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Best eLearning Content Providers

It is always obvious to compare eLearning providers while looking for the best eLearning Content Providers to suit your needs. This means that many providers offer a mix of options that finds the right solutions for the companies.

01. Swift eLearning Services Pvt. Ltd.

NameSwift eLearning Services Pvt. Ltd.
Phone Number 91 40 40265193
Email ID[email protected]
Software ExpertiseArticulate Storyline 360, Adobe Captivate, Elucidat,
Lectora Inspire, Adobe Flash

Accelerate eLearning
We at Swift understand that for your rapidly evolving businesses, you sometimes need quick learning solutions. We follow a rapid e-learning development approach that conforms with your timelines to accelerate the course development process.

We use the outstanding expertise of our learning designers in this approach, who are well versed in a wide range of rapid authoring tools. With these tools in place, content on eLearning is created in a matter of weeks, perhaps even days. elearning content providers


Phone Number +91 8801992245
Email ID[email protected]
SolutionsTranslations and Localization, Custom eLearning, Rapid eLearning Development, MicroLearning

We are one of the world’s leading supplier of e-learning solutions and offer companies of all sizes a full range of high value services.

We aim for the development and expansion on a regional and global level of e-learning solutions for our customers and for a reasonable price to maintain the highest quality.

IKHYA has been able to learn and develop despite years of experience. elearning content providers

03. CoreAxis 

Phone Number (508) 485 8660
Email Number[email protected]
Address17 Skylar Drive Southborough, Massachusetts 01772

In immersive, innovative learning programs tailored to your business needs, CoreAxis is one of the top elearning providers. They build world-class, customized learning solutions that fuel the growth of the most precious asset of their customers: their people. Best elearning content providers

In all digital modalities, CoreAxis offers a blend of high-quality models, eLearning best practices, and engaging user experiences. Creative and practical, fast-paced, and strategic, the above makes them equal parts agency and consultancy. Result? An agile, collaborative process of development that rapidly satisfies your specific business needs and helps you succeed.

04. Kineo Learning

NameKineo Learning
Phone Number +44 (0) 1273 764070
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSovereign House Church Street Brighton BN1 1SS United Kingdom

Kineo is a learning company that recognizes what it is that always makes a learning experience great. Everything they do stems from a simple idea: they can get better results for both themselves and their clients if they design a Better Learner Experience. It is key to work together for the best results.

Kineo is proud of its reputation as flexible and innovative, and of its creative and award-winning work with customers around the globe. They’ll partner with you every step of the way, from your L&D strategy to designing efficient content and a powerful platform to deliver it.

  • Great design for learning, great learning experiences
    At Kineo, they start with what they know that makes a learning experience effective and engaging, and all of it flows from there. Their customized content is based on years of proof of success and best practice LX design methods, which ensures they can create a tailored product that works for your business, brought to life by the creative flair of Kineo.
  • Quick to implement
    Organizations are all distinct, but they also have similar needs and face the same types of problems. As the basis for your project, Kineo will draw on a range of tried-and-tested solutions to common training needs, adapting them to suit your audience specifically. As a result, you can get your training projects up and running far faster than building from the ground up.
  • Measurement and maintenance built-in
    Their customized content, with their data and authoring tools built-in, is powered by sophisticated tech operating in the background. To get exactly what you need, they’ll support the internal design and data teams for you. Best elearning content providers

05. Allen Interactions

NameAllen Interactions
Phone Number 800.799.6280
Email ID[email protected]
Address1120 Centre Pointe Drive, Suite 800 St. Paul, MN 55120

Organizations are facing the need more than ever to adapt to rapid change. Allen Interactions empowers companies and their people to adapt, enhance, and thrive. Together, through meaningful, memorable, motivational learning and technology solutions that produce measurable gains, you can optimize your organization. Best elearning content providers

Custom learning

The elearning providers focus on what the learner needs to do, not just learn to reskill and upskill employees and talent for true performance change. From eLearning and microlearning to scenario-based and game-inspired learning, their team offers a range of custom learning and technology services.

06. Inno-Versity

Phone Number +1 (833) 532-7697
Email ID[email protected]
Address445 Pettis Ave SE Ada, MI 49301

When it comes to top eLearning content development companies, Inno-Versity is one of the global leaders. In specific, in digital custom learning solutions.

With specialties in gamification, blended learning, eLearning, scenario-based learning, mobile learning, Instructor-Led Training, animations, and AR/VR, their in-house team of instructional and creative designers has worked with top brands around the world.

Their value proposition is simple: using advanced learning theory and cutting-edge technology to create world-class programs that engage learners and produce measurable business outcomes. Best elearning content providers


Phone Number 098450 61484
Email Number[email protected]
AddressNo. 953, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar, Bangalore, India 560008

In their digital transformation journey, EI Design is a learning experience learning design company and elearning providers that partner with customers. They provide high-impact support solutions for learning and performance that provide a high quotient of engagement, drive employee performance, and deliver high ROI for the learner, business, and organization.

Through “sticky” learning experiences, their training solutions create the “triad of value,” enabling effective application on the job and triggering shifts in thought and actions. In order to provide learning consulting services, the elearning providers have improved recently their portfolio. This marks their evolution from a leading company with learning strategy and solutions to a strategic consultant with a learning experience. Best elearning content providers

08. eLearning Brothers

NameeLearning Brothers
Phone Number 801-796-(2767)
Email ID[email protected]
Address732 East Utah Valley Drive Suite #100 American Fork, UT, 84003

They delight their customers with learning experiences that are immersive and visually explosive. The content development team of eLearning Brothers is highly decorated with such a wide range of solutions: online, mobile, VR, VILT, classroom, social, games, and much more.

The chops of eLearning Brothers are to produce outstanding results and the ability to handle your greatest needs. The elearning providers proven process of development and commitment to being your partner, not just a vendor, makes it a great choice to work with them. elearning content providers

09. Harbinger Interactive Learning

NameHarbinger Interactive Learning
Phone Number +91-20-2528-4201
Email ID[email protected]
Address139, Siddhant, Off Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune 411038

Harbinger Interactive Learning is a leading global design and development firm specializing in the development of custom content for eLearning, modernization of eLearning, and design of learning experiences. Harbinger the elearning providers has over 26 years of experience in the development of award-winning custom learning solutions across multiple industry verticals for consumers.

Team Harbinger works diligently to create innovative and engaging learning content for its clients with a vision of “transform lives at every workplace,” The design and development skills of Harbinger vary from a deep understanding of learning, good instructional design skills, visual design, and digital learning technical expertise. elearning content providers

10. Learnnovators

Name Learnnovators
Phone Number +91-98400-63558
Email ID[email protected]
AddressTwins Chambers 824, P. H. Road, Kilpauk Chennai – 600010, INDIA

Learnnovators is a multi-award-winning organization and elearning providers specializing in designing and developing custom workplace eLearning solutions. Since 2003, for about 250 clients across 5 continents, they have developed over 12,000 hours of learning content in 38 languages.

Through designing tailor-made solutions that are aligned with their business goals, their team enables consumers to address skill and performance gaps in their workforce. Custom eLearning, mobile learning, gamified learning, Flash to HTML5 conversion, localization, and Moodle customization are the services of Learnnovators. They offer an LMS as well, Learnospace.

The Highlights

  • Experience
    The elearning providers almost have two decades of experience designing a global clientele with customized eLearning solutions.
  • Processes
    They follow a methodology that works for all stakeholders, driven by strict but flexible processes. The goal of this approach is to ensure high quality while leaving space for flexibility, taking into consideration the varying project requirements.
  • Innovation
    A culture based on the desire to push the envelope, be it in design or in the use of tools and technologies, at all levels of a project. A testimony to this fact is the line-up of 50 + prestigious international awards won in the last 5 years. elearning content providers

11. Obsidian Learning

NameObsidian Learning
Phone Number7134265656
Email ID[email protected]
Address604 Harvard Street Houston, TX 77007-2541 USA

Obsidian Learning continues to adapt and innovate after 22 years in the learning industry, 130+ happy customers, ~800 efficient custom learning projects, and 5 consecutive years as a Top Learning Provider (and several other awards) combining the latest advances with time-tested methods of nimble and effective learning.

They excel in creating assets, deliverables, and programs for custom learning. Obsidian Learning focuses on the learners and advocates everyone, helping you impact the bottom line directly. And with a series on virtual team building and DIY virtual learning development, the elearning providers are expanding their off-the-shelf library.

The Highlights

  • Virtual Learning
    Their wheelhouse is virtual learning. They offer customized virtual learning solutions to directly support the needs of your learners and business drivers, from developing engaging microlearning pieces to deploying full learning programs. Obsidian Learning can help, whether it is building from scratch, converting from in-person to fully virtual, or updating your existing content.
  • Blended learning
    Their blended learning methodology helps them create meaningful and remarkable experiences for learners by applying the latest in cognitive science. Their blended programs include learners in a format that fits their work schedule and learning pace with a variety of learning deliverables spread over time, when and where they need them.
  • To navigate the virtual world, off-the-shelf courses
    Obsidian reacts with off-the-shelf courses that meet your new needs as staff and companies struggle to adapt to the virtual workplace. Their series of Virtual Team Building offers a program to help individuals connect, thrive, and be more productive while having fun as well. The DIY Interactive Learning series by Obsidian guides newly tasked employees to create their own training nuggets and programs with targeted modules that fit into busy work schedules. Their Open Sesame library expands weekly as they pivot to meet the challenges of today with you. elearning content providers

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Eliana Watson
Eliana Watson
Eliana Watson is an eLearning author and advisor who has collaborated with numerous learning solution providers across the globe. She assist users in selecting the best companies for their needs, she also conducts research and writes about the latest and best eLearning solution providers. She also assists eLearning businesses in identifying their ideal clients, gaining the recognition they deserve, and creating reliable streams of incoming inquiries.


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