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eLearning Tools for Designing Better Courses

Listed in this article is an extensive list of eLearning tools and resources that help build eLearning courses better and faster. From authoring tools, to audio-video tools, to icon resources, these are all the eLearning tools that help instructional designers:

Authoring Tools

Authoring tools put together the basic blocks of an eLearning course. They stitch together the fundamental content that will reach the user.

Adobe Captivate

  • Pricing: Subscription — $29.99/month; Full License — $1,099 Student & Teacher Edition — $349

Articulate 360

  • Pricing: Existing customers — $599/user first year(Individual), $799/user first year(Teams); New customers — $999 /user annually(Individual), $1,299/user annually(Teams)

Lectora Inspire

  • Pricing: Starts at $2,174. This includes 1st year maintenance and support + training, along with the license.

iSpring Suite

  • Pricing: 1 lifetime license — $670; 3 lifetime licenses — $1,870; 5 lifetimes licenses — $2,990.

Adapt Learning

  • Open source tool supported by a growing community. Pricing: Free


Shift Learning

  • Pricing: Lite ($120/month or $1200 annually); Power User ($350/month or $3500 annually); Enterprise ($850/month or $8500 annually)


  • Pricing: Depends on users; $99/month billed annually(1 user), $495/month billed annually, $1,782/month billed annually.


gomo learning

  • Pricing: Authoring+Hosting — Small package($178/month or $1780 annually), Medium package($498/month or $4980 annually) ; Authoring — Personal($89/month or $890 annually), Small Team($249/month or $2490 annually)


  • Offers interactive video tool as well. Pricing: Video Only — $9/month (or $90 annually), 1GB storage, video courses only; Starter — $39/month (or $390 annually), 2GB storage, unlimited courses; Professional — $199/month (or $1990 annually), 10GB storage, unlimited courses, Team collaboration.

Adobe Presenter

  • Pricing: Subscription — $14.99/month, Full License — $499, Upgrade — $199, Student & Teacher Edition — $149

Review Tools

Reviewing courses is essential feature for eLearning tools to keep all stakeholders updated and on the same page. They also ensure that the course is up to the mark and as per specification.


  • Visual review and collaboration tool with a responsive interface that allows unlimited collaborators.
  • Pricing: 1 project free forever; Starter — $29/month (5 projects); Team — $59/month (20 projects); Enterprise — custom pricing

Review My eLearning

  • Collaborate with stakeholders and review your eLearning courses slide-by-slide.
  • Pricing: Small — $15/month (1 course); Medium — $29/month (5 courses); Large — $59/month (20 courses); Enterprise — $99/month (unlimited courses)


  • Store files on the cloud and access them for review, at any time, anywhere.
  • Pricing: On demand


  • Support SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 content from Lectora, Articulate and Captivate. Add unlimited reviewers and even review mobile courses.
  • Pricing: Starting at $29/month (Small team); $49/month (Medium plan); $108/month (Large plan); $128/month (unlimited plan)

Adobe Captivate Reviewer

  • Adobe add-on for the Captivate authoring tool.
  • Pricing available on demand

Animation Tools

Animation tools help increase engagement in courses. They add another layer for keeping the users invested in the subject matter. A number of eLearning tools offer innovative methods to add animation to courses.

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Includes Character Animator, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Pricing: Business — All apps($69.99/month), Single App ($29.99/month); Individual — Starting at $9.99/month to $79.98/month


  • Scenario based eLearning tool. It’s compatible with Lectora, Articulate and Adobe Captivate. Allows adding characters, backgrounds and voice over also.
  • Pricing: Professional — $242/month (30 simulations per author); Enterprise — $300/month (50 simulations per author); Interactive video — $575/month (interactive branching videos, 100 GB)


  • A simple DIY animation tool with minimal setup, ideal for small teams and freelancers.
  • Pricing: GoPublish — $39/month; GoPremium — $79/month, GoTeam — $159/month


  • Create animated videos and presentations with this free tool. The paid plan has watermark removal, HD videos etc.
  • Pricing: Pro — $19/month, Business — $59/month. There are also special educational plans for students and classroom teaching, or the option to pay per bundle of videos.


  • Aimed at non-designers, it helps make engaging presentations swiftly with templates. It also offers tracking features.
  • Pricing: Standard — $10/month; Plus — $20/month; Premium — $59/month (billed annually)

Interactive Video Tools


  • Detects faces & objects and offers quite a bit of customization in interactive videos. A free editor for non-commercial use is available. Paid plans with extensive features start at $100 per month.

Rapt Media

  • Build cloud-based interactive video with Google Analytics and a host of other third party integrations. Pricing available on request.


  • Add YouTube video and make it embeddable on any webpage. 14-day trial available with paid plans starting at € 499 as a one time fee.


  • Add questions to interactive videos, add menu to organize content and highlight parts of the video. Personal plan at $9.97; pro plans start at $97.


  • Create interactive videos with personalization, extensive integrations and analytics. Plans start at $500/month with unlimited videos and unlimited views in each plan.

Screen Capture


  • Capture screens and make notes directly from your web browser. Paid plans starting at $3.99/month.


  • Create animated GIFs, capture infinite scrolling screens and edit your captures. Full license priced at $49.95. Subsidized plans for education and government projects.


  • Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool — all in one. Great part is that it’s open source.


  • Part of the product suite that hosts SnagIt and Camtasia. Add visual elements to images and share them. It’s also free!


  • Capture the entire screen or parts of it and directly create a .GIF. It is also completely free to use.

Awesome Screenshot

  • Store and organize screenshots, share feedback on them and it’s all free.

Survey Tools

Survey tools are important for user research before and after course development. These are some tools that can be used in the eLearning domain for this purpose.

Survey Monkey

  • Pricing: Basic plan — Free; Select plan — $10/month; Gold plan — $23/month; Platinum plan — $62/month


  • Pricing: Basic — Free(100 responses/month); Pro — $29/month(unlimited responses); Pro+ — $59/month(unlimited responses)

Google Forms

  • Pricing: Free for individuals, For work — $10 per user per month (for Teams); starting at $5 per user per month (for companies and enterprises)

Zoho Survey

  • Pricing: Basic plan — free(150 responses/survey); Standard — $24/month(unlimited responses); Premium — $29/month(unlimited responses, CRM integration); Enterprise — $49/month(unlimited responses, CRM integration, admin setup, user management)

Survey Gizmo

  • Pricing: On demand

Survey Planet

  • Pricing: Free plan(unlimited surveys, questions and responses), Pro plan — $20/month or $180/year (everything in free plan + export survey results as CSV, PDF etc, notifications, remove branding)

Screen Cast Tools

More than just recording or capturing your screen, show mouse clicks along with the regular cursor. Record and upload your sessions to communicate with fellow team members or insert it into a course for learners.

Articulate Peek

  • Part of Articulate 360’s package.

Camtasia Studio

  • Produce videos for the web using H.264 format.
  • Pricing: Single user license available for $199. Subsidized licenses for educational projects.


  • ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key.


  • Pricing: Free version available; Pro: $8/mo; Team (starts at 2 users): $9/mo/user; Business (starts at 3 users): $17/mo/user.

Video Tools

These tools help capture video, customize and annotate on it, and also edit it to make it suitable for the project. These are the eLearning tools for getting video right.

Microsoft Office Mix

  • Free PowerPoint add-on, great for building interactive quizzes and reports.

Active Presenter

  • Record video, edit it, add annotations and multiple layers to the video.
  • Commercial license starting at $149.

Adobe Premier Pro & After Effects

  • Part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, these offer exquisite video editing features and the option to add effects.
  • Pricing: Business — All apps($69.99/month), Single App (29.99/month); Individual — Starting at $9.99/month to $79.98/month

Apple Final Cut Pro X

  • Wide range of post production options for video editing. Available only for Mac users.


  • Lightweight screen grab tool with in-built image editor. Also available as iOS and Android screen capture application.
  • Basic functionality free, while paid plans start at €28.89 per user.


  • Capture images, record videos, annotate on them.
  • Commercial plans starting at $9.95.


  • Allows creating videos in multiple formats, editing options and special effects to them. Simple interface and easy for beginners.
  • Single user license available for $199. Subsidized licenses for educational projects.

Quick Time

  • Especially useful for Mac users as this eliminates the need for any external screen recording software.
  • Basic version is pre-installed on Mac systems and free for download for Windows users. Pro version is paid and allows creating slideshows, adding special effects etc. apart from screen capture.

Audio Tools

A good soundtrack enhances the course’s effectiveness. It keeps the learner engrossed and gives the instructional designer another dimension to work with.


  • Free tool to edit audio and add effects to your course

Text to Speech

  • Create an audio that has all the text converted to speech, simply paste the text and convert


  • Free tool to mix audio for your course

Sound Forge

  • Professional quality audio mixing; starting at $59.99

Graphic Design and Prototyping Tools

These tools come in handy for extra illustrations, statistical charts and summary infographics. They are all available as free resources with option to upgrade for more extensive features.

Graphic design

Mocks and Prototypes

Icon Resources

This is a collection of the best resources to find icons for the eLearning course. For an even more extensive list, see this post.

Hope this collection helped in finding useful resources for designing your eLearning course. We’ll keep updating this list with more resources. You can read more such helpful posts for eLearning and instructional design here.

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