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Fall Protection OSSA

Are you looking for the best fall protection OSSA providers to keep you safe while working at heights? Look no further! In this post, we will explore a list of the top fall protection providers available in the market. You can select which one is right for your needs based on your requirements.

01. Mission Safety Services

NameMission Safety Services
Phone Number1 780-449-2700
Email ID[email protected]

We take great pride in being the industry leader in providing crucial industrial safety services and have a solid reputation for both professionalism and experience.

They are number one because they work with the most skilled and experienced people in Canada. The foundation of our services is provided by firefighters, paramedics, and immediate rescue specialists (EMTs), who have years of experience performing in everyday situations.

Whether your organization needed to be done safety training, a health and safety plan, water rescue, a technical rope rescue team, paramedic services, or safety equipment, Mission Safety is dedicated to providing the highest level of service across all of our divisions. We can help.

02. F.A.S.T. Rescue

NameF.A.S.T. Rescue
Phone Number1 866-706-7283
Email ID[email protected]

When you buy health and safety training, materials, or consulting services from F.A.S.T. Rescue, you not only receive the highest-quality goods and services, but also a commitment to client service, a love of safety, and a satisfaction guarantee that no other firm can match.

Our skilled and committed professionals will go above and beyond to guarantee that they produce professional training, high-quality materials, and skilled advice. Founded in 1998, we are

03. MI Safety Inc

NameMI Safety Inc
Phone Number1 780-987-3465
Email ID[email protected]

MI Safety Company offers fall protection installations, rope access work, safety and rescue training, safety equipment sales, and consulting. Our head office is at the Leduc #1 Energy Discover Center, which is close to Edmonton International Airport.

We use the site’s 20 000 sq ft interpretive center point and 13 acres of outdoor equipment to make our training courses as interactive as possible.

04. Armour Safety

NameArmour Safety
Phone Number1 306-352-8805
Email ID[email protected]

Safety professionals with extensive training, knowledge, and experience make up our staff. Oil and gas, construction, mining, fire, pipefitting, mill righting, retail, policing, and safety are some of the industry sectors in which they have experience.

Our advisors can manage your safety practices and bring out all manner of safety protocols, including behavior-based observations. We have instructors who deliver nationally recognized programs by Energy Safety Canada, the Red Cross, and other organizations.

Our doctors, who are provided through the Canadian Armour Joint Venture, are also employed by North East EMS, which serves the largest health region in Saskatchewan. They are well-trained, fully sensitive to all applicable laws, and work under the direct supervision of experienced medical professionals.

05. 3M Safety Training

Name3M Safety Training
Phone Number1-888-325-5776
Email ID[email protected]

06. Carpenter Millwright College

NameCarpenter Millwright College
Phone Number(902) 578-3434
Email ID[email protected]

The Carpenter Millwright College is committed to providing the highest-quality training. Modern facilities, skilled instructors and staff, and dividing tools and equipment ensure that you stay up to date on trends in the job market, both now and in the long term.

In order to provide training programs that are useful and in demand in the modern construction industry, they work in partnership with industry. In order to provide practical, excellent, vocationally training, CMC aims to build better relations.

They give priority to simulating a workplace environment to provide students with relevant and useful learning opportunities. Graduates who are successful will assist in the achievement of organizational goals by joining (or re-joining) the staff as skilled workers.


Phone Number780-983-0155
Email ID[email protected]

08. Advantage Learning Solutions Inc.

NameAdvantage Learning Solutions Inc.
Phone Number1 780-743-5001
Email ID[email protected]

09. Southern Interior Construction Association – SICA

NameSouthern Interior Construction Association – SICA
Phone Number1 250-491-7330
Email ID[email protected]

10. Trojan Safety

NameTrojan Safety
Phone Number250-785-9557
Email ID[email protected]


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