How to Do A/B Split Testing in WordPress using Google Optimize

Do you want to run A/B split tests on your WordPress site to improve conversions? Split testing helps you understand how small changes in content and design affect user behavior. In this article, we will show you how to easily do A/B split testing in WordPress using Google Optimize.

What is A/B Split Testing?

A/B split testing is a technique that allows you to compare two versions of the same web page against each other, so you can determine which one performs better and produces better results.

Marketers use A/B split testing for their landing pages to find out which one gets them more conversions and sales.

Split testing can be used to test any element on the page including call-to-action buttons, color schemes, layout changes, marketing text, images, and more.

How A/B Split Testing Works?

Basically, you show different variations of a page to your audience. After that, you track user engagement and conversions to find out which variation gives you the best results.



Preparing for A/B Split Testing

Before we move forward, there are a few things you would need for this tutorial.

First, you will need MonsterInsights plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. You’ll need at least their Pro plan in order to access Google Optimize addon which we will be using in this tutorial.

If you haven’t already done so, then you need to sign up and install Google Analytics in WordPress.

Lastly, you will need Google Optimize. It is a free tool that allows you to run split testing experiments on your website. We will show you how to set it up in the next step.

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