advice, is located in Alberta. We meet and exceed the requirements of Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety regulations as an authorized supplier of first aid training. Level-C CPR for infants, children, adults, and two people is included in WCFF’s Standard and Emergency First Aid training, in addition to an AED. Our instructors are professional, multi-trained experts who may draw on experience in the workplace. We provide a low-stress, simple-to-learn, engaging adult education setting with hands-on training that equips students for actual emergency situations.

05. CLAC better together

NameCLAC better together
Phone Number1 519-653-3002
Email ID[email protected]

When it comes to the workplace community, the independent Canadian labor organization CLAC promotes the social principles of fairness, respect, and humanity.

It provides its members with high-quality representation, a variety of benefits and training opportunities, as well as active member advocacy that works to create thriving workplaces based on cooperation and respect. Since 1952, the CLAC has been a recognized union in Canada, representing workers in numerous industries.

06. Spectrum Safety Services

NameSpectrum Safety Services
Phone Number780-429-6757
Email ID[email protected]

Discover the abilities required to save a life. to advance professionally. in order to keep your qualification. No matter why you want to learn safety, first aid, or CPR, you’ll be able to discover a course that meets your needs, fits within your budget, and is engaging.

In Edmonton, Alberta, Second Chance CPR & First Aid and Spectrum Safety Services have been the top training providers since 1992. You can depend on us to provide you with professional guidance on the required training for improving your profession or choosing a new direction.

We have direct access to the certification standards and training schedules as well as the most recent information from regulatory bodies (such as Workplace Health and Safety).

07. MI Safety Rescue & Safety Training

NameMI Safety Rescue & Safety Training
Phone Number780-987-3465
Email ID[email protected]

08. Advantage Learning Solutions

NameAdvantage Learning Solutions
Phone Number780-743-5001
Email ID[email protected]

09. ABCS Safety Training Inc.

NameABCS Safety Training Inc.
Phone Number1 780-690-2227
Email ID[email protected]

10. Air Extreme Inc. (Fall Protection Training Edmonton)

NameAir Extreme Inc.
Phone Number1 780-439-3362
Email ID[email protected]


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