12 Examples on How to Use the Powerful Combination of Mobile Learning and Microlearning for Higher Impact


There is an increase in the frequency at which organizations are integrating Mobile Learning as well as Microlearning in their training deliveries.

Mobile Learning has gained further impetus due to learners using smartphones and tablets under the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy as well as because of the increase in the millennial workforce. The use of Microlearning to offer performance support intervention and support to Formal Training has gained traction over the last 2 years. Also, because of the increased adoption of Mobile Learning, the usage of Microlearning as a mainstream training strategy has been intensified.

With the combination of Mobile Learning and Microlearning, organizations can boost their training deliveries and improve their learning mandates.

Here are 12 examples that demonstrate how the combination of Mobile Learning and Microlearning can be used to enrich organizations’ training deliveries.


With these 12 examples, organizations can implement the combination of Mobile Learning and Microlearning in their corporate training and gain better results. This ensures that both the learner as well as the organization achieve positive outcomes. Organizations can get a better understanding of how to tweak their training deliveries and effectively implement the combination of both Mobile Learning and Microlearning, enabling a better employee engagement.

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