The Impact of AI on Employment and the Workforce

The Impact of AI on Employment and the Workforce

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and automation are no longer any futuristic technologies, but current sensation as they have found traction among big enterprises. AI can have a positive effect on your enterprise since it can organize data to make workflow easier.

Employers and workers don’t feel threatened by the invasion of AI technology. It was revealed on a recent survey that 56% of enterprises showed a positive perspective towards artificial intelligence and 49% positive review on automation. Moreover, employers with the help of a performance management software integrated with AI could evaluate the performance of the employees on a timely basis.

The development of AI is going to be a story of the coming year, not just the coming generation, but since we are in the bottom of 2018, here are 3 ways through which AI will influence your life:

Human-to-Machine Interaction

Human-to-machine interaction is getting more popular, and today the objective is to influence machines to collaborate in human ways as possible. Nowadays machines can detect emotion in our voices and modify their reactions accordingly.

The Chatbot is the best example to show how technology is progressively ready to analyze human actions and emotions. The new version of Siri is expected to have a human-like voice and better pitch. That all originates from machine learning and AI.


Smart Process Automation

Artificial intelligence will likewise influence smart process automation. Today, machines are responsible for the majority of the basic work being done across many industries. From process automation to handling of customer field request, they are getting more capable and smarter.

AI may be quick and error free but, it can’t fully replace people. The agility and creativity of the human mind is something that machines still can’t master as of now. While there is no doubt that machine capacities will get enhanced in the upcoming years diversely affecting human workers.


Advanced Analytics

Advanced business analytics is another sector where AI analyses the data to understand the pattern and related insights. Advanced analytics and AI-based machine learning help to understand the pattern and how to implement them for generating value. This technology empowers businesses to gain insights and eventually improving revenue and overall customer satisfaction.

Organizations today are becoming more client-driven as digital advancements excite customers and day to day activities. So, it is fundamental to understand the preferences of customers, statistic characteristics and different elements related to improving both income and commitment. Organizations can accomplish this with advanced analytics, machine learning and updating the content on a regular basis. Advanced AI systems can be utilized to anticipate the actions of a user and offer their preferred product or service at the right time.

We are living in a space where digital discoveries are coming at a quick pace. AI, is affecting how we work, live and play. Artificial Intelligence is controlling machines that can collaborate conversationally with people and find patterns through data, enabling enterprises to wind up knowledge driven.


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