Articulate Storyline 2: Do Assessments and Remediation Matter the Learning Outcomes?

As an eLearning Designer, I constantly push technical boundaries and keep abreast of new developments in the eLearning field. Recently, we received a typical requirement related to healthcare industry where the client wanted us to create compliance eLearning with remediation to reinforce learning. This means when learners fail at a task, for example, assessment, they should be redirected back to the topic/remediation slide for a quick review before attempting the question again. In this way, the learners are provided with multiple attempts till they get the right answer. This learner-centred approach in eLearning remediates the learners’ misunderstanding and provides a chance to reflect on why they have failed.

I believe that remediation in eLearning matters as it reinforces learner’s understanding and improves overall learning experience enhancing retention.


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