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Fall Arrest Training Calgary

Are you looking for fall arrest training Calgary? Accidents due to improper safety techniques can be devastating for both the employee and employer. To ensure your workplace operates at its safest, it is important to invest in proper training and certifications. Here is a comprehensive list of the top Fall Arrest Training providers in Calgary to help keep everyone safe!

01. F.A.S.T. Rescue

NameF.A.S.T. Rescue
Phone Number1 866-706-7283
Email ID[email protected]

A famous provider of health and safety programs, products, and training is F.A.S.T. Rescue. We provide outstanding, interactive trainings covering every aspect of health and safety, from forklift training to WHMIS. We have provided product solutions, such as defibrillators, first aid kits, and oxygen equipment; a variety of on-site and online training courses; and proactive safety programs to ensure that your company is consistently up to the required safety standards.

In doing so, we have supported companies in navigating the complex requirements of the various provincial and governmental regulations. Beyond keeping up with workplace requirements, we can help you find your most important resource: your employees.

02. Manufacturers’ Health & Safety Association – MHSA

NameManufacturers’ Health & Safety Association – MHSA
Phone Number1 403-279-5555
Email ID[email protected]

Since 1992, once they changed our status to a non-profit safety association, we have also diligently partnered with Alberta employers to lower the number of workplace accidents and illnesses. We operate together with the government and business to provide health and safety programs that assist businesses in becoming top performers in terms of safety.

However, we are a top provider of health and safety not just because of our outstanding services and products. Our members, who number over 1600 and employ more than 60,000 people across the province, are the main reason for our success. We are stubbornly committed to serving as their safety advocates. We end up owing it to our members to give them a voice on topics that are important to them.

03. AT Safety Training

NameAT Safety Training
Phone Number(780) 417-3777
Email ID[email protected]

Since 1996, ATSafety Training has decided to offer good safety training to the commercial, industrial, mining, oil and gas, home-care, and healthcare sectors.

We are proud of our years of experience in providing approved classes and hands-on training with informed instructors to integrate students with the knowledge and skills to help them in a variety of situations applicable to their home and workplace.

Our objective is to provide the best safety training in Alberta and Western Canada, surpassing or meeting industry standards.

We are happy to help you schedule your safety training to fit into your busy schedule. At our conveniently located Sherwood Park facility, we provide a full range of courses. We also provide group training on-site to make it even more practical.

04. Western Materials Handling & Equipment

NameWestern Materials Handling & Equipment
Phone Number403.236.0305
Email ID[email protected]

With locations all over Alberta, Western Materials is a lift truck dealer. We are committed to providing Material with the best material handling options.

As we work to give every one of our customers the best experience possible, the slogan “Our Service Built Our Company” even now stands.

When a customer wants to buy a new or used forklift, our sales team will work with them to figure out the best material handling solution to provide. Additional options include financing, leasing, and rent-to-own.

05. Canada Safety Training Center

NameCanada Safety Training Center
Phone Number1-800-297-4729
Email ID[email protected]


Phone Number403-287-1499
Email ID[email protected]

07. Innovative Fall Protection INC

NameInnovative Fall Protection INC
Phone Number1.866.257.2888
Email ID[email protected]

08. Innovative Fall Protection INC

NameResponse Safety & Rescue Services Inc
Phone Number(403) 287-8578
Email ID[email protected]

09. ACTI

Phone Number(587) 340-3849
Email ID[email protected]

10. Allstar Enviro Safety

NameAllstar Enviro Safety
Phone Number1 403-214-1558
Email ID[email protected]


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