5 Must See Examples of Microlearning Strategies for Corporate Training


Nowadays, organizations are beginning to implement Microlearning strategies for both formal and informal learning. In order to meet a specific learning outcome, Microlearning—a short, focused learning nugget—is employed. It is a learner-centric approach that guarantees better retention of learning, is easier to use, is less time-consuming, and is available to the learner at the time of his or her need. Microlearning can be used as a stand-alone asset or as multiple micro-courses.

Here are 5 examples of Microlearning strategies that can be used effectively in your corporate training.

This infographic with examples of Microlearning strategies will help you effectively implement Microlearning based training in your organization and improve learner engagement. Be it to address soft skills/behavioral change, for compliance training, or for professional skills, you can use these examples as a guide to enhance your corporate training and provide learners with just-in-time learning.

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