What is VR, AR & 360 Degree Video and How Do They Differ?

Gone were the days, where learner used to sit in a closed room with a book in his/ her hand and an instructor with the teaching aids. Over the last two decades, the change in the technology is unpredictable. A radical behavior in the minds of the learners paved a way to discover the new teaching methodologies and new teaching aids. In the midst of the whole scenario, eLearning has been a ray of hope and become a ground factor to modernize the learning in terms of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° video.

You may not be wondering about these terms if you belong to the fields of eLearning and mass media communications. But, all the three technologies in one place gives you a lucid figure and might help you in leveraging your online training.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality, in short VR, is an emerging technology which gives immersive learning experience. A three dimensional environment, created using computer generated simulations allow the learners to interact with the virtual world. A specially made headset, VR headset acts as a learning interface and gives learner a 360 degree view of any location. Head movements of the learner will be tracked and give access to the virtual objects, look and move around the virtual environment as they would do in the real life.

Virtual Reality Applications makes a remarkable move in training the employees of various industries. Let’s see some of its applications.

  • Virtual Reality in healthcare industry enables the doctors, nurses and other staff to interact with the virtual medical environment training instead directly being operated on patients to improve health outcomes.
  • Virtual Reality in eLearning is a boon for the learners since it will be a training need of an hour where learners are indulged in the immersive learning. These training courses are cost-effective and most of the L&D professionals would suggest virtual reality for technical skills development, leadership skill development, etc.
  • Virtual Reality in Construction business offers many benefits since it is widely being used to create vibrant and realistic structures and taking the 3D modeling to the new heights.

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