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One Simple LMS Reality You Must Not Ignore

If you’re investigating learning management systems, let me give you a reality check. Ready?

Be prepared to spend 100+ hours researching and testing – just to get to a decision on which LMS is right for your business. 

At the iNLP Center, we’re on our fifth LMS since 2011 and it’s the best one so far. WP-Courseware won the battle and there were several serious contenders.

As a rule, we purchased, installed and thoroughly tested each LMS that appeared to have the features we needed. We didn’t know the folks at WP-Courseware but have built a solid working relationship with them since.

They even interviewed iNLP Center Co-Founder Hope Bundrant.

At any rate, the point is, it took forever to do the research. Three months to choose the right LMS. And then the work of installation, configuration, and migration (3000 students in the old LMS) begins.

100’s more hours.

No worries, This is life. If your business depends on an LMS platform, then it’s just what you do. But don’t skimp on the due diligence.

The 100 hours of research – even if spread out over months – is worth the time and effort.

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