Are Mobile Learning Apps a Necessity or Just a Fad in Corporate Training?



Traditional eLearning is transforming. Mobile learning or mLearning is being widely used to deliver training at the point of need. Recent statistics on Mobile App usage reveal that the mobile learning via apps is currently a major means for most of the organizations to reach-out their diverse workforce to provide on demand corporate online training. Introduction of mobile apps in eLearning is trending across the globe irrespective of gender and work-processes.

So, what is so special about mobile apps in eLearning? Well, the most exciting benefit of native app is, training on the go without internet connection. Learners can simply download the app and get started. For example, the sales team on the field can take the full advantage of the mobile learning apps – download the course and use it offline. The sales team can go through the mobile learning nuggets or mobile apps at ease saving their time while traveling.


Source: http://www.swiftelearningservices.com/mobile-learning-apps-for-corporate-training/

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