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Top 5 Best OMR Software in the Market

Top 5 Best OMR Software in the Market - Copy

What is OMR Software & its benefits?

OMR Software is an improvised technology that is based on basic OMR techniques. It is mainly used as OMR sheet reader software along with designing and evaluating OMR sheets. OMR software is extensively used in various types of industries such as education, organization- both government and private, surveys and ballots. It comes in the form of easily installable software after which, it only needs to be paired with any normal printer and scanner to further continue with the process. Some of the many benefits of using OMR Software are:

  • Inbuilt Templates– One can easily design OMR sheets using the already available templates which are even customizable.
  • Speed & Accuracy- OMR sheet checker software comes with a guarantee of rendering 100% accuracy while extracting data out of the OMR sheets. Its speed of scanning OMR sheets is another benefit that can scan bundles of sheets within few minutes.
  • Evaluation & Sorting of data- The data extracted from the sheets gets automatically evaluated and is also sorted according to the respective fields and then further gets saved in form of a computer file.
  • Error & faulty sheets detection- Another of its benefit is that it comes with a remarkable inbuilt feature to detect error in the sheets and point out faulty files which can be rectified manually.

Top 5 best OMR software for you-

1. Verificare OMR Software

Verificare OMR software is one of the most recognized and best OMR software in the market having 2000+ satisfied clients from around the globe. It has been particularly designed to eliminate all the hassles and errors made by manual processing of OMR sheets that have otherwise prevailed in past years. Verificare comes at pocket friendly price having multiple inbuilt features and other benefits that is a boon for you in following ways –

  • It is the only OMR sheet checker software that promises 100% accuracy and renders a high quality speed of reading bundles of OMR sheets in a minute.
  • Create OMR sheets with the help of inbuilt templates that can be customized according to the type and need.
  • Verificare can be paired with any normal scanner and printer and still it gives the very same accuracy and efficiency that comes with a specialized OMR sheet scanner.
  • It can easily read any type of OMR sheets and forms without any error.
  • Its AI technology makes Verificare more unique OMR sheet reader software. It can automatically detect repetition in marking and wrong answers key, which also makes it efficient as Anti-cheat detector.

2. Remark Software

Remark OMR software came into existence in the year 1991 and is one of the very first OMR software that was introduced in the country. Its punch line is “If you can read it, we can read it”. Its superior features and data collecting accuracy have made it a part of innumerable schools, business, universities, governments, non-profits and hospitals in collecting and analyzing data from the OMR sheets. Remark OMR solution comes in a distribution of four product variety-

  • Remark Office OMR
    Used for the purpose of creating OMR forms on Excel, word or anywhere else, providing flexibility in creating forms. It can acquire data from any type of form such as Surveys, Tests, Quizzes, Assessments and Ballots.
  • Remark Test Grading
    It is an exceptional test grading solution which is available in cloud form or can even be installed locally as Windows product.
  • Remark Web Survey
    Easily administer online surveys. There is no limitation of creating online forms or respondents.
  • Remark Classic OMR
    It is used in surveys, assessments, tests to gather data from any type of pre-printed forms which can be further easily analyzed.

3. Addmen Software

Addmen OMR Software is an advanced OMR sheet reader software that is integrated with ICR- Intelligent Character Recognition and OCR- Optical Character Recognition, technology. ICR is used to recognize handwriting whereas OCR is used for recognizing printed text.

The integral functionality of Addmen OMR software is that it provides Lithocode, Barcode, Qcode and image capturing as well as processing facilities. Addmen OMR software is available in different types of professional, standard and mini variants that make it flexible and suitable according to the user’s needs.

4. Yoctel Software

Yoctel also known as YOMARK provides complete OMR sheet reading and processing solutions across various industries such as government organizations, educational institutes survey industries, entrance exams and NGOs. Its main outstanding features are:

  • Can capture any sort of data such as- Contact details, photograph and signature.
  • Promises 100% accuracy and renders remarkable sheet reading speed.
  • Provides reports in graphical and tabular form.
  • Easy to use- user friendly software.
  • Supports any type of normal scanner.

5. SoftLogic OMR software

SoftLogic OMR software is an easy to use OMR sheet checker and processing software that comes with the advantages of accuracy, speed and flexibility. Other than this there are more features that make it a useful product for its users:

  • It is compatible with the pattern of almost all major entrance exams that take place in India.
  • It can easily evaluate MCQ type OMR sheets.
  • Compatible with any normal scanner.
  • Can simultaneously evaluate multiple sets of OMR sheets.
  • Promises 100% Accuracy and remarkable speed.


Hope the above mentioned list of best OMR software available in the market will serve as a useful guide and will let you come up with a concrete decision of which OMR software is the best for you.

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