5 Ways to Use iPad for Learning

5 Ways to Use iPad for Learning

Nowadays, technology is increasingly present in education and mobile devices like iPads are welcomed in the classroom and as a general learning tool. It’s not a surprising when they offer countless possibilities to learn faster, easier, and more importantly to have fun while studying. Here are some of them:


  1. iBooks transforms your iPad into a mighty e-reader that allows you to entire library in your pocket. It’s not just a trivial built-in app, but a powerful knowledge source. Simply look for an appropriate book, download it and get new insights on a specific subject while commuting, waiting in lines or during breaks. Likewise, there are plenty of audiobooks available if you prefer listening.In addition, iBooks allows you to view and save your PDF files. In case you need to work on your PDF documents and edit them, PDF to Word will do the work.


  1. Podcasts are a great way to learn and stay informed on current news in your industry. There are hundreds of different podcasts: from business and education to politics and arts. Just search categories, select the one you find interesting and subscribe to receive regular free updates. Listening to podcasts is another convenient way to use your iPad for learning and improving your skills.


  1. Online courses are also available on your iPad. There’s no need to physically enroll in a course and take lessons at the school any more. Nowadays, there are many apps that offer online courses where you can learn a lot of useful things that will help you shine at work. Some of them are Coursera and Udemy. They offer wide range of courses and specializations: from entrepreneurship, finance, programming to languages, yoga and more. Just pick the one that suits your need and enjoy your learning.


  1. Games aren’t just for kids and just for playing. They are also a fun way to learn new things and to practise them at the same time. So, why don’t you use your iPad as an amusing learning tool? It has a screen big enough that can offer you pleasant user experience whereas its mobility enhances your studying time. Just find the appropriate game and start learning. For instance, Quizlet offers possibility to make flashcards and master them through entertaining games and exercises. Embrace the learning of the 21 century!


  1. iTunes U is a destination within iTunes that represents a great resource of education content, suitable for both, students, and teachers. It’s filled with numerous learning materials such as lectures, videos, books and more. And the best part it’s all free. So, take advantage of this precious opportunity!

And do you use your iPad for learning? If not, it’s high time you start and if you do, share with us your experience in the comments below.

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