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List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane

eLearning companies in Brisbane, Australia offer bespoke eLearning development services. These companies provide eLearning solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and educational institutions.

Whether you need interactive courses, mobile learning solutions, or comprehensive eLearning strategies, these Brisbane-based companies can provide bespoke solutions to meet your requirements.

Here are some notable eLearning companies in Brisbane that provide bespoke eLearning development services:

List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane

1. Brilliant Teams

eLearning companies in Australia - Brilliant Teams
List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane 1
Phone #+61 0434 034 717
Email ID[email protected]

Brilliant Teams focuses on creating customized eLearning solutions to meet the specific needs of organizations.

Services: They offer services such as bespoke eLearning content development, learning management systems (LMS), and strategic consulting aimed at enhancing team performance and learning outcomes.

2. Swift eLearning Services

eLearning Companies in UK - Swift e-Learning Services
List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane 2
Phone #
Email ID[email protected]

Swift eLearning Services specializes in rapid eLearning development and innovative instructional design.

Services: Their offerings include custom eLearning development, mobile learning solutions, gamification, and eLearning localization services. They are known for creating engaging and effective eLearning content quickly and efficiently.

3. B Online Learning

Top eLearning Companies - B Online Learning
List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane 3
Phone #+61 2 9571 6888
Email ID[email protected]

B Online Learning is an eLearning development and consultancy company that excels in creating engaging digital learning experiences.

4. Catapult eLearning

eLearning companies in Australia - catapult elearning
List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane 4
Phone #+61 8 8275 9380
Email ID[email protected]

Catapult eLearning provides comprehensive eLearning solutions focused on vocational education and training (VET).

5. imc Learning

eLearning Companies in UK - imc
List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane 5
Phone #+61 447 555 141
Email ID[email protected]

imc Learning is a global leader in digital learning solutions, offering a wide range of eLearning services and technologies.

6. Urban E-Learning

Urban elearning
List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane 6
Phone #07 3118 6161
Email ID[email protected]

7. Edmore

Edmore Training
List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane 7
Phone #+61 (07) 5438 2567
Email ID[email protected]

8. Go1

List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane 8
Phone #1300 552 914
Email ID[email protected]

9. ITC Learning Australia

eLearning companies in Australia - ITC
List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane 9
Phone #+612 9438 2500
Email ID[email protected]

10. Liberate Learning

eLearning companies in Australia - Liberate learning
List of eLearning Companies in Brisbane 10
Phone #+61 2 6176 0767
Email ID[email protected]

FAQs about eLearning Companies in Brisbane

Are there any eLearning companies in Brisbane that offer free trials?

Yes, several eLearning companies in Brisbane offer free trials to allow potential clients to explore their platforms and services before making a commitment.

Can these eLearning companies customize their courses to fit my organization’s needs?

Absolutely! Many of the eLearning companies on our list specialize in developing customized eLearning solutions.

Do any of these eLearning companies provide ongoing support after the course development?

Yes, most eLearning companies in Brisbane provide ongoing support to their clients.

Can these eLearning companies integrate with existing learning management systems (LMS)?

Yes, many eLearning companies have the capability to integrate their platforms with existing LMS.

Are these eLearning companies suitable for individual learners as well?

Absolutely! While many eLearning companies cater to organizations, they also offer courses that are suitable for individual learners.

What are the pricing models offered by these eLearning companies?

The pricing models vary among eLearning companies in Brisbane. Some companies offer subscription-based models, while others provide one-time payment options. It’s best to visit their websites or contact them directly for specific pricing details.


The eLearning industry in Brisbane is thriving, and there are numerous reputable companies that can assist you in achieving your learning goals.

Whether you are an individual seeking to enhance your skills or an organization looking for comprehensive eLearning solutions, the list of eLearning companies in Brisbane mentioned in this article can cater to your needs. Don’t hesitate to explore their websites, reach out to them, and take advantage of their services to embark on a successful eLearning journey.

Eliana Watson
Eliana Watson
Eliana Watson is an eLearning author and advisor who has collaborated with numerous learning solution providers across the globe. She assist users in selecting the best companies for their needs, she also conducts research and writes about the latest and best eLearning solution providers. She also assists eLearning businesses in identifying their ideal clients, gaining the recognition they deserve, and creating reliable streams of incoming inquiries.


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