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Transforming the Entire E-learning Landscape using Extended LMS for the Automotive Sector


The advent of internet technologies in several organizations has set a significant difference to the way organizations provide training, activities and engaging experiences to their employees. Automobile companies invest huge amounts to train their internal as well extended workforce. To mitigate training costs, the industry is gradually shifting from traditional classroom approach to lucrative e-learning solutions. With the utilization of robust Learning Management Systems (LMSs), training the extended workforce has become an imperative need for the whole industry.

The ease-to-access latest e-learning technologies anytime and anywhere, has enabled the modern workforce to experience self-paced learning. Modern learners can quickly access updated information on their personalized mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets at their own pace of time and location. Automobile sector with a contingent workforce comprising of partners, suppliers, dealers, customers and others face ample training challenges including:

  • The need to train the extended workforce, particularly their dealer network spread across diverse demographic locations.
  • The existing classroom-based training programs are unstructured, lengthy as well as expensive.
  • A huge dependency on in-house training team with 3-4 members who lack in aligning with the customized needs of external employees.
  • Theimportance to ensure instant content delivery via personalized mobile devices to drive learning at one’s own pace and at any time.
  • Companies also want to bring uniformity in the entire training process- both for internal as well as external audiences.
  • Because of shortage of manpower in a few companies, training external employees (especially the dealer network) via offline methodologies, becomes a daunting task.

Changing Face of Extended Workforce Training Using Modern LMS

As the dealer network in this sector works from varied locations, it becomes imperative to use an online learning platform which is mobile-supported, flexible and easy to access. Automotive manufacturers know how to address the challenges of training the extended dealer network. Therefore, ensuring consistency of training across the contingent personnel is critical for the delivery of an excellent customer service. So, a myriad of end-to-end e-learning solutions are provided to serve the following benefits:

  • Online learning platform is efficiently integrated with Dealer Management Systems (DMSs) to impart training at the point of need. Significant data is utilized from DMS so that sales employees can trigger the LMS to deliver effective learning. Consequently, it helps the workforce to learn more and perform better.
  • Using a robust platform, online courses can be easily accessed over your personalized mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Localization feature is supported by e-learning platforms to deliver training content in multiple languages, thereby boosting the overall learner collaboration, engagement among the peers and knowledge retention.
  • The online learning platform also acts as a repository of workforce competencies by including the dealer workforce network.
  • Different types of training courses are uploaded on the platform in accordance to varied job roles and learning preferences of individuals. This leads to customized content delivery, thereby allowing the learners to make an optimum use of knowledge and apply it to the real-life situations.
  • LMS also supports effective knowledge management through real-time social collaboration and archiving. A repository comprising of documents, videos and conversations is also maintained and accessible by the learners, whenever required.
  • The robust platforms aids managers and trainers to assign, track and finish the training quotient, ensuring customers get a highly appropriate product description.

The Final Word

As the automotive industry is being transformed by innovative e-learning technologies and applications from sensors and artificial intelligence to data analytics; the global system is witnessing a huge influx of new industry players. Extended workforce training has become a crucial aspect for the industry and deployment of new-generation LMS has been successful in meeting the pertinent needs of all. The industry has always been the sector of development and training its workforce is becoming more collaborative and personalized to the evolving market needs. With ever-increasing business expectations, scope of workplace learning is also rising to boost employee productivity, learning efficiency, alignment to business conditions and the bottom line.

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