The right tools for digital learning

Understanding, deepening, timpani: E-learning is experiencing a real boom.The digital learning is effective and efficient – if you use the right tools.
Start-ups have discovered the multibillion-dollar market for education and try with more innovative ideas to penetrate the market.Not without reason.According to MMB Industry Monitor I/2012 the e-learning industry has seen record sales as in previous years.Increasing trend.In Germany, there are about 2.5 million students.In the European Union in 2010, the figure was just under 20 million.Study, however, has not become any easier after the Bologna reforms.Undergraduate students have been complaining for years to be closely sized lecture plan that leaves little headroom for other activities.Since it needs a system that enables effective and efficient learning.In this paper, such a three-tier system should be presented with the appropriate e-learning tools.



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