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Top eLearning Developers In Canada

Looking to revolutionize your online learning? Discover the expertise of eLearning developers in Canada.

In today’s digital age, eLearning has emerged as a powerful tool for delivering education and training remotely. As the demand for online learning continues to soar, the role of eLearning developers has become increasingly important.

This article explores the world of eLearning developers in Canada, shedding light on their skills, expertise, and the impact they have on shaping the future of education. If you’re curious about eLearning developers in Canada and their role in revolutionizing online education, you’ve come to the right place!

This post will take you to the best eLearning development companies in Canada, where you will find the top eLearning developers.

1. F.A.S.T. Rescue

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Top eLearning Developers In Canada 1
Email ID[email protected] | [email protected]
Phone Number866 706 7283 | 905 760 2045
Our Solutions– Custom eLearning Development
– PowerPoint to eLearning
– Rapid eLearning Development
eLearning Translation Services
Learning Management System
Mobile Learning
Office AddressF.A.S.T. Rescue Inc. 750 Oakdale Rd, M3N 2Z4, Suite 56 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

F.A.S.T Rescue stands tall among the top e-learning companies in Canada, offering tailored training and e-learning solutions perfectly suited to your organization’s needs. Our expertise lies in crafting innovative and cost-effective courses that take a creative approach and bring fresh ideas to the table. But what sets us apart is the unparalleled experience you’ll have from start to finish—we know how to transform complex learning challenges into simple and painless solutions!

2. Swift eLearning Services

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Top eLearning Developers In Canada 2
NameSwift eLearning Services
Email ID[email protected]
Our Solutions• Custom eLearning Solutions
• Rapid eLearning Development
• Convert PowerPoint to eLearning
• eLearning Translation and Localization Services
• Blended Learning Solutions
• Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
• eLearning Content Development
• Corporate eLearning Solutions
• Legacy Content Conversion Services
• eLearning Gamification
• Mobile Learning Solutions
• Learning Management System

When it comes to e-learning companies in Canada, Swift eLearning Services is a standout. We specialize in delivering custom e-learning development solutions that enhance learner performance. Our approach is centered around modern instructional design and graphic design concepts to create an engaging learning experience. Our team of instructional and visual designers incorporates interactive features like animations, stories, scenarios, gamification elements, thematic elements, and interactive learning content to keep learners fully engaged and involved.

Swift is the ideal partner for your learning journey, having successfully completed over 7,000 hours of custom e-learning development. We work closely with our clients to identify the best learning solutions that align with their specific business goals, timelines, and budgets.

3. SkyPrep Inc.

image 159
Top eLearning Developers In Canada 3
NameSkyPrep Inc.
Phone Number1-855-759-7737
Email ID[email protected]
Address550 Queen Street East, Suite 335 Toronto, Ontario M5A 1V2, Canada

Ranked at number three among the top e-learning companies in Canada, SkyPrep Inc. offers a user-friendly online training platform designed for companies and information providers seeking efficient ways to train, assess, and manage their employees or clients.

Creating courses on our platform is a breeze. You can easily upload existing content such as PowerPoint presentations, training videos, Word documents, and more. Our testing platform allows you to create quizzes and tests with different question formats. Course construction becomes as simple as selecting and arranging content and assessments from your repository.

With SkyPrep, you have a plethora of tools to manage and monitor user activity and success. Real-time performance summaries and analytical reports keep you informed about all the platform activities.

We also offer ample customization options to ensure your training platform reflects your brand. With custom domain names, themes, and logos, your users will feel like they are receiving training directly from your own website.

4. SwissVBS

image 160
Top eLearning Developers In Canada 4
Phone Number+1 416 848 3744
Email ID[email protected]
Address460 Richmond Street West M5V 1Y1 Toronto Canada

Claiming the fourth spot in our list of top e-learning companies in Canada, SwissVBS focuses on creating innovative learning and growth strategies for organizations, considering their most valuable asset: their people.

At SwissVBS (Swiss Virtual Business Solutions), we build strong relationships with our customers to develop cutting-edge solutions that inspire and empower learners. We continuously push the boundaries and reinvent the learning experience by leveraging effective pedagogy, captivating media, and innovative technology. Storytelling lies at the heart of our solutions, and it’s our secret sauce and source of pride!

With over 15 years of experience, SwissVBS has been a trusted advisor to organizations across Europe and North America. Our esteemed clients include Allianz, BMW, Deutsche Bank, Novartis, Nestlé, SAP, Rogers, Wiley, Schindler, Colgate Palmolive, and the World Economic Forum.

5. Absorb LMS

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Top eLearning Developers In Canada 5
NameAbsorb LMS
Phone Number+1 (403) 717-1971
Email ID[email protected]
Address685 Centre St S, Suite 2500, Calgary, Alberta T2G 1S5, Canada

As the leading e-learning provider in Canada, Absorb LMS offers a scalable e-learning solution that enables organizations to train employees, international channel partners, clients, or sell their own training content. With its agile features and intuitive design, Absorb LMS is designed to accelerate learning and yield results.

6. PathWise Solutions Inc.

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Top eLearning Developers In Canada 6
NamePathWise Solutions Inc.
Phone Number2504750808
Email ID[email protected]
Address106 – 1109 Braeburn Avenue Victoria, BC V9C 0K4, Canada

PathWise Solutions is a virtual organization with offices in British Columbia and Manitoba, located on the picturesque Vancouver Island. With decades of experience, we specialize in bringing client e-learning, site, and project design to life through meticulous needs analysis, problem-solving skills, award-winning design, and effective communication.

At PathWise Solutions, we understand that each organization has unique educational needs. That’s why we provide end-to-end resources for organizational and corporate education program growth. From research and instructional design to project management and support for training, we offer comprehensive solutions to help you bring your vision to life.

Whether it’s e-learning, synchronous learning, mobile learning, instructor-led training, self-study, or blended training, our team of experts is well-equipped to create tailored and impactful learning experiences.

7. LCI Education

image 163
Top eLearning Developers In Canada 7
NameLCI Education
Phone Number514 788-8804
Email ID[email protected]
Address2100 Sainte-Catherine Street West, 7th floor Montreal, Quebec H3H 2T3, Canada

Digital learning has become a vast and sometimes confusing world. But at LCI Education, we’ve designed learning strategies that engage and entertain, advancing thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide. As a global leader in digital learning, ellicom has been harnessing knowledge since 2002 through the development of performance-driven, interactive, and learner-centered training strategies.

We take pride in the accomplishments of those we have trained—pilots who safely navigate us to beautiful destinations, humanitarian workers who risk their lives to save those affected by war, miners who extract gold that fuels marriages and families, and forensic scientists who connect bullets to guns, inspiring us all.

What drives us? It’s the success of our learners and clients. We strive to deliver exceptional programs with measurable return on investment. Our solutions are innovative, leaving a positive impact. And above all, we aim to bring it all together seamlessly.

8. Limestone Learning

image 164
Top eLearning Developers In Canada 8
NameLimestone Learning
Phone Number+1 604 983 9998
Email ID[email protected]
Address1641 Lonsdale Ave #809, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2J5, Canada

Limestone Learning is a leading custom curriculum software company headquartered in North Vancouver, BC, serving clients in Canada and the United States. Our comprehensive offerings provide end-to-end resources for the growth of organizational and corporate education programs. From research and instructional design to project management and training support, we offer a holistic approach to training and development.

With our expertise in e-learning, synchronous learning, mobile learning, instructor-led training, self-study, and blended training, we can bring your training solution to life. Our team of professionals is dedicated to creating impactful and engaging learning experiences that meet your organization’s specific needs.

9. MentorCity

image 165
Top eLearning Developers In Canada 9
Phone Number+1 888 532 7503
Email ID[email protected]
Address263 Eglinton Avenue West, 203, Toronto, ON M4R1B1, Canada

Ranked ninth among the top e-learning companies in Canada, MentorCity is a complete and user-friendly online mentoring platform. It plays a vital role in cultivating the future of organizations and individuals through the power of relationships and connections. By streamlining the matching process and enabling program administrators to focus on creating a mentoring culture, MentorCity saves organizations time and money while producing exceptional results in personal development.

10. The Rumie Initiative

image 166
Top eLearning Developers In Canada 10
NameThe Rumie Initiative
Phone Number(647) 812-5971
Email ID[email protected]
AddressThe Rumie Initiative 6th Floor, 10 Dundas St E. Toronto, ON, M5B 2G9 Canada

Closing our list of the best e-learning companies in Canada is The Rumie Initiative. In collaboration with prominent organizations worldwide, Rumie develops, coordinates, and distributes free micro-learning courses (“bytes”) focused on essential life and career skills of the 21st century. These courses are tailored to meet the needs of economically disadvantaged individuals who primarily access learning content through smartphones.

FAQs about eLearning Developers in Canada

What qualifications and skills do eLearning developers in Canada possess?

ELearning developers in Canada typically hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fields such as instructional design, educational technology, or computer science. In addition to formal education, they have a strong command of various eLearning authoring tools, programming languages (such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript), multimedia software (such as Adobe Creative Suite), and Learning Management Systems (such as Moodle or Canvas).

How do eLearning developers in Canada ensure accessibility and inclusivity in online courses?

ELearning developers in Canada follow industry best practices and standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), to ensure that online courses are accessible to learners with diverse needs. They employ techniques like alt text for images, closed captioning for videos, and keyboard navigation options to create inclusive learning experiences.

Can eLearning developers in Canada create custom eLearning solutions for businesses?

Yes, eLearning developers in Canada possess the expertise to create custom eLearning solutions tailored to specific business needs. Whether it’s employee onboarding, compliance training, or product knowledge, they can develop engaging and effective eLearning courses that address unique organizational requirements.

What are the advantages of hiring eLearning developers in Canada?

By hiring eLearning developers in Canada, organizations can benefit from their expertise in instructional design, technological proficiency, and understanding of the Canadian education landscape. Some advantages of hiring eLearning developers in Canada include:

Innovative Approach: eLearning developers in Canada are known for their innovative approach to online education. They stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and instructional strategies to deliver cutting-edge eLearning solutions.

Multilingual Capabilities: Canada is a diverse country with a multicultural society. Many eLearning developers in Canada are proficient in multiple languages, allowing them to create content that caters to a wide range of learners.

Quality Standards: Canada has a strong reputation for its education system, and eLearning developers in Canada adhere to high-quality standards. They prioritize the creation of engaging and interactive courses that promote effective learning outcomes.

Understanding of Canadian Education Landscape: eLearning developers in Canada have a deep understanding of the Canadian education landscape, including curriculum frameworks, accreditation processes, and educational regulations. This knowledge enables them to create eLearning courses that align with local educational requirements.

Collaborative Approach: eLearning developers in Canada value collaboration and teamwork. They work closely with clients, subject matter experts, and stakeholders to ensure that the eLearning courses meet the specific needs and goals of the organization.

Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring eLearning developers in Canada can be cost-effective for organizations. With a strong talent pool and competitive pricing, organizations can get high-quality eLearning solutions without breaking the bank.

Conclusion – ELearning Developers in Canada

ELearning developers in Canada play a vital role in shaping the future of education through their expertise in instructional design, technology integration, and innovative thinking. Their skills and knowledge contribute to the creation of engaging and effective online learning experiences that cater to the diverse needs of learners. Whether it’s developing custom eLearning solutions for businesses or designing interactive courses for educational institutions, eLearning developers in Canada are at the forefront of the eLearning revolution.

In a digital world where online education has become the norm, the expertise of eLearning developers in Canada is in high demand. Their ability to combine instructional design principles with technical proficiency creates a powerful synergy that elevates online learning to new heights. With their skills, innovation, and dedication to quality, eLearning developers in Canada are driving the transformation of education and providing learners with accessible and engaging learning experiences.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your online learning initiatives or create custom eLearning solutions, consider engaging the services of eLearning developers in Canada. Harness their expertise to unlock the full potential of online education and take your organization’s learning and development to the next level.

Whether you are looking for rapid eLearning services, custom eLearning services, or eLearning translation and localization services, contact us or send us an email at [email protected] and find the best eLearning developers in Canada that can help you achieve your realistic goals.



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