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5 Reasons of Using Microlearning for Onboarding Millennials

5 Reasons of Using Microlearning for Onboarding Millennials

Millennials have bombarded the US workplaces by becoming the largest workforce. They live fast and prefer a minimalistic attitude towards life. When it comes to work, their attitude reflects their personal preference and that’s why when employing millennial employees: Make it small but significant.

Bigger classrooms, piled up binders, and lengthy, boring training sessions aren’t going to get your millennial employees started. If you’re thinking of engaging these new, tech-savvy, and modern hires with old school training, then you’re missing the point completely.

The best thing to make the first and lasting impression is to use microlearning to upgrade your learning management system (LMS) to the level the minimalistic hires prefer… and learn to the fullest.

To make your LMS more robust and engaging, here are a few reasons why you should consider using microlearning for onboarding millennials.

  1. Information Overburden is So Not a Millennial’s Thing

When burdened with information at the workplace, millennials could feel overworked and become overwhelmed. They are expected to blend all the information and consume in one gulp, which doesn’t happen overnight in real time.

To collect and retain information the better way, millennials should be provided chunks of information in the form of microlearning. Research reveals that bite-sized learning makes a transfer of information 17 % more effective. It’s definitely the best way to defeat the forgetting curve!

  1. Flexibility: A Fundamental for Millennials

Unlike baby boomers or generation X, millennials value their flexibility more than anything else. They would prefer working in a flexible workplace than working in a stringent environment with added incentives. When being onboard, they expect flexibility there as well. How does microlearning help? As a matter of fact, microlearning might be the only thing needed here.

Microlearning can provide bite-sized targeted information that is straight to the point. Companies and trainers can incorporate microlearning in their LMS to design programs that respond to the requirements of the onboarding millennials. For such purpose, mobile apps using web-based LMS can be offered to ease accessibility and flexibility.


  1. Personalized Microlearning For Millennials

Newly hired millennials need to create content that is relevant to their job and responds to the challenges they might come across at work. They need specific training. Personalized microlearning enables them to select and create content they require most and store the information in a personal library. This strategy allows them to utilize their preferred and relevant content and choose the material format that suits their learning styles. Moreover, personalizing content for onboarding millennials reinforces formal training methods. Microlearning courses can be produced in 300% less time and cost 50% less than traditional training courses.


  1. Millennials and Technology – The Eternal Bond

Millennials are the generation that loves to brace itself with tech gadgets. They love to learn new and relevant information in chunks to keep them on the move. With the LMS that supports microlearning at all times and at all areas of the workplace, onboarding millennials can retrieve and retain information without attending lengthy training programs.

At places where the classroom environment cannot be avoided, microlearning can be employed in an environment that favors blended learning.


  1. Millennials and Employee-centered Onboarding Programs

Millennials are all about modernity and advancement. That’s the reason they would choose an employee-centered onboarding program than the one that focuses on the company. The onboarding process should be engaging, flexible, creative, personalized, and reflective of the corporate culture.

Microlearning builds the bridges and brings out the best of both dimensions. With an advanced LMS, microlearning can provide an employee-centered onboarding process that eases the training program and makes it flexible, personalized, and creative without tensing up the company’s finances.

Final Words

Although millennials are viewed as job hoppers due to their lack of engagement and retention at workplaces, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t open for new opportunities. This dandy generation is constantly seeking chances for growth and development. The organizations that support and shift their paces to suit the needs of millennials are the ones that experience high retention rates.

With a robust learning management system, microlearning can prove as a strong and smart way to engage the largest workforce. Microlearning can help implement an effective onboarding program and prepare the millennials for what they’ve been searching all along.

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