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Infographic on 4 Key Benefits of Social Learning at the Workplace


Online training has gradually taken over the mantle from traditional methods of training as the preferred mode of learning. The concept of Social Learning is a part of online training, but it has yet to become a widespread phenomenon. It involves the way learners comprehend data and apply it in their jobs. Learning can practically happen through on the job or via conventional training methods. According to the 70/20/10 Model for Learning and Development, 70% of the learning is obtained from actual job exposures, 20% from interactions with others, and just 10% from conventional training.

The following are the 4 key benefits of Social Learning for both the learners as well as the organizations.

Infographic on 4 Key Benefits of Social Learning at the Workplace

Thus, we can infer that Social Learning is the ideal mode of learning, as it facilitates the learners to get better aligned to the organizational work culture. It is more effective as it provides the learner a strong platform for conventional learning as well. Moreover, Social Learning in online training makes it easier even for millennials to relate to. The organizations, too, stand to benefit a great deal as it supplements the corporate training requirements to the hilt.

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