We all have enjoyed our school & college life a lot, not because of study but because of fun and games we played. If you see the statistics, 89% people love to play games while learning rather than sitting in the class and attending boring lectures. People love to get scored on their performance, not only in the school and college life but also in their professional career.

What is LMS platform and how gamification is beneficial in the learning process?

LMS – is a software utility that automates the management, tracking, and reporting of training courses.Gamification a.k.a game based learning engages the enrollee to be an active part of the learning activities. Every game is structured on 3 pillars: Points, Progression & Competitions. In the LMS, the game will truly enunciate the success of the course and programs. As per the recent survey on people disengagement from work, only 13% of the employees worldwide are engaged at work. If you dig more for reasons, people don’t like to do job coz they lack motivations and inspirations, plus some are unhappy and unproductive, creates negativity among the co-workers. To grab the attention of the user, game integration on the learning platform is a necessity. Example: Let’s say that you are playing chess, then what first comes to the mind- “To WIN”.That’s the ultimate motive of any game. If the same enthusiasm is directed in the path of learning and development, the perspective of the job will change from being “just a work” into “work which makes you happier”.

Statistics of gaming on LMS development:

Users survey report analysis provided by Panagiotis Zaharias

  1. 62% people enjoy seeing their name on the leaderboard.
  2. 82% people would like to explore the game more on the level system- Beginner, Intermediate & Expert.
  3. 75% people request to get rewarded.
  4. 50% people love to collect online badges.
  5. 80% people would like to challenge their friends.

Overall the analysis report states that the interaction of people with the eLearning platform will increase as the gamification feature would be added in the systems.

Speaking about the features, LMS gamification has:

  • Achievement badges
  • Points
  • Leader boards
  • Progress bars
  • Levels/quests

Learning management system gamification examples:

  1. Bournvita Quiz Contest: One of the most recognized Indian quiz show, which drew students’ attention in preparing themselves on a global scale to compete with different schools. BQC was considered a gold standard quiz show, where school pride was at stake and the quizzing was dead serious.
  2. IBM Kudo’s badges: Kudos Badges for IBM Connections is a gamification platform developed for IBM Connections. By rendering the achievements and rewards (Kudos Badges), ranks, leader boards, and missions, organizations can spectacularly ameliorate their user engagement and acceptance of IBM Connections.
  3. Duolingo: It’s a prototype of learning the language in the form of games and trivia. This LMS tracks the performance, progress and keeps learners got engaged & motivated.

Does MOODLE have a gamification module for their courses?

Yes. Moodle is one of the most proficient platforms of LMS in the current world and does have lots of gamification plugins for the platform, such as:

  1. Moodle Badges
  2. Badge Awarder
  3. Checklist
  4. Configurable Reports
  5. Essential Theme
  6. Heatmap
  7. Level Up
  8. Link Crawler
  9. Office 365 Repository
  10. Questionnaire
  11. Question Trends
  12. Ranking Block
  13. Social Wall Format
  14. Training Sessions
  15. xAPI Launch Link

It’s too obvious now that LMS gamification is far better than the traditional learning methodologies. In future, we have to conduct a lot more analysis on the users’ habit and case studies to measure how the various protocols available are affecting the learning engagement and student’s performances.


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