Elearning Design: How to Choose the Right Graphics for eLearning?

Elearning Design How to Choose the Right Graphics for eLearning

Why Use Graphics in eLearning?

Well, as the saying goes the picture is worth a thousand words, choosing the relevant graphic/visual in eLearning matters. Choosing is not enough, you have to execute it properly to reinforce learner’s understanding and ensure its learning value. Many studies suggest that well-designed graphics in the learning process:

  • Minimize the cognitive load
  • Build mental models and
  • Support motivation

As a result, there will be increase in the comprehension and retention. But most often, we fail to leverage the potential of graphics in the eLearning. Appropriate blend of both visual and instructional principles ensure the learning effectiveness in the elearning.

Source: http://www.swiftelearningservices.com/elearning-design-choosing-the-right-graphics-for-elearning/

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